Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ABC Wednesday O is for opportunity


When bad things happen, it's opportunity to change the way you think.
When it's bad day, it's oportunity to appreciate the usual happy day.
When you see an attractive person, it's opportunity to make efforts to be
like the person:)

For me, this blog was really good opportunity to meet you guys.
I'm really happy to meet all!
Someday please come to Japan.
When you come to Japan, it's opportunity to return you a favor from me and to know Japan well:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's flower - tough morning glory


This flower is morning glory in my balcony.
The flower usually bloom in summer.
These days it's chilly in Tokyo.
I don't know why the morning glory bloomed yesterday.
but it was lucky to see it even though it's already fall!
I wanna make efforts like this flower:)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tartelettes au chocolat


Last Tuesday it was my first time to go to school for making sweets.
This time I baked Tartelettes au chocolat.
It feels like long time even if it takes 2 hours to make sweets at my house.
But when I made it at school, I felt like short time.
I bumped into my friend who introduced me this school there and we said hi and talked about something while doing dishes. It reminded me home economics’s class in junior high. People do tools in line. If I were at my house, I would take a lick the spoon.
But I shouldn’t do that there even if I wanna do that.
Well, I made the crust of Tartlettes and baked it with aluminum stones.
Then I put filling in it and baked it again. When I removed it from molds, I couldn’t seem to do it.
The teacher tried to remove it instead of me. And then the filling of chocolate fell out from the pie.
Oh, I totally didn’t imagine it. I feel uneasy. But I thought it was a small thing and I didn’t get angry.
The teacher poured some soft chocolate sauce and put it in fridge.
Opening the box and taking out the pie after getting home, chocolate fell out from it.
It was not good starting….Umm
By the way the pie is on the left side of the back line.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fun trip even if it doesn't cost much


On the next morning we had breakfast for 600yen at the establishment.
It was not so good but we were satisfied it.
There were many beautiful mountains under the fog in the brilliant morning.
The most beautiful mountain is of course Mt.Fuji.
When we took many picture of Mt.Fuji and saw news at the lobby, my mother cut some
vegetables, made curry and cooked rice. On the day we were gonna eat it on the green
We didn’t have many plans but we left the establishment at 10.
It was a brilliant sunny day. Pulling over on the pathway, we took some pictures there.
How do you say, every mountain was beautiful. How beautiful this place is!
We took a walk on the trail, drank milk, ate ice cream and got some jam.
And then we went to the ground of grass and ate the curry and rice that my mother
made. She dished up curry and rice that was still warm with Japanese pickles.
The curry was much more incredible than its that I usually eat. We ate it one after another.
We ended up not eating out during this trip.
We enjoyed seeing beautiful scnery also eating something and we got some information
that we want to go to next time.
Out trip was over this time.
Speaking of which, it took only 7500yen per person including the room charge, gasolin,
fee of express way and all meal.
Isn’t it great we stayed one night there and we enjoyed having every meal.
By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took.

Monday, October 20, 2008

a silent night in mountain


Night comes first in mountain. The temperature goes down and it gets dark in the evening.
We took a bath after enjoying doing BBQ.
It must’n’ve been hot spring but hot water in the bath was comforting.
When we stretched our legs in the bathtub, we wanted to soak.
I remember when I was in elementary school, boys peeked women’s bathroom.
But I was wondering where they peeked it?!
After taking a bath we played “ UNO ATTACK “ while drinking at the room.
This place is not hotel but educational establishment. So there is no TV at each room.
It’s not bad there is no TV.
By the way our family likes card games. So we have various UNO card.
Per say, Harry Potter UNO, UNO SPIN, UNO ATTACK.
Every UNO is one of UNO. But they have a little bit different rules.
So you can enjoy playing them!
We ended up enjoying playing it till lights-out time of 10.
In the next morning I don’t know why my head moved to left side when I waked up.
We put Futon in order to the alphabet “ T “ and I slept at the cross bar of T.
My sister’s husband slept at the vertical barof T but my head was on the his Futon.
These days I turn sideways during sleeping.
I thought it’s only during summer but I turn sideways even though it’s already cold.
My husband who goes to bed after me moves my body few times.
It’s about me but I don’t know why….
I didn’t used to do that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall is for enjoying seeing changing leaves also eating!


Well, getting to the familiar establishment, we prepared for BBQ. The air is much better than its in Tokyo. But also we ate beef in the air, it would be incredible!
We borrowed a cutting board and a knife.
My mother can build fire and use the Dixie best.
I and my sister picked up some branch and used wood for lighting charcoal.
We brought them to our mother like competing.
Then we were able to light charcoal and put Dixie on it.
My sister said “ Aren’t you beginning timing? “ to our mother.
She said “ I don’t need it. It’s OK just seeing it. “ to my sister with compelling voice.
We picked up branch and wood for grilled beef while seeing the head of Dixie moving with
good sounds.
By the way how sweet cooked rice by Dixie is!
I ate it with grilled beef and vegetables one after another.
My husband took many pictures without me knowing when I ate them.
I started enjoying spending fall to eat good food!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** beautiful sky and beatiful red leaves


