Sunday, January 31, 2010

please order my rolled cake called Ayar for thank-you-gift*


Last week I went drinking with some female associates at work.
But I couldn’t drink. So they paid much more than me.
I baked some rolled cake for thank-you-gift.
Please order my rolled cake called Ayar for thank-you-gift. ahaha:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello to the heaven+

Zee (1).jpg

I sometimes remember you and I go over your emails.
And I remember your word “ Keep smiling “.
You didn’t forget keeping smiling and never giving up.
You make me remember the word probably.
I met you in Peru and I met you in person only once when I met you in Peru.
But you’re in my mind always and sometimes I really miss you.
I wanna see you. ….
I remember you sometimes. You’re my friend also you’re a man like my grandfather.
I wish I saw you in my dream.
I wish I emailed you in the heaven.
This is the scenery from the window at your room.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My first antique*


About a week ago I got something from an Austrian friend called Maria.
I opened it while wondering what she sent me. I found old post cards there.
She got them at a shop in Vienna of Austria where she lives and
Their post cards are old picture cards that are about 100 years ago.
Something in German or something in it and I can’t understand what it’s said.
These post cards are written by someone about one hundred year ago.
I’m imagining what it’s say.
I thought I asked Maria what it’s say but I decided not to ask her it because I can enjoy
imagine what it’s say.
Now people use emails much more than mails.
Texting is gone when the you change the cell phone and emailing is gone when you change the
PC or PC is broken. But mailing is not gone. We can keep it.
Emailing is a easy way to communicate to others but also it lose in touch easily.
Doing something that is a hassle is important?
You could say the same thing as studying?
I used to send post cards in summer vacation but these days I don’t do that.
I’ll mail her or him whom I don’t talk with recently.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

slipped and snowboarded


My husband and I have been to Hakodate twice already. So we couldn’t seem to find places
where we want to go.
We asked people there any tourist spots that are worth going. But we’ve already every spot.
My mother came up with going to Tachimachi-cape.
We went through a narrow path. Nobody walked on such a slippery path even between graves.
When we got to the cape, nobody was there.
We took some pictures and walked on the mountain path.
The path was frozen.
We almost slipped and went up the path and went down the path.
And then I ended up slipping over.
When I slipped, I thought I couldn’t live in Hokkaido.
Probably I would slip easily. So I wouldn’t walk safe and sound.
In the downtown I saw a girl who wore heels even on the frozen road.
These days I don’t wear heels even in Tokyo.
I must slip when I wear heels even on frozen road.
Thing that I have to do in Hokkaido is slipping. It means snowboarding!
On the following day we went to Hakodate-Nanae-snowpark where we went to two
years ago.
This ski resort is small but you can see fabulous scenery when it’s sunny.
By the way this is Komagatake-mountain that I saw from the train.

Monday, January 18, 2010

one page of our memories


Time flies quickly, when I went to Niseko, it was a week ago already.
A half of customers were foreigners but people who soaked in the hot spring in the morning
were only Japanese.
I wanna recommend foreigners to go to hot spring in the morning also when they come to
Japan. Hot spring wake you up and it feels very nice.
I like hot spring in Niseko-Higashiyama. So I wanted to soak in the hot spring much more
We were tired because it kept snowing and winding strongly. So we didn’t snowboarding
on the day and left for Hakodate. Ten years ago I couldn’t imagine I didn’t snowboard even
in the front of the ski resort.
We took a train to Hakodate again.
At a station of stations where the train stopped we had about ten minutes.
Kids got off the train with their cameras. So I went out there.
I asked a boy who had SLR to see his pictures. Most his pictures were cars.
Every stations were small tiny. Some stations of them made from simple unique one unit
box. We changed trains at Oshamanbe.
Oshamanbe is a name that I just saw a kind of TV game.
I heard Lunch box of crab with rice is famous.
We knew we need to make a book for it after getting on the train and my mother and my
husband were sorry for it.
We started to talk with a mother and her kid who sat on the behind seat on the train.
We were able to see fabulous scenery from the express train that runs on the side of sea.
So I took many pictures from the train.
Komagatake mountain looked beautiful. So most passengers took pictures of it.
When I took pictures, I got along with a girl from Hong Kong.
I was able to connect to her on face book.
There are many tools for communication. How convenient these days are!
After a while a woman who sold lunch boxes came to us.
She told us she had only two lunch boxes of crab-rice that we wanted.
It was around at 10:30 in the morning and we weren’t hungry.
But my mother and my husband was pleased.
We got one more memory that we ate delicious special lunch box of crab-rice.
By the way this picture is my mother who skied on the top of the mountain.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I went snowboarding to the north of Japan


