Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today’s flower - field mustard


This is field mustard that I saw last spring.
Spring came and spring finished soon.
Recently time really flies every day.
I wanna spend time more slowly

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camera-Critters -The bright sky and hope

In Tokyo it rains and it's cloudy every day.
I hope I see the blue sky like it next week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** tools to be happy*


I don’t dislike the rainy season even if it rains a lot.
But these days it’s raining everyday and bright summer ended suddenly.
So I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna feel down.
When I feel down, it’s because my conditioning isn’t good or I lost confidence or I hate
myself and all that jazz.
There are lots of things in life. But it’s not bad when I feel down. After it I think of that.
Because I get power and go up because when I sometimes go down.
When I feel down, it’s hard to get out and I try to get out of there as soon as possible.
I got a notebook for the happy tool to get out of there.
What I write down in the notebook is complements that I was pleased to get and a moment
to feel happy. I wanna remember that anytime. That’s why I got it.
When I feel down also when I’m under stress from some crap reasons.
I’ll see it and smile. And then I’m goona get out of there and feel happy again.

I almost.....


Last night when I got to the station, it was pouring.
I waited for stopping raining at the station. Then I found a street shop of fruits even
though usually I don’t care.
He sold peach, grape and pear. The sign said “ 7 pears for \300 “.
It’s inexpensive. But I wondered if he would steal them somewhere?! and I didn’t buy them.
Then some people stopped there and bought them.
Seeing people buying, I thought I’d better buy it and I said “ Can I have 7 pears?”
And then the old man said “ 7 pears for \700 is this small pear. So you can buy
the big pear. I’ll sell you 5 pears for \1000. “ to me.
Isn’t it strange? The price of pear changed from \300 to \1000 in a moment.
The man said “ You can buy it with peach or grape “ to me before me saying no.
When I couldn’t do anything, an old woman cut in and said “ Give me peach and grape.”
I thought it’s time to leave! I ran away there.
Ummmm, I almost pay \1000 instead of \300.
God! Street shops are kind of danger. It’s the same whole entire world.
** Today’s menu **
+ saute of Tuna
+ grilled pumpkin
+ fried and deep cooked egg plant
+ Tomato salad
+ Cold Yuzu-Tofu with original miso
+ Natto, Kombu sea weed boiled in soy sauce

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

F is for " Friday "


I always look forward to coming Friday.
When it's Friday, I'm excited because I think tomorrow is holiday:)
Of course I'm looking forward to Friday now:)
Have a nice week:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

second round - Ayar macaroon


I don’t have many tools for making sweets.
I don’t have tools for squeezing whipped cream and something square for mixing like
spatula. There are many things that I gotta get before making macaroon.
But I wanted to try to make macaroon when I memorized the feeling to mix dough and
to squeeze dough on the mat.
Two days later from learning to make it, I went to the grocery store near my house.
for starters. And I bought egg and almond powder.
The chef who taught me making macaroon said “You should use high quality fine almond
powder for macaroon.” But there were only rough almond powder with peel of almond
at the grocery store near my house.
I couldn’t help it I decided to use the rough powder instead of fine powder.
Starting making macaroon, I realized the difference of powder when I mixed it.
After baking it, I said “ Ummm”
After all I only made rough macaroon from rough powder.
It’s all right! I learned something. I gotta get fine almond powder and try to make it again!

Monday, August 25, 2008

ayar Mulot’s macaroon*


I learned to make macaroon that I really wanted to learn to make.
The oven at the studio can bake everything at high heat. And I used fine dry high-quality
almond powder and dried dry meringue.So I can make it beautiful.
I wonder if I make beautiful macaroon even at home?!
But I wanna practice it as soon as possible. So I’ll try it soon at home.
Friends who have been to France said “Macaroon that I ate in France has different taste
from Macaroon’s in Japan. “ It would be true.
The most important thing for macaroon is dryness.
It’s humid in Japan more than in France. That’s why macaroon in France tastes better
its in Japan.
Putting that aside, the macaroon that I made looks very beautiful.
I thought of it and I stared at it.
The macaroon is not Gerard Mulot’s. It’s ayar Mulot’s.
I gotta practice to make good macaroon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Last Wendesday I went drinking with people in a house maker to
Okubo in Tokyo. I used to related to them on business.
We’ve known each other for a long time.
So we have good relationships and I can enjoy spending time with
them more than colleagues at this division.
These days when I start talking about something, I come up with
Thank God to give me good relationships with customer.
Sometimes I lost confidence and I don’t like myself because of
my weakness. So I sometimes feel down. But when I feel get down,
I should remember that I can make friends with people even from
customers and say “ good job “ myself. I thought of it.
We met up each other at 7 at night and we went to a Korean restaurant
where I used to go before. Going into the restaurant, and my eyes met
a staff there. We said “ Oh! “each other. He is a Korean man called
“ Baku-san “. He treates me well always.
I was pleased even though I didn’t go thre for a long time.
Dakkarubi, Prukogi and Chidimi with sea food and all that jazz.
We ate varous Korean food and some Korean alcohol.
I laughed my head off and the tear came out because of laughing too much.
We enjoyed drinking after a long time. So we decided to drink next month again.
My company and the house maker has good relationships each other on business and
personaly. I hope the good relationships keep going from now on, too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleepy eyes and a calm sea


