Thursday, December 30, 2010

it was great pleasant year this year


There are a lot of unforgettable things this year.
I met attractive people this year.
They’re important necessary people in life.
I was able to read great books and take a great seat of BONJOVI’s concert.
I wish, I’m sure it’s a great pleasant year next year*

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas*


This year I was able to see important people.
One is the one, one became my valuable friend and one is the person that I can’t imagine yet
how amazing and wonderful the person is, but I know I love the person.
Various things happened this year.
But I can’t forget this year and I’m so happy to live this year.
Thanks to God. I really appreciate it.
I wish all people a merry Christmas*
I wanna give my happiness to you*

Friday, November 26, 2010

I hope for there to be peace


The two countries are on shaky ground.
When I got back from Saipan, I met an American army on the plane.
He was young and he was on the way to Korea.
He missed his family already and he looked nervous.
Because he had to be in Korea for a year.
When I talked with him, I said " I hope nothing happens. ".
of course he answered " hope so. "
He is in Korea still now.
I hope nothing happens.
I hope for there to be peace.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

French toast*


When I lose my appetite, the things that I wanna eat are dishes that my mother used to make.
Per say, a salad, French toast, fried lightly browned mix vegetables, Madeleine and such.
There are a lot of food that I wanna eat but when I lose my appetite, I found out that I like
Western dished more than Japanese dishes.
I wanna eat the salad that my mother make more than the salad that I make.
My mother makes dressing to sprinkle some salt to pour sour and olive oil roughly.
There are various recipes for good dressings but the dressing that she makes is the best.
This week I had been thinking that I want my mother to make that and it on my way home
from work even though I lost my appetite.
That’s why I made French toast for breakfast yesterday.
Usually I eat a piece of bread but when I made French toast I cleared two pieces of bread right
It’s easy and simple to cook and that’s my favorite dish.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The thing that I was more than delighted is……


My husband who’s been coming home late got something for me.
He got me a stole as a surprise present. It’s good for me when it’s getting cold.

Last Friday night I visited my sister’s house.
When I left there around at 10, my nephew called U-chan started to cry.
Because he didn’t want me to come home.
I was more than delighted even though I knew it was a kind of coincidence. He was just
mood to do it. He is just 5 months old.

Around at 5 in the evening on Saturday the phone rang.
It was from my friend called Mcchi. It’s been a while to talk with her.
I emailed her in the morning. Then she called me.
We couldn’t stop talking to each other and ended up to enjoy talking for an hour n half hours.
I was more than delighted she called me after a long time.
I wanna see her again.

On Saturday night I ate out with my mother.
An Italian restaurant where we went was closed down. So we went to another restaurant
to eat nicer restaurant than usual to eat hamburger steak.
We enjoyed eating hamburger steak, rice, miso-soup and Italian salad.
My mother asked me to stay at her house. So I decided to do it.
It was a little bit narrow on my old bed. But I was more than delighted to eat some veggie
Sandwiches that my mother made. I ate them for breakfast. And I brought them home and
ate them for lunch, too.

Pleasant weekend is almost over.
I have to get up early every morning from tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I know it but BON JOVI is fabulous!


I listen to various songs and I’m in the mood to listen to calm soothing songs like Enya
and I get powers from young female artists’ songs.
For instance I’ve been liking Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. In addition I’ve been listening
to songs of Katy Perry.
When I jog and go to work, my body pounds and I can’t stop shaking my hands while walking.
These days I’ve been listening to songs of BON JOVI again.
I know it but they’re really fabulous.
A song that I often hum is “Captain Crush and the beauty Queen form Mars “.
There are rhyming words in the lyric and it’s easy to hum also it’s fun to sing.
I haven’t gotten a ticket of their concert on November yet but I wanna go there….
I’ve been thinking of it.
By the way I took this picture in Saipan.

* you tube→ “Captain Crush and the beauty Queen form Mars “ 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

one plate dinner


When my husband comes home late, I make dinner at home or eat out because it’s a hassle.
It’s depends on my feelings.
If I can come up with something that I wanna go and eat something in some restaurant
when I wanna eat out, I eat out. But most of time, I think I wanna eat out but I can’t
eat various good food in any restaurant.
Last night I thought I wanted to eat out but I decided to have dinner at home.
I made miso soup for two days since I can cut corners tonight. And I fried sliced Japanese
egg plants with Chinese seasonings and I can make the different Chinese dish from it
to put some seasoning tonight.
I’ll come home early tonight and be relaxed with a lap blanket after taking a hot bath.

Monday, October 04, 2010

sweet mom*


It passed over 2 months since my sister had the baby. But I can’t believe it yet.
I can’t imagine such a cute nephew was in my sister.
I shouldn’t say it but my nephew looks really cute.
I think of it not because of my sister’s baby because he looks cute.
I see him once a week but I always want to see him. So I often his pictures in my camera
and cell and say “ He’s really cute. “
I got happiness and a power from him many times.
When I’m with him, my stress, anger and worries go away.
I just feel happy.
My sister is a new mom and she’s been a mom in the rest of her life.
She’s a good mom, I think.
She hasn’t enough sleep since she had a baby. But she seems like she doesn’t think
it’s hard to do it and keeps at it.
In addition she seems like she enjoys raising her baby. Needles to say, she loves
her baby vary much and she is nice to him.
And I sometimes think she became mother.
For instance when the water heater at her house was broken, she had to boil water
with the kettle and put the hot water in the baby bathtub. Then she gave her baby a bath.
Suddenly he, her baby, peed in it.
My sister washed her body with the peed water.
My nephew called U-chan tells his mother. So she talks to him, he smiles and he looks
My sister’s shoulders didn’t get stiff before she had a baby.
But when I massaged her back, it got stiff.
I used to getting rubbed my back by her but on the day I gave her a massage.
Holding the baby is the same as holding a bag of rice. Yeah, it’s tough to keep doing it
Even if she has to wash her body by him peed water, he’s sometime upset.
When he is upset, he doesn’t see her eyes.
Mom takes care of him as possible as she can anytime.
Mom is great.
Of course my nephew is really cute even if he’s upset.
My sister doesn’t work but she is much busier than me.
I want her to keep at it as possible as she can.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I practiced to bake macaron!


