Friday, September 09, 2011

I wanna get nutrition from vege that I can get.


After the nuclear accident in Fukushima I avoid eating vegetables from the north of Japan
and around Tokyo as possible as I can.
I don’t care my health but I don’t want my baby boy to suffers from cancer when he grows up
and enjoys living in his teens.
The radioactive materials from the nuclear accident in Fukushima was as much as several tens
atomic bomb and they fell on the ground in Tokyo and around here.
So I choose vegetables from Hokkaido, the south of Japan and other countries.
I can’t help it if I can’t get vegetables that I want because there aren’t the vegetables
from the safe area. I wanna get nutrition from vegetables that I can get.
Recently I get carrots from Hokkaido and eat them often.
I make Korean marinated carrots, salad with Tuna and carrots glace from it.
You know, I wanna enjoy eating food when the problems of the nuclear hasn’t solved.


Pietro said...

Hello Ayamlin! It's nice you enjoy vegetables, but, you are right, they can be dangerous there in Tokyo. I suppose you can choose the place of origin in the market where you buy them: the place of origin is written on the stalls or on the packages, isn't it?
You told the right name of the pink flowers of my post!
Have a wonderful Sunday :-)

Kay said...

I'm so sorry you've got that Fukushima worry, Aya. It's great that you're trying to eat vegetables... safe vegetables.

I'm afraid I'm really up to my ears with things we have to do right now.

Our guests are here until Tuesday. Then we can continue with the things we have to get done. Blogging has to take a back seat until we get ourselves organized.

Evita said...

Hi! Congrats for your baby boy! Haven't been around for a while but I am glad to see you guys are doing so well!

Will try to read back now to catch up!

Big hugs to him and you :)