Last night I waked up around at 3 in the morning.
Seeing the next to me, my husband was gone.
I thought where he went to and looked for him in a PC room and bathroom.
Then I realized he still worked at the night.
I got back to the inside of soft and comfortable cotton blanket while wiping my sleepy eyes.
By the way eight months past since getting transferred to this division in the beginning of
this year. There are a lot of nervous people here. So I’m kind of under the stress.
But I don’t have trouble of relationships. So I work kind of calmly.
But there weren’t people whom I was interested in and I wanted to get along with after work
even though I got along with them at work.
I’m not a person who has another face at work. So it wasn’t kind of fun.
But a woman who is a temp stuff came to this division one month ago.
She is married and she’s been with his husband for a long time, too.
I haven’t known about her so much but she has something that I like. So we’ve grown
closed. I have a feeling she is gonna be my friend.
God must see me and he sends me people who can be my friend.
These days I’ve spent comfortable days. I hope the comfortable days aren’t over.
By the way this is “ Salad Udon “ that I served when my husband came home over
at midnight. I made it after a long time. I’ll make it one more time in this summer.

ABC Wednesday: E for Englsih


English is a happy tool for me.
Because I can make many friends by using English.
English is not my first language.
So still now I can't seem to listen to the lines in American movies and dramas.
But I like trying to listen to it:)
I hope I speak English the same as my first language:)

Sky Watch Friday **** the beautiful sunrise glow


I took this picture in New Caledonia last summer.
It was the really beautiful sky.
People in New Caledonia were very kind and nice to everyone.
When they pass each other, they always say " Bon jour " each other.
I spent comfortable time there.
I wanna be like them:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smelling of the sun


I cleaned and put my house in order during the vacation more than before.
I removed Japanese carpet that we called Tatami and dried it under the sun.
After drying I got back it on the floor in a room and closed the door that we called Fusuma.
When I went to bed, I opened the door. Then it smelled like sun.
I can’t see how much it cleaned but it feels really good.
I threw away much staff. And then the living room was cleaned and simple.
I wanna keep the clean room.
By the way this is dinner on a holiday.
These days my sister tries not to go shopping for dinner and make dinner by
food in fridge. Because she wants to save money for hanging out.
I tried to make something by food in fridge, too!
** Today’s menu **
+ grilled Chicken
+ Fried and deep cooked egg plant
+ Fried Green papper with small shrimp
+ Cold Tofu with Chinese leek, Japamese plum we call Ume and sea weed we called Nori
+ brown rice

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm happy to be a woman:)


On the last day of my summer vacation it was raining but it was a cool and calm Sunday.
I and my husband ate out in a Korean BBQ restaurant after seeing the women's marathon in Olympics.
After getting home I saw an American drama called “ Sex And The City “.I can’t seem to get their English because of talking fast. But I tried to listen to it few times and write down their lines of my favorite.
Even though I listened to it many times, I couldn’t get to unknown words. So I only wrote down them in Japanese as I was able to listen to.
At first I couldn’t get the charming points in this drama.
I thought I don’t like it so much. But bit by bit I’ve liked women in this drama.
And I started to enjoy seeing it.
I enjoy seeing four women who get along each other and they often eat something together while talking about various things for a long time.
I have an image relationships among women are harder than men’s.
But it’ s not bad.
We can enjoy talking about something even for a long time. Because we’re women.
If men join it, they would give up.
Women who live anywhere and in any period are talkative.
I’m glad to be a woman because women like talking.
By the way this picture is a picture that I took in Jindaiji of Tokyo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It was at a lively summer night as cicada’s crying and a family’s laughing