I learned the way I bake macaron the day before yesterday.
Today I practiced to bake it!
I haven’t gotten a knack for it yet but I got a hint for it.
I’ll practice it again soon!
So, why don’t you come over and try some!

Monday, September 20, 2010



Three-day-holiday is over.
I worked on the first day of three-day-holiday.
On the first day and the second day I spent time with my family.
And on the last day that means today I cleaned my house and watched DVD and
I did it something like this picture.
I scrapped some happy things that I don’t wanna forget and some pleasant words from
some people.
By the way these words are words from my valuable friend called Linda.
Starting to do that, I’m absorbed in doing it.
night night, everyone. Have a happy week!

Monday, September 06, 2010

I wanna spend time in Toscan this fall


I’ve enjoyed reading a paperback entitled “under the Toscan sun’’ on the way to work.
It’s fun to read it. in addition this time I check all unknown words in the dictionary.
When I read a paperback for studying. I sometimes get tired of reading it.
Because it’s too slowly to read it. So I used to read it not checking unknown words in dictionary
just imagining their meanings.
But if I don’t use the dictionary, I can’t memorize new English words also I can’t use the way
I express. That’s why it’s a little bit hassle checking them but I try to check them in the
For now I enjoy finding out their meaning even though I already know other words that
have the same meaning as them.
I wanna be able to use the words usually.
This fall I wanna enjoy reading the paperback slowly while sipping coffee.
By the way I took this picture at Giou-temple in Kyoto of Japan.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

my colorful dinner


When I eat out for few days in a row, I often rack green and yellow vegetables.
So I try to eat colorful vegetables at home.
Last night my husband came home late, too. So I ate some dishes with some bread
for dinner. Sometimes I wanna eat some bread even for dinner.
You know, most Japanese people eat rice for dinner.
I like eating a piece of bread with salad or soup.
I’ve thought it but I was not Japanese in my previous life, right?
** Today’s Menu **
+ Salad of carrot and tuna
+ Salad of pumpkin
+ croquet with corn croquette
+ boiled Komatsuna
+ bread

Friday, August 27, 2010

I like my tan skin


We packed our staff on the previous day of the travel.
So I forgot T-shirt that we wear when we snorkel.
But I thought it’s not bad if we get a sun tan also we had only few hours to snorkel.
So we would be OK to use sunscreen.
But we got sun tan a little bit too much.
Of course peels started peeling after a week. Yeah, we had a tan.
It’s not bad.
This summer it’s way too hot. Women who are careful not to get cold.
might tell me off but I don’t wear socks and wear sleeveless something.
Naked legs and sleeveless shirts go with my tan skin.
Tan legs look slim also the anklet looks beautiful on tan legs.
Both arms look slim also and the skin looks beautiful, probably.
People say “ I’m jealous of your white skin. “ to me at times.
But I like this my tan skin
Then I hope I don’t get some spots.
By the way I took this picture at Kashima in the south of Japan called Shikoku.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crazy for you *+


I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

“ Crazy for you “ Madonna

Thursday, August 12, 2010

fireworks in the blue sky*


My sister’s family used to go to see the fireworks together but this year my sister
just had a baby. So they couldn’t go there.
When my husband and I got some alcohol to drink while seeing fireworks, he was
disappointed while saying “ Are you sure they can’t coming? “ many times.
By the way after counting down many fireworks set off. Every year we saw it and
I get goose bumps every year.
I like seeing the fireworks that pyrotechnician made after listening to the title of them.
Their name are written by Chinese characters and unique.
My mother said the name again and enjoyed seeing them together.
Drinking while seeing fireworks is fun.
I waited for the fireworks for 5 house this year but they finished setting off them only
for one and a half hour.
We were sitting there drinking after finishing for a while and we got back home.
We stopped by a coffee shop and this year this fun event finished.

Monday, August 09, 2010

We're incredibly happy just to live


In August we, Japanese, should go over World War 2. Because August 15th is the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War.
It’s not bad we have an opportunity to go over it once a year.
I hardly listen to the story about the war from people around me.
My mother was born after the war and my grandpa used to have disease a lot. That’s why he didn’t go to the battlefields.
My mother’s family used to go to not the center of Tokyo to avoid the attack from the other countries. So they were hardly in big troubles of it.
But I wanna listen to the stories about the war when I have opportunities.
A couple of weeks ago I visited my grandma and it was a coincidence to talk to me about the story related the war.
Her younger brother used to have a weak constitution. And he couldn’t be trained something for the war. But one day he got the order to go to the battlefields.
He went to Fukuoka, the south of Japan, by train and when he was gonna leave for Philippines,he ran a high fiver and he was forced to drop off.
She said “ If he left for Philippines, he could’n’ve gotten back home. “
You’re scared when you listen to the story about the war, right?
A grandma of my associate’s at work ran to the opposite direction.
as people who ran under the bridge when the air attack started suddenly.
She thought if she had run to the same place as everybody, the enemy would’ve attacked the place. It was right and she survived.
If her grandma hadn’t thought of that and her grandma had run to under the bridge,
her mother would’n’ve been here also my associate at work would’n’ve been here.
Thinking of that, each life is valuable and many miracles happened. That’s why you live.
Before going to Saipian I told my grandmother to go to Saipan. She said “ I don’t wanna listen to the name of Saipan because I remember the war. I was thinking you were going there to pray for soldiers? “ to me.
Yeah, only about 60 years ago the Pacific War happened not only in Saipan also Okinawa,Hiroshima, Tokyo and everywhere.
Many people were bombed out even in Tokyo.
You know, we’re really happy just to live here.
So we gotta appreciate it and live as hard as we can.
Old and young, we gotta enjoy living! If we couldn’t do that, we’d feel sorry to people who died because of the war.
If they lived now, they must’ve said “ You want too much stuff. “ plus “ Even if you’re buried from someone, you got dumped and people don’t do that you want to. Don’t complain them.
You’re incredibly happy just to live. So live as hard as you can positively.”
A Japanese comedian says “ You’re really happy just to live. “
Everybody, keep it up!
By the way this picture is an old Japanese cannon in Saipan.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our fourth day in Saipan


