Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday*


My hands are getting rough because I wash my hands a lot everyday.
I put babylotion on my hands and wear plastic gloves when I do dishes before it’s worse.
So my hands still looks goodJ
Everyday it’s hard my baby son keeping waiting for me when I take a shower before
I let him take a bath.
Tonight and last night he was able to wait for me watching “ Baby Mozart”.
But he can’t seem to be bottlefed.
I sometimes gave it up and it’s OK he can’t do it I thought. But sometimes no, no!
it’s better to do it for him I thought.
Tomorrow it’s gonna be raining.
He can’t enjoy seeing the scenery outside.
I’m wondering what I should do for him tomorrow.
For starters I’ll go to bed next to my baby son to play with him a lot tomorrow
even though it’s 9:00 at night now.
night night, everyone!
By the way I ate various vegetables from South of Japan that my sister and my friend
sent me. They are vegetables that I don’t need worry! It’s very good!

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Kay said...

I remember how rough my hands got from washing them all the time so that I woudn't get my children sick. My children were breastfed the entire time also. I never could get them to take the bottle. Perhaps I didn't really want to. My pediatrician said breast milk was the best food for my babies.