Last Saturday it was bucketing down. So I thought what was goona be but it stopped raining
in the evening. And then it was a cool night after a long time.
Cicadas cried loudly and fried while banging themselves against the wall.
I’m tired on the hot days. But it’s funny when fall has come around the corner, I feel lonely.
At the cool night I talked with my family about starting our business while eating Japanese
pan cake called “ Okonomiyaki “ with my family at my parents’ house.
My husband proposed an idea.
I agreed with him and said “ Why don’t we do that? I’ll make the web-site for it.”
My sister’s family partially agreed with us and we thought we could do it.
At the time my mother said “ I don’t wanna do that. “ So the idea went away.
Ahaha. I gotta think about another plan.
We ate much food and drank alcohol. So I and my husband fell asleep comfortable at the living room. I appreciate it that we don’t have to care too much each other at each house.
When I realized it, it was 11:30 at night. It was a silent night.
Suddenly cicada’s really big crying broke the silence.
It’s buzzing of a cicada. We didn’t see it coming.
Trying to look down from the window of the apartment, we found the cicada on the wire screen. We were surprised at it. But we laughed very much.
It was at a lively summer night as cicada’s crying and a family’s laughing

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's the sky in Tokyo.....Let's play badminton!


Last Friday I went to my sister’s house after cleaning the balcony and the kitchen.
My sister made me spaghetti with tomato sauce for lunch.
I ate the spaghetti after a long time. It was really goooood!
My sister’s husband really like the spaghetti that my sister’s made and he asked her to make it.
Yeah, I know how he feels! I want her to make it again.
We were relaxed after eating it under the air conditioning.
And then we went to the gymnasium. We could imagine how hot it was inside the gymnasium but it was really
hot more than imagined. It was like sauna.
You can’t open the windows when you play badminton because you can’t play it in the wind.
Speaking of which, the gymnasium has changed at all since I was in elementary school.
When I go there I remember there were many badminton games in junior high.
We sweated like a pig and got exhausted and we went back to my sister’s house.
After taking a shower I changed into something that my sister got me and I was relaxed.
My mother came over at my sister’s house at the time.
She was on the way home from work and stooped by her for having tea.
Seeing security camera footage, she put her face right the front of the security camera.
It was the same as me when I came here.
We are definitely real mother and daughter, right?
I saw a friend from college after that at night. During talking with her I often yawned and fell asleep because of being exhausted after playing badminton.
Needless to say, My muscles got sore for few days.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

home cafe *


On the second day of the holidays I visited my friend called “ Kuri-Kanoko”-san.
I baked some cookies to bring them to her.
I made some cookies without butter while seeing a recipe book.
And I made another cookies that my friend “ Yon-yon”-san taught me.
It’s called Rosian cookie.
The cookies that she made was round but the cookies that I made was not round after
baking. It means the shape changed kind of flat after baking.
This time I visited Kanoko-san with a friend called Mizutama-san and Kanoko-san’s friend from junior high.
I hit it off with Kanoko-san’s friend since we first met.
She looks prety and I thought she had a date with men a lot but she doesn’t do it like that.
We met up at two and we were at her house till 8. We were very relaxed for a long time there.
Misutama-san baked pumpukin cake, Kanoko-san baked tube cake and Kanoko-san’s friend
brought krispykreme doughnut.
It was like a buffet of sweets.
We shot the breeze and talked about various things in the bright living room with a fine view while listening comforting music that Kanoko-san chose.
We met each other on the blog in the first place.
Now they are my valuable friends.
We met each other by coincidense on the blog, we are neighbors by coincidense also we have in common.
Meeting people is amazing.
And thank God to let me meet them!

Sky Watch Friday **** the beautiful snow, lake and sky

I saw the scenery in a ski resort of Hokkaido.
It's located in the north of Japan.
seeing every directions, it was spectacular.
I wanna go there next winter, too.
Niseko is famous for a good ski resort, but Hakodate is good, too:)
You can eat good sushi:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the first day of summer vacation


On the first day of the summer vacation I didn’t go out all day.
I had plans to visit my friend. So I baked some cookies and did laundry.
In addition I sewed some coasters with linen stash of fog that I got from mf-san and I sewed a lining for my black skirt.
Yes, I lost the thin lineing of my black skirt that I wore last year.
I thought I had to buy it again. But it’s waste of money I thought. That’s why I bought a black fablic and I tried to make it.
I stitched while seeing a movie. I don’t have sewing machines.
So I did something like that all day.
The movie that I saw is “The Pursuit of Happyness “. Will Smith with his son starred in the film. This time he didn’t act gorgeous people. It means there weren’t action scenes and he wasn’t popular among girls in the film.
It was a simple part. And the father that he acted was a good father who raised his son as posible as he could. The point was touching.
In this movie there was a scene that Will Smith explained that the difference from“ probably “ to “ possibly” to his son.
Seeing it, I found out the difference, too.
By the way this picture is cookies that I made from a recipe.
I brushed them with egg.
Yes, I got the brush from mf-san few days ago.
I used not to use a brush even if I had to use it. Because I didn’t have it.
But I can brush something with something from now on!