On our fourth day in Saipan the sunshine got stronger than the previous day.
Well, today is our last day when we can enjoy doing anything in a whole day. We're going where?
We came up with going round the island or going to the other beaches.
But we were not sure there were much more fish than Managaha island.
In other way around it seemed possible that there weren't fish there.
That' why we decided to go to Managaha island again.
We went to the tent on the beach in front of the hotel.
A man of Sea Horse memorized my name and called " aya-chan " pleasantly.
This convenient handsome man was the president of Sea Horse that I knew after getting back
to Japan and his wife is Japanese.
Business needs to memorize the name also the face, you know.
That's important. Because you would be pleased when the person memorized you.
" Today Sanji isn't here? " I said it to him. Then he looked for him and got him.
until the boat picking up us we talked with Sanji whom we got along with.
I said “ Yesterday we walked to COSTCO. Do you pronounce CO-SU-CO? “” to Sanji.
He said “ No way?! I’ve never walked there. !
We said good-by to Sanji shaking hands because he told us he wasn’t here when we
got back from the island.
We got on the boat with a beach mat and a cooler box.
On the day we found clear long big fish with his long mouth like a pointed beak.
in much clear long fish called halfbeak that gathered around us when we snorkeled.
He was really big and swam slowly and elegantly. In addition he looked snob.
He totally wasn’t interested in pieces of bread that was feed for fish.
He seemed like he wanted to say “ Huh? Even I won’t eat such a weird thing “
And I’m sure he took a glace at us.
He seems like a Japanese actor “ Etsushi Toyokawa “.
I showed a local person it and the person taught me the fish’s name.
It was seerfish.
I often see a pack of cut seerfish at grocery stores. But I never imagined seerfish looked so.
I wouldn’t eat a piece of that snob seerfish anymore, maybe.

Our third day in Saipan


On our third day in Saipan it was nice out since in the morning.
We were able to go to Managaha island inexpensive since Sanji talked to me and told me
his company's tour.
We borrowed a beach matt and a cooler box and we had some canned beers, plastic bottled
Japanese teas, canned mango juices that Sanji gave us in the cooler box.
The inside of it was cold because of ice cubes.
We road the boat and a chubby man steered it to the island.
This chubby man looked like my husband's best friend. So I felt like being with this friend.
If I have a chance, I wanna enjoy talking with somebody in English.
So I enjoyed talking with the chubby man in English on the boat.
The chubby man asked me and said " Is this camera OK without a cover? " to me.
I said " It's a water resistance camera. So it's fine to use it without a cover." to him.
He said " No way! " to me.
It took only five minutes to the island.
There were a lot of people there and most of them were Asian people.
We saved the place under palm trees and went to snorkel right away.
In the afternoon it’s on the ebb. But in the morning it isn’t yet. So we were able to
enjoy snorkeling.
We had plans to take part in snorkeling offshore.
There were much more fish than around the island and there was other fish also big fish.
We wanted to snorkeling there much more. But it was too bad to have to finish it only
after 20 minutes.
But you can snorkel around the island.
I recommend you the beach where life savers aren’t on not the beach where there are life savers
on. We had some bread to feed fish. So we grabbed them and gave a piece of bread to fish.
Fish gathered around us and we enjoyed feeding it but fish wanted to eat much more bread.
So they try to bite the bread in our hand. It hurt and we said “ Gah!! “ since we were surprised.
An hour flied when we snorkeled.
I often checked the watch and took some break once an hour and put sunscreen on the legs
and the face. We did it over and over.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

about last weekend


On the second day of three-day-holiday a summer festival was held near my parents’ house.
Last year we had a ball. We hadn’t imagined a person joined our family.
On the day my father-in-law sent us much vegetables, deepcooked fish or something,
and body soaps
I cooked various dishes sweating in the room not turning the air conditioning since in the
afternoon. I removed the strings of many common beans, boiled them and dressed them with
sesami. Then I made a cut in cucumbers and soaked them in the sauce.
In addition I made a cut in Nasu that is like egg plant, fried them and deepcooked them.
And I boiled a corn and my husband fried Chinese noodles with much vegetable.
It’s fun to cook for my family in the afternoon during holidays.
And then I put them in the Japanese lacquer ware that my grandmother gave me
and wrapped a cloth.
We gathered at parents’ house at 5 earlier than Japan.
My nephew called “ U-chan “ looked comfortable and smiled after taking a bath and pooping.
I shouldn’t say it about my family but he looks very cute.
His face is very cute also he smells very gooood!
Everytime I see him, I sniff him putting my face on his body.
My sister said “ You can sniff the smell only for a short time. So it would be valuable, right? “
Probably his smell will change after eating something.
On the day we ate and drunk from 5 to 9 at noon. It was a wonderful weekend and
spent fabulous time with my family.
Gathering at parents’ house with family is the best time for me. I found out it again.
I can see my nephew on weekends but when I said good bye to him, I was gonna miss him.
On this weekday I’m working while looking forward to seeing him on the weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our second day in Saipan


