Friday, April 30, 2010

Sky Watch Friday*** the red sky at night in Tokyo


The day before last night I toasted two pieces of bread and I ate them with some butter after getting home from work.
There is a lot of bread that I like. But if I could only one kind of bread in life, I’d chose the toast.
After eating it I posted blog and something. Then I went jogging to the park near my house.
Always it’s hard to jog for 10 minutes since I started.
I happened to see behind and the sky looked red.
Even though I don’t live in a downtown, the sky looks red.
People say “ Tokyo doesn’t sleep. “ and it’s true.
Well, at first I jogged slowly in the park. And then I moved to the track on the ground.
I dedicated to jogging not to see the scenery.
It was bad out that’s why I hardly saw other runners. So I was able to jog as I liked.
It means I jogged while listening to Che’nell’s songs and singing the songs. In addition if I wanted to dance, I put my hands up.
I was almost out of breath when I ran while singing. But it was fun and got power to run.
That's why I was able to run fast.
When my engine got full power, 35 minutes past.
It felt soooo nice!
I ran faster than usual. So I sweated a lot. Then I ran fast for 30 minutes.
When I was satisfied, I went to the large public bath.
Bathes outside is very good. You can take a bath listening to the sounds of water running.
I was relaxed and left around 11 at night.
I walked home slowly on the wet silent residential street.
The air after raining is moist and comforting.
I took off a T-shirt because of sweating a lot and I was wearing only a training wear.
It was not cold also not hot and the comfortable air got inside them.
I ate a grapefruit after getting home and slept tight.
It was a really great night.
In Japan the rainy season is coming soon and I can enjoy running in the nice air at the park after raining.
The rainy season is one of fun season.
By the way this red sky was the sky from the park and it was dark inside the park.

Happy sky watch Friday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

going traveling to the past


Last week I went to movies 2 days in a row as unusual.
I saw “ Shutter island “ at Friday night and “ Alice in Wonderland “ at Saturday night.
At Friday night I might be so tired more than I imagined and I nodded off seeing the movie.
I shouldn’t see the movie at Friday night.
“Alice in Wonderland “ was almost fully booked.
So we couldn’t help sitting in the very first row seeing 3D movie.
When I saw “ Avatar”, I was in the very last row. So it was opposite this time.
The result was that I recommend you to sit in the very first row when you see 3D movies.
When I saw the preview of “Biohazard” , various things flied to me and I tilted my head to
avoid them. It had a impact very much and it was really fun.
When I saw “ Alice “, I felt like I moved fast like riding the rides at Disney land.
“Alice” reminds me the English textbook in junior high.
I remember my mother made me memorize all sentences of Alice.
I wanted to see Humpty Dumpty in this movie but I was excited like me being kids
when the rabbit with a clock appeared and I saw the bottle of “ Drink me “ in it.
Speaking of Alice, when I was in elementary school and my sister was a kid, we taped reading Alice aloud. And we found the tape at parents' house before.
I seemed like I tried to read it well and it was really funny.
My sister seemed like she couldn't pronounce well yet like saying " Alichu" not "Alice " and that's why she used to be cute.
Seeing something that I used to see when I was a child, my mind goes traveling to the past.

Monday, April 26, 2010

dinner is ready in 15 minutes


Dinner that I make is something for my energy to be reborn tomorrow.
Even having dinner by myself, even coming home late, we gotta whip up something and
enjoy eating them!
Tonight I steamed pumpkin, fried salmon with Saikyo-miso with fried beansprout,
Hot Tofu with Shimeji-mushroom with Chinese sauce and rice with Natto.
But I couldn’t make up miso-soup.
Dinner was on the table in 15 minutes.
But it’s OK and it was enough for me!
By the way I only have to work tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and a holiday is
coming! I’m working hard tomorrow, too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I won't forget it*


I know it but I realized it once again.
The happiest thing is that there is a family that I get along with.
They’re always nice to me the most and especially sister is on my side and tries to understand
me always.
I won’t forget it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

so tired but feel good*


So tired but feel good
Thanks to sister, brother-in-law, mother and my husband
I wanna sleep tight
Night night

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** for liking me


for liking me
for having a confidence
not to count on someone
It’s not that I can’t live by myself,
I wanna not to be a weak person who can't go through if nobody listens to the person's story
Even if there is only me in the world,
I wanna keep going strongly every day
to be a strong woman,
to be a super woman,
to be a woman who doesn’t lose any pains and scars
to be a woman who is unwaved,
I keep running
definitely I become to be a strong person for anyone
also I will active in the world
I’m sure
So, I’m going jogging tomorrow, too even at night or even in the early morning
I don’t lose the rain also winds
I’m sure God and space root for me

Happy sky watch Friday

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Today" is a brand new day


"Today" is a brand new day
On a brand new day a brand new me with regenerated cells everyday wake up
"Today" ‘s better day
Happier days than yesterday begin everyday

* Mt Fuji that is the highest mountain in Japan. I took this picture on the 2nd of January.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, April 09, 2010

Sky Watch Friday** shadows and dust


We mortals are merely shadows and dust .

Cherry blossoms at night at Shinobazu pond in Ueno

Happy sky watch Friday

Thursday, April 08, 2010

getting one more fun thing and putting weight


Last night I learned to bake cake with a friend of mine.
This time we learned a short cake.
This short cake looks totally different from it that I had learned before.
The way it’s baked was different from it I imagined and I was able to study one more cake.
When I take a lesson, I want tools that I use in class.
I’m gonna go get a cercle and mousse films.
Learning a way to bake one more cake, I get one more fun thing.
So, I’m going to one more class tonight, too!
It’s a good thing I enjoy making it but oh, I must put weight!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I wanna enjoy drinking a glass of wine under the cherry trees


On Friday nights I grin while working.
When I thought of it, a woman who sits in front of me at work said the same thing.
Everybody is happy on Friday nights.
When I was single, I used to go drinking on Friday nights. Now I go straight home most of time.
I go straight home and vacuum my house right away.
On my way home from work I called my sister and she told me to visit me.
She likes drinking but she can’t drink now. So it’s not unusual there days.
I said “ Well, you can come over and have dinner. Then we’ll go see cherry blossoms and I’ll drink wine with a glass and you can drink the juice. “ to her.
Sister got to my house sooner than I imagined and she was around my house when I got home. I got her to stay at my house and jogged for 30 minutes.
Cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the park and it smelled like alcohol because many people enjoyed drinking under the cherry blossoms.
I decided to drink wine with a glass while seeing cherry blossoms this spring.
Because a friend of mine who is female Austrian and called Maria said “ I'm sure that we will drink a glass of wine together in Vienna one day or I'l bring a bottle of wine to Tokyo and we will drink it there under the cherry trees.
In Japan we drink canned beer outside and it’s not fancy like drinking a glass of wine.
We could drink Japanese alcohol called Sake with a plastic cup outside.
It’s exciting when I imagine opening the wine bottle and pouring wine into the glass with a good sound.
After all I didn’t see cherry blossoms at night with sister. But cherry blossoms are still in full bloom. So I wanna drink a glass of wine under the cherry trees.