soft coffee jell-o


I went drinking with two colleagues the day before summer vacation.
It’s good to hang out with colleagues after work once a while.
I was pleased the next day was holidays even though it’s a short summer vacation.
I wanna clean my house carefully more than usual, do the laundly in the afternoon
and make soap.
I thought I wanna do that at home but after getting home but I took a shower
and I was relaxed with the air conditioning. And then I fell a sleep comfortable.
By the way this is coffee jell-o that I made after a long time.
I saw coffee jell-o that rumineko*-san. Then I wanna eat it during this hot summer.
That’s why I made it. Eating it with fresh cream also milk is very goood!
Very soft jell-o is better than normal jell-o!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last Monday I had dinner after getting home and took a shower soon.
And I prepared for the game of badminton.
Of course I didn’t have games I prepared for seeing Olympic game of Japanese athletes'.Turning on!! Turning on strongly!
I used to join a badminton club in junior high. Yes, I used to practice it very hard.
It means I dedicated myself it.
Seeing the game, my arms moved without knowing.
I couldn’t help standing up! And then I swung my arm while moving from side to side
at the living room.
I took a full swing and hit high-clear!
I couldn’t stand not doing it. I really wanted to play badminton!
Actually my sister used to join the badminton club, too.
She used to be a leader of it in high school.
While seeing the game I called my sister a lot.
I said “ Do you really want to play badminton? “ to her.
We decided to play badminton on Friday.
We’re playing badminton after a long time. I wanna really play it hard!
For starters I wanna swing away.
I know it but sports are really nice!
By the way this picture is a tree called “ Sarusuberi “ at some house.
There was a cherry blossom beside badminton court.
After cherry blossoms being in full bloom caterpillar often fell in the court! .
I miss being in junior high.

On 10th of August it’s my grandfather’s anniversary of his death day.
Every year I visit my grandmother on the day.
This year 10th of August was Sunday. So my mother, her brother and her sister came
here. It was around at noon. We drove to Jindaiji of Tokyo to eat Soba.
I used to feel kind of nervous when I was with them. But after growing up I enjoy
spending time with them.
I find out something good points in my uncle and aunt. And the point is one of my
plesuare.On the day I thought my uncle and my aunt is very good husband and wife.
And my uncle who already retired looked very good. He began to grow a beard and
he got a tan at his small field.
For the first place he is tall and slim. But I was wondering if he looked so nice long time ago? And I said “ You look very goooood! “ to him.
Then he was really pleased.
On the anniversary many people gathered at my grandmother’s house.
My grandfather must’ve been pleased.
It’s good to see each other even though we met up each other.
Everybody lives in each life. So we can’t see a lot.
But I’m happy to look forward to seeing them.

I won various things in a lottely by a shop named “mf collection gallery” in Komagome
of Tokyo. I totally didn’t imagine I won the lot. So I was more than willing to
win it and when I knew it in lunch time at work, I grinned.
I got it in the afternoon last Saturday and opened it excited..
There was tea named Green water of Karel Capek, wooden knife, spoon and folk,
waxed paper bags, a cookie mold of rion, brush made in Germany for making sweets,
a post card like antique and linen stash of fog
I feel like getting something for my birthday and Christmas.
I love tea and I wanna learn making sweets. So waxed paper bag is useful for me.
I’ve been wanting the brush and linen stash for coasters.
It’s something that she chose for me.
There were many things that I wanted. It means she took much time to chose it.
I’m really happy such an attractical shop values me.

On the other day a person who works at a housemaker that I used to be in charge
of emailed me.
We made a promise to go drinking together last year. But time flied without knowing.
There are many pepole who used to get along together at the same division at work.
But I usually can’t keep in touch with most pepople.
But he works at even the different company but he keep in touch with me.
I’m more than willing with that.
My mind went traverring in the beginning of the year when I used to be in charge
of the company. And I thought I has a bond with the company.
Usually I don’t go out except on Friday night, but I gotta make time spending
time with such a important friend once a while.
That’s too bad my colleague who is in charge of the housemaker is often away
on business in August. So we decided to go drinking
without him. I’m going drinking with people from the housemaker and my female
colleagues who get along with me these days.
I’m looking forward to seeing them again after a long time.
By the way this is Japanese hamberger steak for dinner.
I made it very well. Bon appetit befor it gets cold!
** Today’s menu **
+ Japanese hamberger steak with Japanese basil, grated Japanese radish called daikon and fried egg plant
+ salad with cabegge and tomato
+ Fried sea weed called Hijiki with soy beans and carrot
+ miso-soup with Daikon
+ brown rice

