Tuesday, August 26, 2008

second round - Ayar macaroon


I don’t have many tools for making sweets.
I don’t have tools for squeezing whipped cream and something square for mixing like
spatula. There are many things that I gotta get before making macaroon.
But I wanted to try to make macaroon when I memorized the feeling to mix dough and
to squeeze dough on the mat.
Two days later from learning to make it, I went to the grocery store near my house.
for starters. And I bought egg and almond powder.
The chef who taught me making macaroon said “You should use high quality fine almond
powder for macaroon.” But there were only rough almond powder with peel of almond
at the grocery store near my house.
I couldn’t help it I decided to use the rough powder instead of fine powder.
Starting making macaroon, I realized the difference of powder when I mixed it.
After baking it, I said “ Ummm”
After all I only made rough macaroon from rough powder.
It’s all right! I learned something. I gotta get fine almond powder and try to make it again!


Maria said...

Cool! :)

ayamlin said...

* maria *
Thank you maria!