Last weekend I went on a overnight trip to Yatsugatake with my family.
I had a small trouble before going traveling. But my family solved it.
I appreciated it and I’m happy to have such a nice family.
I and my sister used to go to Yatsugatake for a camp when we were in elementary school and junior high school. So it’s familiar for us.
This time we stayed at the establishment where we used to stay when we were in elementary school and junior high.
Of course we have stayed since then. We were missed it and excited before going there.
And we said “ We gotta build camp fire and do folk dance! “ each other.
Speaking of which, There was the story when I heard it in junior high.
It’s haunted by ghosts in a room of the establishment, two people saw the dog in the establishment at the same time in the different place.
Oh, I remember test our courage in the grove and we fought with boys by pillows.
We were thrilled to hide from teachers who came to each room and we enjoyed hiding in the same Futon with others.
Remembering it, our voice must’ve reached to our teachers. I found out teachers allowed us.
This is scenery from the establishment.
It’s the beautiful sky and red Momiji.
It’s really beautiful and we liked it very much.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ABC Wednesday *** " M " is for....


M is for mother.
She grew up me and my sister by herself.
She used to work at a swimming school during a day and bring newspaper in the early
morning and the evening.
We appreciated it and we gotta value our mother.

M reminds me variou people and food.
Per say, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Japanese princess called Masako....
and Macdnald, macaroon, macaroni, macadamia nuts....

By the way this picture is leaves called MOMIJI in Japanese.
When it's fall, we enjoy seeing those changing leaves of Momiji!

Monday, October 13, 2008

These days...


Recently I’ve been busy at work and I went out on holidays.
Yet I didn’t turn PC on. So I hardly posted blog these days.
Turning PC on, two hours passed quickly. So I’m thinking it’s not bad.
On the last day of holiday I cleaned my house and tidied up various places in my house.
I threw away many recipe from magazines and some web. There were pieces of paper more
than imagined. When the space is organized after throwing away much unneeded stuff,
I’ve got a feeling it feels good on the beginning of the week.
Seeing the organized space, I’m satisfied.
I’ve been thinking I wanna put the address to all stuff in my house.
But I can’t seem to put all stuff.
I wanna start doing it a little by little everyday and finish it till the end of this year.
By the way this is a trail below Yatsugatake of Nagano.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** the sunset in Firenze


Hello guys!
These days I've been busy at work.
So I don't have enough time for myself.
Oh! That's toooooooo bad!
By the way I took this picture in Firenze.
I wish I lived near Firenze!

Monday, October 06, 2008

the last snorkeling in Guam


We had to chek out at noon on the last day in Guam.
So we had only few hours to be in the sea.
My husband took his time while blowing up a beach ball on the beach.
I couldn’t wait for him and started swimming slowly to my mother in the shore.
But I was care about him. So I waited for him on my way to my mother.
He caught up me while swimming slowly with a beach ball.
I said “ I’ll swim ahead not wait for you.” to him. He said “ Yeah, OK! “ So I started doing the crawl.
And I saw next to me while swmming. He swam ahead with fins even though he swam very slowly.
I moved my hands and my legs quickly. But he swam faster than me even though he swam only by his legs but also with fins and a ball.
Ummm, I laughed automatically and a little water flew into my nose!
We enjoyed snorkeling until just before leaving the hotel. But actually we wanted to snokel more. We stayed in Guam only for two days and a half day. But it was very fun.
After getting back to Japan I wrote down about this trip and then this story was longer than I imagined.
Two weeks passed since getting back to Japan. Recently it’s getting cold in Tokyo.
So when I wear a skirt not wearing stockings, my legs get cold.
The season that I enjoy wearing anklets is over and I put anklets in the box.
So, what am I gonna take out instead of it?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** the last day in Guam ...the rainbow in the morning


On the last day in Guam I got up early with my sister’s husband and went jogging.
There were only few people and cars in the town. But there were hardly cars out of the town.
Only People who wiped the window of shops or people who jogged were there.
When we jogged the temperature was still low.
I followed my sister’s husband while taking pictures.
At the time we found the rainbow that was disappearing in the front of us!
It was very lucky to see the rainbow while jogging!
“ The early bird catches the worm.” is true!
Jogging for 45 minutes, we got to a kind of park and got back.
The sunshine started shinning strongly!
I was a little bit scared because I got too much sunburn when I came to Guam three years
ago. I didn’t want to experience that again.
I jogged faster in the sun and jogged slower in the shade
So we jogged fast and strongly. So my muscle got sore even after getting to Japan.
But It was very fun to jog in the early morning in the uncrowded town of Guam
If we hadn’t jogged, we would’n’ve seen various scenery.
When and where I’m gonna jog in the early morning?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ABC Wednesday K is for


For me K is for " Kitchen "
In the kitchen I cook, baking sweets and making soap:)
Kitchen is a place for making something good for me.
When I was single, I didn't get how kitchens were important places for wives.
After getting married I got it!
I sometimes think of something in the kitchen while doing dishes.
Yeah, kitchen is my best place at my house:)
By the way I’ve been busy at work also after work.
Usually I don’t have much plans though.
I’ve been wanting a schedule note book to write down my plans.
I worked overtime most of the time in September.
I hope I get home earlier in October.
Suddenly it’s getting cold and I’m hearing people coughing at work.
I gotta be careful not catching cold and work hard.
It’s already dark when it’s finishing time at work.
I’ll take out clothes for winter already.
By the way this is dinner that was ready in 30 minutes after working overtime.
It was very simple but I was satisfied. Hot miso soup got my tired heart bright.