Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** Japan is a beautiful country


There were thick clouds in the sky on the day when it was held the fire works exhibition.
It was good for waiting for fire works on the river side but I was hoping it wouldn't rain.
I was off to the riverside before my family and got on the bus to near the riverside.
It was packed with passengers and people who went to the exhibition on the bus.
After a while most passengers got off and I took a seat.
Then an old man sat down on the next my seat.
He said “ Do you look for a spot for fireworks? “ to me. Because I handed the seat.
He told me he registers Silver human resources and control traffic around the riverside.
There is lots of mosquito. So he said “ Be careful not to get mosquito bite” to me.
I said “ Mosquito get blood easily tonight. They would say “ Let’s roll and get much blood!“
to each other.
I saved a spot on the previous day but I’m worried somebody took the spot every year.
So I walk quickly after getting off the bus.
Getting to the riverside and saving the spot, I can be just relaxed there.
I opened the beer and started drinking first.
Starting drinking first is a very happy thing. I found out it last year.
It could be good I got drunk when my family got there. But I started reading a book that I prepared for the day.
But I wasn't kind of relaxed and sat on there reading it or lay there reading.
Lightning was gonna there in the dark sky.
After a while my family got there and I ate food that my sister and my mother cooked also I
cooked while drinking. I was able to drink more with the food.
It got dark soon and the fire works exhibition started.
Everyone squealed I don’t know why but everyone stood when the exhibition almost
Summer in Japan is really nice, right?
In spring cherry blossoms bloom in the pale blue sky, in summer fireworks bloom in the sky
at night, in fall beautiful red leaves in the ultramarine and in winter snow flakes fall.
Japan is the country like that.

Happy sky watch Friday


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, what a nice day you had, enjoying the fireworks and a good dinner with a lot of beer! ;-) I find beer very tasty and thirst-quenching too.
The photo is really attractive!
About my post, I took the photos in April in the Valle di Susa, in a day with variable weather.
Happy Sky Watch!

Tabib said...

Nice burst of light!
Happy SW Friday and have a great weekend.

antigoni said...

Aya, are you all OK? We heard about the earthquake. You have wishes from me and Marina.

Pietro said...

Hello, Ayamlin! I hope you are well.

Louise said...

Someday I will visit. Just beautiful all the time! I think I would like Spring and Fall best.

Maria said...

Japan is really beautiful, I would prefer Spring with the cherry blossoms!
Hope everything is OK with you, Aya, I also heard about the earthquakes near Tokyo! Best wishes, Maria

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, yes, "August" is a composition of mine.
Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Thank you for your visit and your nice words, Aya!
Aya :), I also enjoy drinking red wine or cool beer or frizzante in the evening after work, and what I enjoy most is when I'm on holiday a glass of sparkling wine for breakfast, we call it "Sektfrühstück" - it's real fun to get a little tipsy already in the morning :))
I remember an earthquake as strong as the one you had now in Tokyo when I was a child, I was really afraid because the glasses and the plates in the drawers shook and clattered! And about 10 years ago there was another strong earthquake which woke me up at night, I remember that I believed I was lying in a water bed or something, it felt like I was drifting and floating through the dark room. That was a bit horrifying and I did not know if it was real or if it was in a dream. When I woke up it was already over.
But there are not really dangerous earthquakes in Austria at all.
Have a nice week, Aya, and all best wishes! Hugs, Maria.

Eric SomeSkyMoments said...

Great picture of the firworks, my firework pictures are here:

Have a nice Day!!