You can see the blue water in the Grotto after getting down the steep stairs.
You have to jump from the rock to get into the blue water.
You have to keep being in the middle of the Grotto since the current is strong.
Sometimes people hurt or lose their lives when they crush to the rocks.
When you stand on the rock, the guide count to three.
You have to jump into the water when the guide says “ three “
You sink once. Then you float right away because you wear a life jacket.
Water came into my nostrils and I was coughing a little bit.
I thought I sank deeply but I hardly sank. I found out it and I watched that I was scared to jump when I watched the video.
Only for 40 minutes we were able to swim there.
I felt like floating in the Grotta Azzurra in Italy.
It’s so beautiful!
Divers were swimming under us.
We looked at a plenty of bigger fish that I usually see when I snorkel.
Sometimes turtles come there.
Sometimes big waves came into the grotto and I was scared to crush to the ceiling of rocks.
Time fried really quickly.
When you get up on the rocks, the local guide pick you up when the wave comes into the grotto.
He speaks 5 languages.
The job of the tour guide is the job that you can see many people in the various countries and it’s much more fun than my job.
“ I’m jealous of the tour guides” is one of my thinking when I go traveling somewhere.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ***our first day in Saipan


Saipan is a country where is near Japan but I got to the hotel in Saipan around at 3 in the afternoon even thought I left home at 6 in the morning.
It’s near Japan but the first day of it was over before we hadn’t done special things.
After being relaxed at the lobby while drinking coffee I called my mother by my husband’s cell phone.
My sister picked up the phone. So I said “ I left my passport at home. So I’m still in Narita.”
to her. She thought about it for a moment and said “ You lied! “
You might not believe so, I had did it a couple years ago.
About 5 years ago I brought my old passport to the airport and I couldn't get on the plane when I went to Canada to study English for a short time.
It's funny now but on the day I got disappointed very much.
Going back to the saipan story, my husband took some break at the room and I went to the beach to take a picture.
When I took a walk on the beach, a local man talked to me.
He said " Hello! When did you come to Saipan? What are you doing tomorrow? Why don't you go to Managaha island?"
I thought I hadn't believed him at first.
His name is Sangi and he works at a tour company in Saipan called sea horse.
He told me he took me to Managaha island for 15 dollars.
In addition he served some drink and let me borrow the beach mat also the cooler box.
He told me I could pay for it the day after tomorrow. So I decided to go there.
I got back to the room once and I waked my husband up and went to the beach again.
The sky turned red bit by bit. We were there for 15 minutes and left there and went shopping. when we turned around after few minutes, the sky perfectly red.
We didn’t see it coming and ran to the beach again.
I’ve never seen such a fabulous sunset! It was unbelievably beautiful. So I couldn’t say only “ unbelievable! “.
We stayed there for four nights but we couldn’t see such a beautiful sunset after the day.
We were gonna eat out but we didn’t have enough sleep.
So we wanted to sleep more than eating out. So we ate instant noodle at the room and went to bed earlier than usual.
Our first day in Saipan was over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm home from a south island


I spent time like a early summer vacation in a south island.
Our company gave me 100 thousand yen for a bonus of a continuous service.
But I couldn’t be allowed to go traveling only for 5 days.
So I went to an island near Japan.
Tonight I was home after 9 at night and did laundry twice.
And now I’m going to bed for working tomorrow.
Night night!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend that I had been looking for *


Last Friday I thought that it was finally Friday.
Last week I had been extremely busy with my job.
But I didn't feel that time fried.
I can't see my sister's baby on weekends. So I counted days till the weekend.
I can't remember when was the last time I felt that.
It's the same feeling as the feeling when I looked forward to seeing a man whom I had crush on. I love my nephew more than we imagined.
So my sister and her husband are more than willing.
Thanks to our baby to give us much happiness.
In the afternoon on Saturday I baked royal milktea-chiffon cake after cleaning my house.
I went to my parents’ house with turned the cake up-side down in a doggie bag.
I got there around before 4. My mother went jogging to the side of river and my sister was nodding off.
Her baby slept well but my sister allowed me to wake him up. So I took up him in my arms right away.
I talked to him and said “ I’ve been wanting to see you. “ to him. Then my sister said“ Talkative aunt got here!” to him.
When I held him, I didn’t wanna got him back on the bed.
Probably he was thinking aya is annoying. When I held him strongly, he closed his eyes since he fell asleep or pretended to sleep.
We were sizzling beef and much vegetable on the cast-iron hot plate.
My mother served us. So we ate them one after another.
When we ate them, we glanced at the baby. He slept relaxed.
After dinner I took up him in my arms again. Then he looked around and sometimes gave something a look.
Babies can see something that grown up men can’t see.
It’s my grandfather who came to meet his grandchild from the heaven or fairy?!
After a while he was looking for his feed probably he got hungry.
He is about 2 weeks old. So he had grown up only for a week.
He hadn’t grasped my clothes but he grasped it last week.
His face changed a lot and looked like he got used to be here much more and he enjoyed his life.
If I missed it, I couldn’t see it when he’s a baby. So I don’t wanna miss it.
So everytime I couldn’t seem to go home.
Last Saturday night it smelled like milk of the baby even when I got to the station.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a phone call*


Yesterday there was a phone call in the morning when I didn’t wake up.
It was from my sister.
“ You know what, I had a baby last night! “
She said it first.
I didn’t see it coming! Because about 12 hours before she was the same as usual and
She supposed to have a baby a couple of week later.
Listening to her story, I was excited very much.
I wanted to hold her baby soon but I thought I wanted my grandmother to hold her baby.
My husband who was still in bed got up listening to her phone call.
Then he went to work and I went to the hospital.
I talked with my sister’s family and mother for a while in the room of the hospital.
And then we went to see the baby to the nursery.
The room is the glassed room and you can see the newborn babies.
My sister’s baby looked small more than I imagined.
We weren’t tired of seeing the baby and said “ Is he cute, or what? “
And we said “ He already has nails. Can’t believe he was in her about 12 hours before! “
to each other.
Two friends who already have niece or nephew said “ Children of other people are cute.
But children of my family are really cute. “ to me and I thought it was true!
At the time a nurse gestured and asked my sister to want the baby.
We didn’t expect it but we were able to hold the baby!
There are not many opportunities to be able to hold the newborn baby especially
who was born on the day.
He was really really small. I was carefully to hold him and he was very sweet
And I didn’t wanna leave him. So I said “ I’m your mom. “ to him.
He looks like my sister’s husband very much and he told us that the baby’s good points
came from him.
My sister supposes to leave the hospital in a couple of day and go to parents’ house.
So I can hold the baby anytime.
He didn’t cry much and he was a very good baby.
My friend from the college loves her niece and the niece’s smile supports her.
I know how she feels and I’m feeling very happy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