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last Wednesday I had an exam of TOEIC at work.
I got really nervous more than when I had it out of work.
This time other people that took the test were not strangers.
That was why I noticed other people.
So I was almost shaking due to getting nervous.
In the first place I have worked on the test since the beginning of this year.
I wanna know how it was going as soon as possible.
When I had thepart of the listening test, I thought it was very easy.
But the thing that I though was bad. Because I missed some lines during being spaced
out. I gotta be careful next time.
I thought time was enough. But when I finished the test, it was only 10 minutes before the finishing time.
Anyway if the result was good or bad, I enjoyed taking the test.Because I thought
I wanna study English from now on, too.
Many employees who joined the company at the same time took the test, too.
And I was pleased to talk with them after a long time.
Such emplyees are nice.I can be relaxed and they’re special for me.
By the way the result of it is good or bad, it’s not related my work. But I keep
Studying English and I wanna say “ I can speak English well.” with confidence.

Monday, August 11, 2008


My husband and I had to get on the train for the opposite direction as my parents and
my sister’s family. So we had to say good-bye at the stop near the place of the fireworks exhibition. That was why we wanted to go drinking around there.
But every joint was packed because of the fireworks exhibition.
So we decided to go home and went to the plat home.
There was a train that my sister’s family and my parents got on there.
I said “ bye bye “ to them. Then, my husband took my hand and got on the train.
My sister’s husband and my sister pat my husband’s shoulder and said “ All right! All right.
I know you missed us very much. “ to my husband.
My husband was embarrassed and grinned.
Putting that aside, there are things that I do even if I’d not better do that.
It’s comparing oneself with others and being jealous of the person.
For instance, in my case I’m jealous of full time house wives very much.
They can do laundry in the afternoon also hung and dry Futon.
And they have time for themselves in the afternoon. Also they’re not under stress about relationships among people at work.
They can see their friends and learn something during free time.
The way they spend time is totally different from me. Because I spend time at work
from the morning to the night.
Sometimes I’m really jealous of them and wanna be a full time house wife.
But I can’t be a full time house wife. So it’s bitter to think of it.
But I was able to get out of it few days ago.
Because I remembered a story of my frined’s.
She told me she was jealous of her friend who lived in the beautiful house when she visited her friend.
She thought she wanted to be her or not. And then her answer was “ No. “
It doesn’t mean she thought her life was better than hers. It means if she was her friend,she could’n’ve meet her son.
I thought of it like her. And then I thought I was glad to live my life.
And my mind became clear.
If God said “ Do you want to change another person’s life that you’re jealous of from tomorrow? “, I would’ve not wanted to leave from my family.
Thank God!! I’m more than delighted to thank God and to realize that I’m happy because my family has very strong bond.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Competition for saving a spot for seeing fireworks has increased recently.
So I can’t be relieved even though I saved the spot for it on the previous day.
Last year we saved some spots for it but other people took it.
So I decided to go there by myself in the afternoon before my family going there.
I used to make various dishes for enjoying eating them while seeing the fireworks before.
But this time I didn’t care about food.
I made only Chinese fried noodle and boiled corns and I left home.
Nobody was at the bus stop because it was still in the afternoon.
I was relaxed at the not crowded bus and got there.
It was blazing hot at the fireworks site at around two in the afternoon.
I must’ve been a roast beef if I had been in the sun all afternoon.
At the riverside where there weren’t many people I put up a parasol and laid while reading a book. If I can avoid the sun, the wind felt really nice.
It was comfortable more than I imagined and I thought I’m gonna go there early next year,too. Three hours flied.
My family came to the place in the early evening because I was alone there.
I ate much food that my sister and my mother made and drank a lot.
When the fireworks exhibition starts I break out in goose bumps due to touching my heart even though I have experienced it many times.
After the countdown many fireworks were set off from various points with really big sounds.
It was really spectacular and beautiful. The fireworks exhibition is one of pleasant events.
When I saw such a beautiful firework, I nodded off without knowing. So my husband waked me up sometimes.
Time flied during the fireworks exhibition.
I feel kind of sad. Because it feels like the end of summer.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Last Friday I had a farewell party for colleague.
It was my first time to be the host of the party at this division.
I cared about drinks of section chief and manager also other members and I ordered them before finishing drinking.
I know it but I’m a very Japanese office worker.
I cut down the story of the section chief well and I wrapped up the farewell party.
It was only ten minutes past.
After getting home I went to save a spot for fireworks with my sister’s family and
my husband.
I like going to see the fireworks but I really like to look for a spot the place for it and prepare for it.
I’m really excited and looking forward to see the fireworks since the previous day.
When we got to the side of river, there were many people at the dark side of river already.
Some people put masking tapes for the spot where they saved and some people laid there and some people drank with their friends.
I think I wanna sleep there while feeling the wind every year.
My sister’s husband said “ Why don’t we camp here next year? “
I’m looking forward to the previous day of the fireworks next year!
Blogging Friends Award


I also got the Blogging Friends Award from maria.

