Tuesday, September 27, 2011

comfortable time after being nervous


For the first time I took my baby son to the doctor to get vaccinated for thepneumococcus.
My heart was pounding and I was sweating a lot.
When I get a shot, I can’t see the needle inserting into my arm.
But this time I watched it because I’m mother of him.
He didn’t cry when the needle inserted into his arm. But when he was injected the medicine,
he started to cry. I was gonna cry, too.
I said “ good boy!” to him.
Leaving the hospital and started to walk home, he fell asleep.
I didn’t get a shot and of course I didn’t stand the pain of it but I had break at Tully’s.
I was relaxed with coffee at Tullys’s where has a calm vibe with jazz music.
After a while my baby son waked up.
I borrowed two picture books at the library. So I read a book entitled “ Curious Geroge “
to him there.
I used to read it when I was a child, too.
I don’t have chances to speak English these days.
So it’s good for me to read English aloud. Oh, it’s “ killing two birds with one stone.”
I watch an English educational TV program for kids with him.
Listening to English since he is a kid is good for him?
I don’t have plans to let him learn English but I want him to get used to listening to English
from TV or something!


Kay said...

They do say that a person's ability to learn a certain language starts very young. It's a good thing to introduce language to children at a young age. I'm probably able to understand Japanese a little easier because my mother always spoke to me in Japanese. Your baby is so adorable, Aya! I just want to cuddle him.

Pietro said...

Your baby is so pretty, Ayamlin!

Cheryl said...

Your son is so adorable, I agree with Kay, I would love to cuddle him! I think its wonderful you are reading to him now and also in English. I always read to my children from the time they were infants until they learned to read themselves. It was a very, very special time for us. All three are excellent readers. Have a great week!

ruzzel01 said...

Now you are at peace. Nice to know you overcome the situation.

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Emille said...

Hi Ayam, I remember how hard it is when you see your child in pain!

When I was in China I met a boy of 7 years old and he started speaking to me in English almost without any accent. I asked his mother where he had learned it, and she answered, "From the TV!" But it would be good it it was an educational or kids program:)