Tuesday, September 27, 2011

comfortable time after being nervous


For the first time I took my baby son to the doctor to get vaccinated for thepneumococcus.
My heart was pounding and I was sweating a lot.
When I get a shot, I can’t see the needle inserting into my arm.
But this time I watched it because I’m mother of him.
He didn’t cry when the needle inserted into his arm. But when he was injected the medicine,
he started to cry. I was gonna cry, too.
I said “ good boy!” to him.
Leaving the hospital and started to walk home, he fell asleep.
I didn’t get a shot and of course I didn’t stand the pain of it but I had break at Tully’s.
I was relaxed with coffee at Tullys’s where has a calm vibe with jazz music.
After a while my baby son waked up.
I borrowed two picture books at the library. So I read a book entitled “ Curious Geroge “
to him there.
I used to read it when I was a child, too.
I don’t have chances to speak English these days.
So it’s good for me to read English aloud. Oh, it’s “ killing two birds with one stone.”
I watch an English educational TV program for kids with him.
Listening to English since he is a kid is good for him?
I don’t have plans to let him learn English but I want him to get used to listening to English
from TV or something!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I was lucky I was fine and I had delish dinner


There was a terribly strong typhoon today!
To be honest, I was lucky I’m having a matanity leave now.
I went shopping to the grocery store holding my baby boy in the morning when the rain
wasn’t storng yet.
After getting home I played him a lot and saw his face when he slept in my arms.
And then I sometimes saw the strong rain and winds outsides the window.
If I didn’t need the rain is included the radio active materials, I wanted him to feel
the rain in the rain.
He can understand words. So I explain various things to him.
For instance today I told him about typhoon. And when we saw the harvest moon
few days ago, I told him about it while seeint the beautiful moon.
I talk with the little baby. So sometimes people see me strangely. Ahahaha!
This picture is dinner that I made last night.
These days I text a friend from college each other and we ask each other about dinner
that we make at the night.
This is rolled mixed minced chicken, some vegetables and some seasoning with fried Tofu.
It was very delish! I love it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes people pull to each other


Yesterday I texted a friend who used to work at the same company after a few year.
She was at the other division and I didn’t work with her. But I started to communicate with her since we found out that we lived close to each other and she already quit her job. She replied me and said “ What a coincidence! I’ve been thiking how Aya is doing, too.”
Oh, it’s a funny coincidence!
We have a lot of thing that we wanna talk about. So we have plans she is coming over to my house.
When I checked my email today, I got an email from a man who used to be the general manager.
It’s a coincidence! I was about to email him today.
Sometimes people pull to each other.
We might feel vibes or our senses might work.
Anyway when it happens, we’re pleased!
By the way I took this picture in Saipan last July.
When I’ve been there, I didn’t imagine I’d become a mother next year.
I’m imagining how I am next July.

Friday, September 09, 2011

I wanna get nutrition from vege that I can get.


After the nuclear accident in Fukushima I avoid eating vegetables from the north of Japan
and around Tokyo as possible as I can.
I don’t care my health but I don’t want my baby boy to suffers from cancer when he grows up
and enjoys living in his teens.
The radioactive materials from the nuclear accident in Fukushima was as much as several tens
atomic bomb and they fell on the ground in Tokyo and around here.
So I choose vegetables from Hokkaido, the south of Japan and other countries.
I can’t help it if I can’t get vegetables that I want because there aren’t the vegetables
from the safe area. I wanna get nutrition from vegetables that I can get.
Recently I get carrots from Hokkaido and eat them often.
I make Korean marinated carrots, salad with Tuna and carrots glace from it.
You know, I wanna enjoy eating food when the problems of the nuclear hasn’t solved.

Friday, September 02, 2011

the more, the merrier!


On the 49th day of my baby’s birth my sister’s family got back to hometown when They were during the summer vacation.
We spent exciting time on the weekend after a few month.
They said “ He’s becoming much bigger!” about my baby son,
It was a really muggy day but at night there was a nice wind. So we were able to spend time safe and sound even at the room where weren’t any air conditionings.
Thinking of it, we’ve been worried what we should do if the electricity went out this summer.
It was good to be able to spend time safe and sound in summer.
Probably many Japanese people think we can live without the nuclear plants.
Putting that aside, I had my shoulders and back massaged also pulled my neck by my sister on the day. It felt really good and my body got well even though it had been hurt.
Thanks to sister!
On the 50th day of my baby’s birth there is a lot of window in my parents’ house.
That’s why the wind feels so good also the living room gets a lot of sunshine.
So my baby son sleeps comfortably and he looks like he feels nice.
He hardly waked up in the middle of the night and I didn’t need breastfeeding.
So when I pumped my breast milk, I was surprised to get 100ml milk at least.
My baby son was talking a lot on the day. Probably he enjoyed spending time with his cousin and uncle.
In addition when my sister was singing, he was singing with her.
It was a wonderful weekend.
The more, the merrier!
We’ll get a lot of fun thing from now on!
By the way this picture is my baby son and I. We were playing in the hanged laundry.