Dearest maria
Thank you so much for your sweet present.
I’m so happy to get it.
I met you on your blog by coincidence.
I was very lucky. And I’m more than delighted to meet you.
I wanna go and see your country someday.
I’m not sure about Austria. So I’m looking forward to seeing
your blog from now on, too.

The rules of the award:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in
another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.
Quite simple really it is a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.
I want to pass on this award to yonyon-san, pharm-san, Ayu-san,
Kurikanoko-san, and Kra-chan.

1.yonyon-san I was very lucky to meet you. When I started to get interested in making
sweets, I met you on your blog. I think God had me meet you^^
2.Pharm-san After meeting you I started to like China. You always teach me various things.
I’m more than willing to know Chinese custom. Because I can know most Janese customs
came from China. I wanna talk with you from now on, too.
3.Ayu-san I don’t know the person who can write beautiful Japanese sentence like you.
And you always know how I feel. I’m very happy to meet you.
4.Kurikanoko-san You always cheer me on and flatter me. You’re very kind, considerate,
and caring. I’m very lucky to meet you. It was very good to start blog due to meet you!
5. Kra-chan You’re very unique for me. You have something and I like listening to your
opinions. Please tell me about various thing from now on, too!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Comfortable tiredness

Last Thursday it was the last day for my colleague at work.
I helped her task while doing my task. That’s why I got home at around 9:40 at night.
I got hungry. So I ate Sashimi that I got at the grocery store near my house, miso-soupand Japanese pickles. It was very simple dinner.
When I did the dishes after finishing eating, my husband emailed me and said“ Can I have dinner at home? “Lunch box that we call “ Obento “ at stores is not good and doesn’t have nutrition.So I made cold noodle with much vegetable and fried pork for him.
Time flied when I did that and it was over midnight.And then I thought I’d go to bed after taking a shower. But I decided to study English for a while.
After all I went to bed at around 1 in the morning.I was tired but I felt good.
And I had a comfortable sleep.Making some efforts and I can get a confidence and start to like myself.After doing a lot of things in a day I get tired but my mind gets well.
By the way this picture is the sunset that I saw before the big exhibition of fireworks.
When the sunset began, lanterns turned on.
Sky watch Friday