An anniversary*


My sister had a baby last night.
Congratulations on your newborn baby, sister!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** a balanced life*


Last night I got home over at 8 at night after working overtime.
I wanted to watch the world cup game of Argentina VS Korea. So I turned on TV
right away.
I put dried mackerel in the fish-grill and I put sesame oil in the pan while cutting carrots into
strips quickly. Then I added seaweeds called “ Hijiki “.
I put Japanese cooking-alcohol called Mirin, Japanese bouillon cube and soy sauce in it and
I finished cooking it. Then I took Tofu from the fridge and cut it into 4 pieces and put a kind of
leek with my favorite Chinese chili oil that I got at my favorite ramen shop near work.
Then I cut cabbage into strips and dished up it with cut avocado, cucumber, seaweed and
sour soy sauce.
Dinner was ready in 15 minutes.
And then I enjoyed watching the world cup while having dinner.
Argentina played way to well and they scored in the first half.
If I were them, I must’ve given up but Korean team was not the same as me.
But Korea was great. They scored in the additional time of the first half.
I said “ wow “ aloud without knowing since I was cheering for Korea for some reason.
But Argentina was way to strong! They scored 2 points in the last half also.
Higuaín who scored a hat trick is really cute! He is #9 of Argentina.
I really like him!!
Then I enjoyed watching Greece VS Nigeria.
Every night I sat up late but it’ OK I can go to work a 10 in the morning!
Because I’ve been working overtime. Lucky me!
By the way I took this picture in Ginza of Tokyo on my way home from work.

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my favorite green park*


Last night I got home at almost the same time with my husband.
So we ate out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our house.
You can eat cheap Chinese dishes. A male cook is at the kitchen and a woman serves.
Every time we go there, there are already many people.
I ate a set of Chinese and I was very full and satisfied after few weeks.
I should’ve jogged last night but I used raining as the excuse and went to bed.
This morning I got up early in the morning after a couple of week.
At 5:30 in the morning I went to the park after raining that is may favorite place.
I used to like jogging at the park after raining at night but I just knew it felt much
better when I jog at the park after raining in the morning.
The air is moist and it smells nice. In addition looking up the sky, the wet leaves
shines in the soft sunshine. So I often look up the sky.
The park after raining at night soothes me and the park after raining in the morning
gives me much power.
It was good to live in this city since there is this green park!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go for it, Japan!


Last night I wrote that speaking of Shibuya, I remember Linda on my blog.
Linda wrote a comment and said “ and i often think of you!!!” to me.
I’m more than delightful to read that.
Even if I haven’t seen somebody recently, the person remember me and the person
is only one who thinks of it, I’m so happy.
I can spend happy time with only this word.
By the way today it’s Japan VS Cameroon of the world cup.
I’m gonna wear a simple T-shirt for the world cup to work and make my feelings up
from in the morning!
Let’s work hard this week, too!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

way to go, Nigeria!!


Last night I went to the hair salon after four months.
This salon is at Shibuya where is one of popular crowded city of Tokyo.
I went there after a long time. That’s why I was thinking I was gonna go shopping.
But there were way too many people. So I was there for a short time and enjoyed
dinner at home on Friday night..
Speaking of Shibuya, I remember Linda who used to work there.
I wish she hadn’t come back to UK.
Today I went to the pastry class even in Saturday morning.
I baked Chiffon cake and made Confiture au lait.
When you eat this earl gray chiffon cake, you pour some confiture.
It’s like a condensed milk or a milk jam at ranches.
I brought it to my parents’ house and shared my family.
We turned the channel once a while but we watched games of the world cup most of
time. When we watched Korean team played, my sister’s husband said “ Japanese
team is lack the will to absolutely want to win. “
Yeah, I totally agree with him!
I want Japanese team to win like Korean team who won today.
Of course now I’m watching the game of Argentina and Nigeria.
I know it but athletes look coooool!
Firm body, athletic and they have beautiful techniques.
Nigeria is way to go even though it’s the Argentina-Nigeria.
I want Nigeria to win!
By the way this picture is my mother. I took the picture when I jogged with my mother
in spring.
Watching the football game, I really wanna jog or something!

Friday, June 11, 2010

a comfortable morning


This morning I was supposed to go to work at 10. Because I worked over time a lot this month.
I got up in the morning as usual and went jogging.
I jogged through on the big street and stopped by the shrine first and went to the park
as usual.
It smelled like incredible finished raining in the park in the morning.
Many people were jogging there.
A lot of older people were excising over there.
It smelled like Japanese sweets made with cherry blossom’s leaves under the cherry blossoms.
Dogs looked enjoying running barking.
Everybody was having lovely time in the morning today at the park.
I’ve got a feeling that today is a good day!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

what is good food during diet


Satsumaimo that is Japanse sweet potato is good for diet!
These days I bring sliced steamed Satsumaimo to my work.
I cut it in half and I eat it when I’m hungry.
Then I’m satisfied and I’m not under the stress even during diet.
I can take a small amount of carbo. That’s why it’s “kill two birds with one stone”
Recently I haven’t eating rice also bread and such.
When I get tired around at 3 in the afternoon, I bite it.
Satsumaimo tastes sweet and good.
By the way what is a hassle during diet is that I have to think about menu for each meal.
What should I eat for dinner? What do I want for dinner?
I wanna take various alimentations and I wanna eat incredible food as much as possible.
By the way last night I got home after working overtime at 9 at night. And I whipped up
a Chinese dish called “ mapo tofu “ . It is a combination of tofu set in a spicy chili- and bean-based sauce for dinner.
And I ate it with much vegetable.
It tasted spicy. Because I put Japanese pepper in it. it was really good.
Well, what’s for dinner for me?
by the way this picture is Mt Fuji that is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

food that I wanna eat during diet!


