Sunday, April 04, 2010

I wanna enjoy drinking a glass of wine under the cherry trees


On Friday nights I grin while working.
When I thought of it, a woman who sits in front of me at work said the same thing.
Everybody is happy on Friday nights.
When I was single, I used to go drinking on Friday nights. Now I go straight home most of time.
I go straight home and vacuum my house right away.
On my way home from work I called my sister and she told me to visit me.
She likes drinking but she can’t drink now. So it’s not unusual there days.
I said “ Well, you can come over and have dinner. Then we’ll go see cherry blossoms and I’ll drink wine with a glass and you can drink the juice. “ to her.
Sister got to my house sooner than I imagined and she was around my house when I got home. I got her to stay at my house and jogged for 30 minutes.
Cherry blossoms were in full bloom at the park and it smelled like alcohol because many people enjoyed drinking under the cherry blossoms.
I decided to drink wine with a glass while seeing cherry blossoms this spring.
Because a friend of mine who is female Austrian and called Maria said “ I'm sure that we will drink a glass of wine together in Vienna one day or I'l bring a bottle of wine to Tokyo and we will drink it there under the cherry trees.
In Japan we drink canned beer outside and it’s not fancy like drinking a glass of wine.
We could drink Japanese alcohol called Sake with a plastic cup outside.
It’s exciting when I imagine opening the wine bottle and pouring wine into the glass with a good sound.
After all I didn’t see cherry blossoms at night with sister. But cherry blossoms are still in full bloom. So I wanna drink a glass of wine under the cherry trees.


Marina said...

Can I be a part of this company? Imagine the picture Aya: Maria+Aya+Marina under the cherry trees sitting at a traditional shop, drinking wine and chatting about everything like old friends! Great and romantic shot for a friendship that was born through internet!
By the way, my koulourakia are like cookies! I love to make a cuo of coffee and put some of them in it and eat them! THAT'S THE REASON I can't lose weight!!!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I like the idea of drinking (I like beer!) under the cherry trees!
The exposition of the Sindone will be in Turin's Cathedral from 10th April to 23rd May. A great event indeed.
Have a nice week!

Maria said...

Hi Aya, so we are already three girls sitting under the cherry trees and drinking a glass of wine :) It will be very very nice!
I looked up Janacek and found a link to Youtube where you can listen to his Sinfonietta.
He is a Czech composer, born 1854, lived and worked in Brno, 130 km North of Vienna. I don't like classic music so very much, except Mozart :)
[Wien is the original (German) word, Vienna is the English word]

Maria said...

Aya, I just read about 1Q84 and Haruki Murakami in Wikipedia. What a thrilling story! Will you read the third part too? I also read George Orwell' 1984 in the 1970ies in school.

ayamlin said...

Hi Marina!
Sounds perfect!!
Oh, it's a wonderful idea!!!!
We have to do it!!!
I'm sure we three definitely drink wine together someday.
Oh, I can't wait!!!
I wanna do it even tomorrow!!!
By the way koulourakia must be high in calories.
but that's why it must be gooood!
I like food that is high in calories.
That's why I can't lose weight!!!
So, I like koulourakia of course:)

ayamlin said...

Hi Pietro!
I wanna drink with you under the cherry blossoms!
I wanna see your face!!!
Can you send me your picture???
I'm sure you look nice!!
oh, you like beer?
I have an image Italian people drink only wine and espresso! :)
Have a lovely week ahead:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Thank you for telling me the you tube of Janacek!
I wanna see it right away!
But tonight my husband went to bed already. So I'll see it tomorrow!!
Oh, I'm looking forward to listening to it!
I haven't read third one also George Orwell' 1984.
I wanna read George Orwell' 1984 after reading 1Q84.
I'm not sure about classic music the same as you.
And usually I listen to American music or sound tracks of Mamma Mia.
Because they make me delightful even if unhappy things happen.

By the way I wanna see Maria and Marina as soon as possible!!!
I wanna talk with you guys about various things!
I'm sure we have wonderful time!!!

antigoni said...

Is there a place for me under the tree? LOL:)
It's great to have a sister. You share things and you always have someone to love you unconditionally.

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, that's right, it's a "classic" the Italian people drinking wine and expresso!
Sorry, I have no images to put on the internet! My face remains a mystery.....!