Are you a BIG fan of siome artist?I’m BIG fan of BON JOVI’s.In the beginning of this year BONJOVI’s official fan club didn’t treat fans well.So many fans in the world complained. I talked with fans in Europe and we said“ I quit fan of his! “ each other.I didn’t go to the concert in Japan. It was my first time since I started to like him.And I didn’t listen to BON JOVI’s songs.Last night my sister called me and she told me BON JOVI’s concert was on air now.After getting home I turned on TV. The concert was almost over.They sang my favorite song called “Who Says You Can't Go Home “ and AmericanFans enjoyed singing the song.It’s been while to listen to the song and to see their face.I know it but I love BONJOVI.When I thought so, I was more than delighted.I wasn’t glad I couldn’t say “ I’m fan of his. “ even though I had been liking BONJOVI.I’m happy I can say “ I’m a BIG fan of BONJOVI’s! “I'll" put a link on the blog “Who Says You Can't Go Home “on You Tube It’s a really good song!! Try to listen to it!By the way this picture is the picture that I took after my sister’s husband calling.I went to see the rainbow. But I found the great scenery in the other side of the sky.Happiness is around the courner.
After finding many insects in the kitchen we threw away a lot of stuff in the drawer in thekitchen. Per say, cartooning boxes of sweets, used candles, utensils that I hardly use and such. I’m comfortable after throwing away a lot of stuff like after having my hair cut.I have to think about it more when I wanna buy something.I realized it’s not eco-friendly to throw away stuff after buying it.Speaking of which, when I visited my sister on the other day, her house was organizedand cleaned up.A lot of stuffed animal and displayed toys were gone.I wanna clean up my house in few days. I put a lots recipe on magazines in the cabinet. Also I have a lot of accessory and make-upitem that I can’t seem to throw away.The first thing that I have to do after cleaning up is not buying everything that I wannabuy. By the way this picture is dinner for myself on the other day.I got the head of alfonsino. I was really pleased to eat it because I had been wanting to eat it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Saturday I went to see a school where a famous French pastry runs in Aoyama.Even chef of PierreHerme of his friends makes a demonstration to make sweets there oncea while. The chef is among the finest but friendly and nice.When I waited for seeing the lesson while reading a leaflet, the chef brought a pieceof three-layered cake that was made with raspberry sauce, cream and something.Of course it was incredible! I took a picture but it was blurred.That’s really bad!The lesson for beginners is beginning on October. For starters, I decided to take oneshort lesson at night on August.I’ve been not familiar with France before. But I’m pleased to be close with France thoroughmaking sweets.I wanna be a woman who can make good French sweets. But I don’t wanna give up toimprove my English.These days I staeted studying English at the table in the living room again.I wanna grow up a person who has confidence myself and loves myself.little by little.By the way this picture is the rainbow in the sky.My sister’s husband called me to teach it and I went outside quickly.What is the shinning light? Is that my flame of hope? Or……. something??
When I got home last Friday-night, my husband said “ We’ve got a big problem!!” to me.I couldn’t get it at the time. And then he let me see the drawer under IH at the kitchenand there were a lot of small insect there.I bought some sesame at a farmer's cooperative before. It was made without any useof pesticides.I thought it’s good for health. But it means there might be some insects there.And they grew in the bag probably.He said “ I killed many insects and cleaned there. “ But there were still many insects.So we used the insect killer called “ Barusan “ in the living room.After it we wiped the floor in the kitchen and the livingroom.It took longer time than we imagined and we wiped there till in the middle of the night.Next day we opened the drawer, we found some insects there.They didn’t die. Probably they hid in the box or something.They’re still alive there. So stuff in the drawer is put on the counter in the kitchen andon the table in the living room.It must be not over for a while.By the way this is recent dinner at my home.Negi-Toro-Don was good. We ate it after a long time.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Last Friday-night I went out with a colleague who taught me her work.The place where went to was like very house wife. She is getting transferred next month.She is strict about work. So sometimes it was hard to be with her. But she is a very good person. We’ve grown close bit by bit and we just got along together.So I’m very sad and I wanna be with her longer.I wanted to eat out together before her getting transferred.So I took her to the basement of the department store where I often go to.Because she is from a countryside in Japan.I came to this division after her. But being a housewife is longer than her.We took the subway to the basement of the department store while talking aboutvarious things. Getting there, it wasn’t still crowded because it was still early evening.There were only few discounted packs of fish there.So, we went to an Korean restaurant at the basement and ate Yukkejan-Cuppa whiletalking about various things.I heard when she met her husband for the first time, what he likes and her ex-division.She said “ I make the same dishes for dinner usually. “ to me before.So I got her a recipe book for farewell preset.After finishing eating it we went back to the crowded basement where was like battle area. She saw me who took some discounted packs of fish and said “ You’ re Pro-housewife!”We got some inexpensive vegetables and something on the day.I totally haven’t known something big trouble at home on the time.By the way this picture is dinner that I made with much vegetable that my father-in-lawgrew. It’s onion that he grew without any use of pesticides. I cooked it like a café where I went to before. Steaming it and made sauce like white sauce.Onion was very incredible. It was really sweet.
I’m kind of not good at communicating with people.When I go into a new place, I get nervous and it takes time to get used to being there.That’s why it was very hard after just getting transferred. I didn’t have any friendsand my heart always pounded. There were a lot of bad thing and I often got diarrhea.But I tried to keep smiling, saying “Hello “ to everybody and I pretended not to realizeit so when somebody was upset or something.And then I was able to get comfortable place at work.People who weren’t closed are getting interested in me and talked to me.On a day a person talked me about her worries while crying, on another day a personasked me to go drinking.Relationships are very difficult. But I might manage to do that if I didn’t forget it.At the ex-division I learned something from colleagues when I was with them at the samedivision for a long time.They managed to do with customers and people who got angry well.The art is not getting upset even if they get angry at someone.Sometimes they pretend not to realize their anger and sometimes tried to laugh.The laugh made a good atmosphere and it made them calm down.It takes much time to get a knack for it.The laugh is difficult for me and I can’t use it well like them.Sometimes you can spend calm time and sometimes you have trouble with something.I wanna go through even if it’s bad time.By the way I took this picture in Aoyama last weekend.If there were such a nice place on the front of the living room, I would be more comfortable!