I went snowboarding to Hokkaido with my husband and my mother.
We left home at 5:30 in the morning and we got to the airport in Hakodate around at 10.
We took a bus to Hakodate station from the airport.
The announcements on the bus spoke in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.
I don’t know why but only Korean announcement was funny because of sexy.
Then we took a train to Niseko through Oshamanbe.
I’ve been to Hokkaido for snowboarding many times but it was my first time to take a train
to Niseko.
It was hard to bring heavy baggage but it was fun to do something different as usual.
For a while most of people were Chinese tourists. It was like being in China.
They talked with each other aloud.
When we got to Niseko it was around at 2:30 and when we stood on the ski slope it was over 3.
The first thing that we saw on the ski slope was Australian.
I saw people from Russia and Europe.
The other was Taiwanese and Chinese.
A half of people was foreigner.
It snowed and winded strongly. But we were able to enjoy snowboarding and skiing
Because there were gondolas even thought there wasn’t them at Miyagi-Zao a week ago.
After all we rode the gondola three times and enjoyed night ski for a while.
And then we enjoyed eating crabs.
Hot spring that we call Onsen in Niseko smelled really good like trees.
I’ d say the quality is great.
I enjoyed soaking in hot spring outside with my mother after a few month when it snowed.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

a romatic drean and then...


When I waked up on third of January, I remembered my dream clearly on the previous night.
The story was that a famous Japanese actor was one of classmates in elementary school and I used to have
a crush on him. I saw him at reunion after a long time. And I knew he saw me there.
And I was thinking when I asked him out.
It was a romatic dream and I was pleased to have a good dream from the new year.
My sister have dreams to fall in love with celebrities but I hardly have the dream like that.
My husband who slept next to me said “ Have I told you I heard someone cried in the middle of the night? “ even though I had a good dream.
I didn’t listen to his story because I was scared.
We went down stairs to have breakfast. And we heard Korean that Korean tourists talked to each other.
On the day the weather was nicer than the previous day. But things that we were able to see were white color everywhere.
And it snowed all the time. In addition sometimes there was strong winds and that’s why we were really cold on the lift.
The last bus to the station leaves the hotel at 2:30 in the afternoon.
We were not satisfied and thought why the last bus left so early.
But we couldn’t snowboard even in the terribly cold weather longer.
We ended up not taking lunch break and kept snowboarding.
Speaking of which, I didn’t have guts more than me in my early twenties.
When I was young, I didn’t care snowstorm was strong or I couldn’t see ahead because of snowstorm. But now I lose my will to keep snowboarding.
Does it mean am I getting old?
It was terribly packed on the Shinkansen-train on the way home.
Everybody got home from their parents’ house.
We got lunch box and we were gonna wait in line till taking seats.
But it was really lucky to get seats not to wait in line.
People got on the train one after another and they stood on the aisle and even around the sliding doors.
It was awfully lucky.
Our trip was busy and we didn’t have enough time during this trip.
But trips are wonderful.
I wanna go traveling to various places also life.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

snowboarding in the white sky*


I went snowboarding with my husband on second and third of January.
The small ski resort where we went to has only three lifts. In addition there weren’t much
people there and it looked like money-losing.
The ski resort is called Miyagi Zao skiing area sumikawa Snow park.
I heard this year is the 50th anniversary for this ski resort. So it has a long history but
also lifts have a long history.
It is on the top of the high mountain. So snow was very rich smooth fresh deep snow
but also snowstorm was very strong.
When we walk as usual, we almost flied with our snowboard.
Our hands got stiff when we got to the top of the mountain because all lifts moved slowly.
Sometimes things that we were able to see were only white color. So I lost my balance
sense and I fell over.
We started to snowboard from the afternoon when we got there to the finishing time of
lifts. But I had been wanting to soak in hot spring all the time.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy new years*


I spent time with my famliy with special meal on New year holiday.
Every year we play card games till in the middle of the night.
And someone who lose the game have to go to get some icecreams:)
I hope many happy things and wonderful time come to us this year:)