Monday, August 31, 2009

rolled cake delively


A friend from blog lives 7 minutes walk and train from my house.
Another friend from blog livess 10 minutes walk and train.
It’s a small world.
I got expensive cosmetics and some bread that she baked from her.
So I brought a recipe book of bread and rolled cake that I baked to her.
I called her in the evening and said “ I’m on my way home from work. And I’ll bake rolled
cake and I wanna bring it to your house at 7:30 at night. Are you at home? “
She was pleased and said “ Yes “ even though I called her all of a sudden.
So I got home right away and baked rolled cake with brown sugar that I just bought.
I made the cake and whipped cream with only brown sugar.
It was my first time to bake cake with brown sugar not white sugar.
I tried to eat some and it tasted sweet but not too much sweet.
White sugar taste sweet clearly but brown sugar tastes sweet softly.
I found it this time!
I went to her house all of a sudden but she said “ Wanna come up for coffee? “ to me.
I was more than willing but I decided to go to her house next time even though I wanted
to go to her house. And I went to a large grocery store near her house.
An hour passed quickly since I started to look for good kitchen tools.
I got some PYREX and something. And then an hour and a half hour passed without
I ran to my house for ten minutes.
She lives next stop from my house.
I’ll bake cake and visit her house.
I can get one more fun thing since I was able to bake cake.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the past


Last Sunday my sister and her husband picked us and went to an exhibition of model railroads.
My sister’s husband told us a TV program about model railroads.
Starting to see it, we’ve into model railroads.
In the exhibition there were many model railroads that win in the competitions and somebody
made also many shops.
But I got bored to see it only for 30 minutes because I see great models on TV.
And I nodded off at the bench near the exit.
On the way home we decided to go to a familiar Ramen shop.
When we waited for Ramen, we heard a popular song called “ Go West “ sung by Pet Shop Boys.
I tapped rhythm and the song made me go traveling to the past.
Sometimes don’t you miss something of the past.
Sometimes I can’t stop
Sometimes I can’t stop missing something of the past and feel melancholy. I miss days that
I can't go back to even if I can't go back.
It doesn't mean I miss somebody. I miss me being young.
But it’s not like I don’t like the feelings. It’s a little bit bitter and like the loneliness of crush.
I could drink a lot with only this feelings.
By the way I took this picture at Daitoku temple in Kyoto.

Friday, August 21, 2009

summer vacation


There are a lot of small falls and much water around Kinugawa.
We didn't have any plans. So we decided to go to Ryuoukyo that my husband came up with.
Getting to the parking lot an old lady with umbrella leaded the car.
Pulling over as she leaded, we found out that she was a lady at the cafeteria around there not attendants of parking lot.
She looked like a witch and said " We keep having cold water and we'll wait for you.
We didn't imagine what a wonderful place Ryuokyo was.
There was much green and there were small ponds and spring water ran from the top of mountains. This spring water was rivers and falls and fell down to the pale green river among the white valley.
Mizubasho grow up at the part of the place. So you can enjoy seeing them in spring.
My sister's husband said " When the leaves change color, let us come back here." while laughing.
There are lots of place that you can enjoy walking but it seems difficult for really old men.
When we got back to the parking lot, an man spoke to my sister. He said " Why don't you eat shaved ice?" to her.
He kept speaking to her and insisted on buying it and said "You should eat it. Cause you look almost like getting sunpoisoning.
Actually my sister had decided to buy it. But she didn't buy it since the man pushed her too
much. Relationships could be the same as business. Pushing too much is not good for them.
We passed through the shop and went to the parking lot. Then the woman who spoke to us
before we went to the falls. She said “ We have cold water for you. Come to our place!”
Probably many people used to go traveling to Kinugawa by companies’ trip.
There are old big hotels that aren’t used anymore.
I understand people at shops and cheap restaurants spoke to us many times.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday *** Am I a nice guy?


I hardly have said " You're a nice guy."
There are lots of people have strong characters at the division.
People say “ I’ll try treat people calmly. “ or “ Your attitude is very good I think. I’ll do it like
you. Teacher. “ to me.
Every time they say it, I think I’m not the woman like their words.
Do I act something? Do I wear a mask? I’m not sure about myself.
Do I have a big head since people flatter me? Do I flatter myself? Do I have characters that
I should fix? and all that jazz….
This might be opportunities that I see myself.
What am I afraid of? I’m afraid of myself when I flatter myself and I’m not humble.
Staying being in the same place for a long time, people flatter themselves easily.
I’ll be careful not to have a big head even though I should have a confidence.

Happy sky watch Friday

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** Japan is a beautiful country


There were thick clouds in the sky on the day when it was held the fire works exhibition.
It was good for waiting for fire works on the river side but I was hoping it wouldn't rain.
I was off to the riverside before my family and got on the bus to near the riverside.
It was packed with passengers and people who went to the exhibition on the bus.
After a while most passengers got off and I took a seat.
Then an old man sat down on the next my seat.
He said “ Do you look for a spot for fireworks? “ to me. Because I handed the seat.
He told me he registers Silver human resources and control traffic around the riverside.
There is lots of mosquito. So he said “ Be careful not to get mosquito bite” to me.
I said “ Mosquito get blood easily tonight. They would say “ Let’s roll and get much blood!“
to each other.
I saved a spot on the previous day but I’m worried somebody took the spot every year.
So I walk quickly after getting off the bus.
Getting to the riverside and saving the spot, I can be just relaxed there.
I opened the beer and started drinking first.
Starting drinking first is a very happy thing. I found out it last year.
It could be good I got drunk when my family got there. But I started reading a book that I prepared for the day.
But I wasn't kind of relaxed and sat on there reading it or lay there reading.
Lightning was gonna there in the dark sky.
After a while my family got there and I ate food that my sister and my mother cooked also I
cooked while drinking. I was able to drink more with the food.
It got dark soon and the fire works exhibition started.
Everyone squealed I don’t know why but everyone stood when the exhibition almost
Summer in Japan is really nice, right?
In spring cherry blossoms bloom in the pale blue sky, in summer fireworks bloom in the sky
at night, in fall beautiful red leaves in the ultramarine and in winter snow flakes fall.
Japan is the country like that.

Happy sky watch Friday