In life various waves come and go.The wave that is coming to me is the wave that is making sweets.For starters, doing it is more important than thinking about it.So I decided to ride this wave!I have to choose school with a small budget though.Next Saturday I’m going to see some school where a French pastry runs in Aoyama.I’ve been looking forward to going there.Even in the Afternoon when is the hottest time in a day if you see a woman walk in Aoyama,that’s me!Meeting school is the same as meeting new friends. I must meet the new future through the school.So I’m kind of excited to go into the new world.After all I went to only one English school. But I met a good teacher also friends there.So I think there was an amazing bond with the school.There must be another bond with the next school.I wanna follow the bond and start going to the school until fall.By the way this picture is recent me, my sister and my mother.I introduced you guys my sister and my mother for the first time.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The good thing that I update blog is that blog is a good tool to remember this time lastyear.When I saw the articles this time last year, I got many vegetables and lavenders from my father-in-law. I said it to my husband. And then my husband emailed him even thoughI didn’t ask my husband it.He called us last weekend and sent a parcel to us.It smelled like lavenders from the box even though I didn’t open it yet.It’s not fake it’s domestic product and it was made without any use of pesticides.I’m really more than delighted to get such a nice present.When I met the father for the first time, I just started dating my husband.He looked not talkative. But now he is talkative.Last night he said “ Mother is away due to going to Yakushima. So it feels good and I’mrelaxed very much. I wish she was there for a long time. “Ahahaha. I cracked up.He sent it because of our request. But I was glad to get vegetables that he grew andhis smile.
Last Sunday I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner with my family.My parents bought us dinner they tried to soothe me because of being hard time.This restaurant serves real pizza that was baked in the stone grist mill also has buffet.You can enjoy seeing the art that cooks throw the pizza crust high in the air for spreading.If I had been in the high school, I would’ve worked there, I thought.When I cut the fresh baked pizza, cheese extended because of melting.Pizza crust was right thickness. It was happy dinner.We ate salad, marine and desert, too and we were really satisfied there.After going to my parents’ house we were relaxed for a while. And then my husband and Irequested for playing card game called SOLO strongly. Even when we played card game,we said “ threeee “ aloud while making funny face. An Japanese comedian called “ Sekai noNabeatsu “ is really right now among my family.By the way I was a loser. But it was good a shop where we were able to buy good ice creamsclosed down. If there had been the shop there, I would’ve gone there to buy ice creams.My luck hasn’t turned against me.By the way this picture is grape and peach that my sister’s family bought in Yamanashi.It’s really incredible.I heard you don’t have to put peach in fridge. Because the sweetness lose after puttingin fridge. You should put in fridge in 10 minutes before you eat it.This few days we’ve eaten it with folk and sometimes bite the hole peach.We enjoy eating delicious food in summer.
I worked last Saturday. I went to work later than usual because we're on flextime here.So I was able to get on the not packed train and be relaxed.It was not kind of harder than usual. After work I met up with my husband and went tomovies after a long time. The movie that we saw was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ” The story was very fun and the movie was very entertaining.A part of it was too fantasy. But the point was even good!Even if many enemies shoot the hero, the bullet can’t hit him.He never dies even if something happens.I like action movies like “ Die Hard “. But I like fantasy adventure movies like it.After movies we walked home due to my husband’s idea. We stopped by Macdnald and gotMac Shake on the way home.We walked while talking about various things. One of the topics was my work.I’m totally not interested in the job. But I found out that I seemed to want to know unknowntechnical terms.I’ve been wondering which job to choose and which direction to go.This worry must be one of happy worries. It’s like that this man is the one or that man isthe one. The answer must wave in the wind.By the way this picture is the sunset in New Caledonia.
These days I’m totally not in the mood to study English. So I haven’t studied it for 2 weeks.One of reason is that I’m wondering what I want to work.I’ll go with the flow.The thing that I’ve been doing is cutting cloth and stitching cloth not studying.It takes time to stitch them together. But I found out me liking stitching.Time past when I absorb in stitching.This picture is coasters that I stitched last night and a pincushion that I got fromKuri-Kanako-san.Coasters and the pincushion is really gooood?
Yesterday I went to my favorite Korean restaurant for lunch with four women at the samedivision.It was a really hot day and the sunshine was really strong and shining.On such a hot day we ate hot “ Sundubu “ .The restaurant is a little bit far away from work. So we don’t see colleagues there.Probably that was why everybody started heating up their complaints about work.I felt like that my energy was sucked by everybody and I just nodded silently.Heading up, my eyes met an old man whom I get along with.He kind of smiled while seeing my colleagues.And when I paid money, he got me one more stamps at the discount car. These days colleagues talk to me their complaints and anger.Today when I talked with a woman who sits on the front of me, she suddenly cried dueto having a hard time probably.It’s kind of hard to work in this division. Everybody might express an opinion strongly.Sometimes we get tired.This week I’ve got to go to work even on Saturday. I gotta work a little bit harder this week, too.By the way this picture is Hakodate where it was snowing.My division need cool down a little bit.