I’m imagining I bite crispy toast and tomato soup.

I didn’t come up with other food that I wanna eat during diet.
I seem to want to eat toast very much.
What’s your favorite food? If somebody asked me, I’ d say “ It’s toast. “ ?!

Probably now I eat meat also various vegetables and I eat them enough.
That’s why I didn’t come up with other things.
When I lose 2 kilosあと I’ll eat toast.

Well, I just done cooking tomato soup with various vegetables.
I put celery, onion, carrots, Nasu, red pepper and chicken in it.
This is for my lunch or dinner when I wanna eat it.

By the way this picture is a pan cake that I baked in 2006.
I downloaded it on my blog in 2006.
Oh, I really wanna eat a pan cake!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's the sixth day since I started diet*


It’s the sixth day since I started diet.
I’m careful to take various alimentations and I don’t try to lose weight quickly.
So I hadn’t lost only 0.8kg on the fifth day yesterday.
I was disappointed but today I lost 1.8kg suddenly.
I’m satisfied.
I’ve been careful to cut down on calories. So my husband might be influenced and he chose onion soup instead of corn soup at restaurant.
I hope I lose 1 kilo in a week next week.
This diet is to wear my favorite pale blue swimsuit next month.
Putting “diet “ aside, I think Twitter is like “Tanka “ and “ Haiku “. Coz you have to describe everything in 140 letters. It’s different from blog. Coz you can use a lot of letters on it.
I like Twitter to read it easier than blog.
A movie entitled “ the cove “ can’t open in movies here and the director and someone announced their comments. So I thought I’d say my opinion on Twitter.
But I couldn’t do it. Probably the words that I used weren’t allowed on it.
I wanted to say “d u know"the cove"? It's criticizin huntin dolphins.I dont eat them bt I undestand people eat them for's the same as eating cows. “
By the way I let borrow tokatch-san this picture.
These cows are cute but they will be killed and we’ll eat them.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

simple calm great movies


Recently movies of Clint Eastwood have been on TV. So I watched few movies
of his. It’s “Absolute power”, “Million Dollar Baby “ and “Gran Torino”.
They were sad things in them but they were very good stories.
Sad things, empty and unsatisfied things happen in life and there is a destiny, fate and
all that jazz in life.
It’s not possible every day it couldn’t be happier. There are uncomfortable things and
somebody would hate you and there are people whom you can’t get along with.
Plus if you want somebody to understand, but it wouldn’t work sometimes.
Those things were in his movies but they are not sad movies.
Life is not sugar coated but there are some hopes in life.
There weren’t dynamic actions, they were not 3D and there aren’t fabulous graphics..
There were calm stories in it but there was a drama and something changed in life.
After finishing watching them there was something in mind and I’ve been thinking of
something about the movies.
I wanna his other movies!
And I hope I meet someone like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino”.

Monday, May 31, 2010

a book that I just finished reading


The book that I just finished reading was very interesting and entertaining historically also religiously.
The book is entitled “ life of Jesus Christ” written by Shusaku Endo.
I had known the book but I hadn't read it.
A middle aged man who is in the same generation as my mother let me borrow it.
The book turned blown color and printed words look old. But it seemed like he valued it.
What was interesting is that this story was written from the side of subdued Judea.
I had read the story from the side of conquering Roma but I hadn't read it from the side of Judea. I had known only brightness of Roma. So I had thought Roma was more than welcome by subdued countries.
But it was not exactly. I knew it for the first time.
In addition I realized something when I was reading.
It's that Jesus Christ wanted to suffer from people's pain and misery instead of them.
Even though he always tried to take on their pain holding patients’ and physically challenged people’s hands, people just wanted him only to do miracles.
They wanted him to soothe their diseases, to be able to see everything and to be able to walk.
Even if he couldn’t do miracles and people couldn’t see the sign from him, they were disappointed and started to hate him.
At the end even Apostles were disappointed at him and he died on the cross.
I realized I'm the same as the people!
When I have tough time, I pray to God to get rid of the hardness.
Then if he didn't get rid of them, I think God isn't here and I hate God.
Oh, am I really selfish, or what!
I wanna believe in something as Jesus Christ said “ People who believe in it without seeing
are happy. “

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** an middle aged male angel


A middle aged male angel appeared suddenly.
It was when I was reading a book entitled “ an angel in the sunset “.
The middle aged male angel looked thin and clean and he had glasses.
On the packed train in the morning a person who sat on the seat in front of him got off
the train. I was thinking “ oh, I wanna sit there! “ Then the middle aged man next to me
signed me. He meant he gave me the seat.
I made a small bow and sat there. I appreciated it very much.
I thought he got off the train at the next station but he didn’t get off.
Then he sat on the seat next to me when a person next to me got off.
He was reading a book still when I got off. Yeah, he didn’t get off right away.
He gave me the seat. That’s why it was very comfortable on the train and I thought
he might be an angel.
Why I thought of that is I was reading a book entitled “ an angel in the sunset”, Probably.
I wish I met the middle aged male angel who was reading calm again.
By the way I took this picture tonight when I jogged at the park.

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my favorite season has come


My favorite rainy season has come.
I haven’t heard that people who like the rainy season.
When it’s raining, some people feel melancory and some people feel down.
Last Sunday it was raining since in the morning and last Monday it was raining out all day.
When it’s wet out, I think I hope it doesn’t stop raining until the sunset.
Because I hope there is a wet air in the park after raining when I get home.
Sometimes I think it’s hassle going jogging if it’s not after raining.
It means the air after raining at the park is fabulous.
The wet air from the wet ground, wet trunk of trees and leaves smells wonderful.
Sometimes the air looks like fog and I feel like getting rid of my badness in the fabulous air.
I take a deep breath and jog for a long time without knowing.
That’s why it’s fun when it’s raining and I think it’s lucky!
But it’s wet out for few days. Then it stops raining and the sun comes out.
It feels really nice.
I look up the bright sunshine after few days and it makes me delightful.
Two days ago I went to work at 10 in the morning. So I hanged dry my laundry under
the bright sunshine.
Usually I hang dry my laundry in the moon but it feels good I do it in the sun.
That’s why it’s fun even when it’s wet out also nice out.
I wanna enjoy spending time in the rainy season!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my new good routine


After 5-day-holiday called “ Golden week “ I’ve been busy at work.
Everyday I think I wanna go home early but I can’t seem to do it.
It’s a good thing to be able to go to work later than usual when I work over time.
Last Friday I decided to go to work at 10 in the morning.
I got up as usual and jogged about for an hour.
The air was fresh and cold. It felt really nice I was able to make time for jogging before going to work.
When I stopped by the shrine as usual, I passed two people there and said “ morning”
to each other. When I went there, it was around at 5:30 in the morning. So nobody was there. But when it’s around 7, people stop by there.
The shrine is very small but it supports people around there.
I wanna value the God or something there.
I try not to make a wish and say “ Thank you for everything and please protect from something with a bow.
Something on my mind went away and I felt really great.
Jogging is good for losing weight and going to the shrine is good for losing my worries!
This is my new good routine.
By the way I took this picture at Daikaku-temple in Kyoto.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the trip by trains is fun:)


We left the fisherman’s wharf in Himi-city quickly.
We didn’t have time not to miss the train.
Then we took a train and talk about the next place where we were gonna go to.
We decided to go to a big bridge called Notojima-Ohashi.
This bridge is between the main island to Notojima-island in Nanao-sea.
It took 2 hours to the station near the bridge by the train.
We were dozing off for a while.
And then we got there but we had only an hour to be there and we had to take express
home. So we got a taxi to the bridge and it was a thousand-yen.
The bridge extends to the other side of the island. So you can go to the other island.
But of course we couldn’t do it and walked to the middle of the bridge and got back.
I was thinking that we couldn’t make it if we had walked to the station.
But my husband started to walk with GPS of iphone and he walked to the other way
taxi went through.
The navigation took us to the ditch not to the main road.
We jumped across the ditch carefully and walked across the farm road.
Then we made the train.
We went to eat Japanese fried pork called Tonkatsu that my husband recommended for the
last meal in the middle of Japan Hokuriku.
It was very good.
We got something for my family there and took express to get back home.
We couldn’t reserve a seat but we were able to take a seat and we were relaxed with coffee
and read a book also dozed off.
We got home around 11:30 at night.
Sometimes you don’t have enough time to stay somewhere because you have to catch trains.
But you can nod off also read books whenever you want to do it.
Going traveling with the trains is easy and nice.
So, where are we gonna go next time?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I met an American woman during the trip


I saw two foreign tourists who got on the bus.
I wanted her to sit next to me. Then she sat next to me!!
Good for me!! She is from where? I was wondering she came from Russia?
But they spoke English. Oh, lucky me!
I wanted to talk to her and said “ You’re from where? “ but I couldn’t seem to talk to her.
Oh, I don’t like the point of me! It’s very Japanese.
I said “ Are you gonna pass up this chance? “ to me on my mind.
Then the bus driver announced about the next busstop.
I heard she wanted to drop off there.
Oh, I don’t want her to drop off I thought of that. And they ended up not dropping off.
After a while the bus stooped passengers could see the fall from the bus.
The bus driver told us the fall in our right side but we hardly saw it.
She sat on the sub seat. That’s why she couldn’t see it I thought.
Then I said “ Can you see it? “ to her already.
And then I was able to say “ You’re from where? “ to her.
Her name was Susan and she is from Boston of US and she came to Japan with her
friend called Kitty.
She was going to Kyoto on the following day and going to Nikko and Tokyo.
She seemed to be a warm person and considerate.
She goes traveling all of the word. She’s been to Himarayas also Peru.
She said “ Are you in University? “ to me. Of course I answered “ No “.
And she said “ Are you in your twenties? “
Yeah, I was more than delighted! Hahaha!
We talked about various things on the bus and said good-bye at the station.
She hadn’t booked the hotel near Tokyo air terminal yet. So I told her my number
when she couldn’t book the hotel and we exchanged the email address each other.
I forgot to take pictures of us but I’m having a feeling to see her again!

Friday, May 07, 2010

I went to see the high 15m snow-wall


It was really crowded in Murodo.
There were way too many people under the mountain. Everybody went up.
No wonder there were many people in Murodo.
I saw many Chinese tourists.
Tour guides shouted.
“ Can you guys hear my voice? Gather around! “ like that.
Many people waited in line to get on the bus for a long time and people waited for it even
on the second floor.
We went out to see “ Yuki no Otani “ that means the high wall of the snow.
It was getting a little bit hot in the holidays. So we didn’t wear much and the winds
was cold for us.
There were all snow there like ski resorts. Mountains looked like Alpine mountains
not Japanese familiar mountains and the rocks appeared among the snow.
Yeah, it’s 2450 meters in height. No wonder the mountains there looked different.
This high wall is 15 meter at the most.
You can see the snow-point on the day of December also February on the wall.
We took a walk around there and waited in line on the second floor to get the bus.
We were able to get on the bus earlier than we imagined.
Available seats were only sub seats. Then more people got on the bus.
I saw two foreign tourists there.
I was hoping they sat next to me.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

go with the winds


On the first day of holidays, last Saturday, my husband came home in the morning from work. So I stayed up late till 3 in the morning and it was already around noon when we waked up.
Well, it was nice out and let’s roll!
We’re doing what? We’re going where?
The best way we go traveling on the day when we decide is trains.
So we couldn’t choose the places where we have to take planes.
That’s why we had to choose some places and then we decided to go to Hokuriku where is the middle in Japan.
You know what, Hokuriku is far way from Tokyo.
We took Shinkansen-train to Nigata where is the north in Japan first and changed trains there and took a express to Hokuriku.
Most scenery from trains was the rice field.
The rice field in spring looks like the lake.
I wasn’t sure the rice field looked like that around in the beginning of May.
It took few hours from Niigata to Hokuriku.
I was reading a book. When I was sleepy,I nodded off. And then I waked up and read a book again. Finally I finished reading the book on the train.
We left home over at noon. The sky turned red bit by bit.
The sunset was beautiful and we saw it in the rice fields like the mirror.
We got to Kanazawa around at 7.
We ate a little bit expensive fried fish and Sashimi more than usual. And them we went to the hotel where we managed to make a reservation.
Most hotels were fully booked. That’s why we couldn’t help it use a single room.
We paid 7 thousands for it.
We hadn’t decided where we went yet. We just went with the winds.
This picture is the rice fields in the sunset.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sky Watch Friday*** the red sky at night in Tokyo


The day before last night I toasted two pieces of bread and I ate them with some butter after getting home from work.
There is a lot of bread that I like. But if I could only one kind of bread in life, I’d chose the toast.
After eating it I posted blog and something. Then I went jogging to the park near my house.
Always it’s hard to jog for 10 minutes since I started.
I happened to see behind and the sky looked red.
Even though I don’t live in a downtown, the sky looks red.
People say “ Tokyo doesn’t sleep. “ and it’s true.
Well, at first I jogged slowly in the park. And then I moved to the track on the ground.
I dedicated to jogging not to see the scenery.
It was bad out that’s why I hardly saw other runners. So I was able to jog as I liked.
It means I jogged while listening to Che’nell’s songs and singing the songs. In addition if I wanted to dance, I put my hands up.
I was almost out of breath when I ran while singing. But it was fun and got power to run.
That's why I was able to run fast.
When my engine got full power, 35 minutes past.
It felt soooo nice!
I ran faster than usual. So I sweated a lot. Then I ran fast for 30 minutes.
When I was satisfied, I went to the large public bath.
Bathes outside is very good. You can take a bath listening to the sounds of water running.
I was relaxed and left around 11 at night.
I walked home slowly on the wet silent residential street.
The air after raining is moist and comforting.
I took off a T-shirt because of sweating a lot and I was wearing only a training wear.
It was not cold also not hot and the comfortable air got inside them.
I ate a grapefruit after getting home and slept tight.
It was a really great night.
In Japan the rainy season is coming soon and I can enjoy running in the nice air at the park after raining.
The rainy season is one of fun season.
By the way this red sky was the sky from the park and it was dark inside the park.

Happy sky watch Friday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

going traveling to the past


Last week I went to movies 2 days in a row as unusual.
I saw “ Shutter island “ at Friday night and “ Alice in Wonderland “ at Saturday night.
At Friday night I might be so tired more than I imagined and I nodded off seeing the movie.
I shouldn’t see the movie at Friday night.
“Alice in Wonderland “ was almost fully booked.
So we couldn’t help sitting in the very first row seeing 3D movie.
When I saw “ Avatar”, I was in the very last row. So it was opposite this time.
The result was that I recommend you to sit in the very first row when you see 3D movies.
When I saw the preview of “Biohazard” , various things flied to me and I tilted my head to
avoid them. It had a impact very much and it was really fun.
When I saw “ Alice “, I felt like I moved fast like riding the rides at Disney land.
“Alice” reminds me the English textbook in junior high.
I remember my mother made me memorize all sentences of Alice.
I wanted to see Humpty Dumpty in this movie but I was excited like me being kids
when the rabbit with a clock appeared and I saw the bottle of “ Drink me “ in it.
Speaking of Alice, when I was in elementary school and my sister was a kid, we taped reading Alice aloud. And we found the tape at parents' house before.
I seemed like I tried to read it well and it was really funny.
My sister seemed like she couldn't pronounce well yet like saying " Alichu" not "Alice " and that's why she used to be cute.
Seeing something that I used to see when I was a child, my mind goes traveling to the past.

Monday, April 26, 2010

dinner is ready in 15 minutes


Dinner that I make is something for my energy to be reborn tomorrow.
Even having dinner by myself, even coming home late, we gotta whip up something and
enjoy eating them!
Tonight I steamed pumpkin, fried salmon with Saikyo-miso with fried beansprout,
Hot Tofu with Shimeji-mushroom with Chinese sauce and rice with Natto.
But I couldn’t make up miso-soup.
Dinner was on the table in 15 minutes.
But it’s OK and it was enough for me!
By the way I only have to work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and a holiday is
coming! I’m working hard tomorrow, too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I won't forget it*


I know it but I realized it once again.
The happiest thing is that there is a family that I get along with.
They’re always nice to me the most and especially sister is on my side and tries to understand
me always.
I won’t forget it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

so tired but feel good*


So tired but feel good
Thanks to sister, brother-in-law, mother and my husband
I wanna sleep tight
Night night

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** for liking me


for liking me
for having a confidence
not to count on someone
It’s not that I can’t live by myself,
I wanna not to be a weak person who can't go through if nobody listens to the person's story
Even if there is only me in the world,
I wanna keep going strongly every day
to be a strong woman,
to be a super woman,
to be a woman who doesn’t lose any pains and scars
to be a woman who is unwaved,
I keep running
definitely I become to be a strong person for anyone
also I will active in the world
I’m sure
So, I’m going jogging tomorrow, too even at night or even in the early morning
I don’t lose the rain also winds
I’m sure God and space root for me

Happy sky watch Friday

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Today" is a brand new day


"Today" is a brand new day
On a brand new day a brand new me with regenerated cells everyday wake up
"Today" ‘s better day
Happier days than yesterday begin everyday

* Mt Fuji that is the highest mountain in Japan. I took this picture on the 2nd of January.

Sunday, April 11, 2010