Monday, May 31, 2010

a book that I just finished reading


The book that I just finished reading was very interesting and entertaining historically also religiously.
The book is entitled “ life of Jesus Christ” written by Shusaku Endo.
I had known the book but I hadn't read it.
A middle aged man who is in the same generation as my mother let me borrow it.
The book turned blown color and printed words look old. But it seemed like he valued it.
What was interesting is that this story was written from the side of subdued Judea.
I had read the story from the side of conquering Roma but I hadn't read it from the side of Judea. I had known only brightness of Roma. So I had thought Roma was more than welcome by subdued countries.
But it was not exactly. I knew it for the first time.
In addition I realized something when I was reading.
It's that Jesus Christ wanted to suffer from people's pain and misery instead of them.
Even though he always tried to take on their pain holding patients’ and physically challenged people’s hands, people just wanted him only to do miracles.
They wanted him to soothe their diseases, to be able to see everything and to be able to walk.
Even if he couldn’t do miracles and people couldn’t see the sign from him, they were disappointed and started to hate him.
At the end even Apostles were disappointed at him and he died on the cross.
I realized I'm the same as the people!
When I have tough time, I pray to God to get rid of the hardness.
Then if he didn't get rid of them, I think God isn't here and I hate God.
Oh, am I really selfish, or what!
I wanna believe in something as Jesus Christ said “ People who believe in it without seeing
are happy. “

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sky Watch Friday ** an middle aged male angel


A middle aged male angel appeared suddenly.
It was when I was reading a book entitled “ an angel in the sunset “.
The middle aged male angel looked thin and clean and he had glasses.
On the packed train in the morning a person who sat on the seat in front of him got off
the train. I was thinking “ oh, I wanna sit there! “ Then the middle aged man next to me
signed me. He meant he gave me the seat.
I made a small bow and sat there. I appreciated it very much.
I thought he got off the train at the next station but he didn’t get off.
Then he sat on the seat next to me when a person next to me got off.
He was reading a book still when I got off. Yeah, he didn’t get off right away.
He gave me the seat. That’s why it was very comfortable on the train and I thought
he might be an angel.
Why I thought of that is I was reading a book entitled “ an angel in the sunset”, Probably.
I wish I met the middle aged male angel who was reading calm again.
By the way I took this picture tonight when I jogged at the park.

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my favorite season has come


My favorite rainy season has come.
I haven’t heard that people who like the rainy season.
When it’s raining, some people feel melancory and some people feel down.
Last Sunday it was raining since in the morning and last Monday it was raining out all day.
When it’s wet out, I think I hope it doesn’t stop raining until the sunset.
Because I hope there is a wet air in the park after raining when I get home.
Sometimes I think it’s hassle going jogging if it’s not after raining.
It means the air after raining at the park is fabulous.
The wet air from the wet ground, wet trunk of trees and leaves smells wonderful.
Sometimes the air looks like fog and I feel like getting rid of my badness in the fabulous air.
I take a deep breath and jog for a long time without knowing.
That’s why it’s fun when it’s raining and I think it’s lucky!
But it’s wet out for few days. Then it stops raining and the sun comes out.
It feels really nice.
I look up the bright sunshine after few days and it makes me delightful.
Two days ago I went to work at 10 in the morning. So I hanged dry my laundry under
the bright sunshine.
Usually I hang dry my laundry in the moon but it feels good I do it in the sun.
That’s why it’s fun even when it’s wet out also nice out.
I wanna enjoy spending time in the rainy season!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my new good routine


After 5-day-holiday called “ Golden week “ I’ve been busy at work.
Everyday I think I wanna go home early but I can’t seem to do it.
It’s a good thing to be able to go to work later than usual when I work over time.
Last Friday I decided to go to work at 10 in the morning.
I got up as usual and jogged about for an hour.
The air was fresh and cold. It felt really nice I was able to make time for jogging before going to work.
When I stopped by the shrine as usual, I passed two people there and said “ morning”
to each other. When I went there, it was around at 5:30 in the morning. So nobody was there. But when it’s around 7, people stop by there.
The shrine is very small but it supports people around there.
I wanna value the God or something there.
I try not to make a wish and say “ Thank you for everything and please protect from something with a bow.
Something on my mind went away and I felt really great.
Jogging is good for losing weight and going to the shrine is good for losing my worries!
This is my new good routine.
By the way I took this picture at Daikaku-temple in Kyoto.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the trip by trains is fun:)


We left the fisherman’s wharf in Himi-city quickly.
We didn’t have time not to miss the train.
Then we took a train and talk about the next place where we were gonna go to.
We decided to go to a big bridge called Notojima-Ohashi.
This bridge is between the main island to Notojima-island in Nanao-sea.
It took 2 hours to the station near the bridge by the train.
We were dozing off for a while.
And then we got there but we had only an hour to be there and we had to take express
home. So we got a taxi to the bridge and it was a thousand-yen.
The bridge extends to the other side of the island. So you can go to the other island.
But of course we couldn’t do it and walked to the middle of the bridge and got back.
I was thinking that we couldn’t make it if we had walked to the station.
But my husband started to walk with GPS of iphone and he walked to the other way
taxi went through.
The navigation took us to the ditch not to the main road.
We jumped across the ditch carefully and walked across the farm road.
Then we made the train.
We went to eat Japanese fried pork called Tonkatsu that my husband recommended for the
last meal in the middle of Japan Hokuriku.
It was very good.
We got something for my family there and took express to get back home.
We couldn’t reserve a seat but we were able to take a seat and we were relaxed with coffee
and read a book also dozed off.
We got home around 11:30 at night.
Sometimes you don’t have enough time to stay somewhere because you have to catch trains.
But you can nod off also read books whenever you want to do it.
Going traveling with the trains is easy and nice.
So, where are we gonna go next time?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I met an American woman during the trip


I saw two foreign tourists who got on the bus.
I wanted her to sit next to me. Then she sat next to me!!
Good for me!! She is from where? I was wondering she came from Russia?
But they spoke English. Oh, lucky me!
I wanted to talk to her and said “ You’re from where? “ but I couldn’t seem to talk to her.
Oh, I don’t like the point of me! It’s very Japanese.
I said “ Are you gonna pass up this chance? “ to me on my mind.
Then the bus driver announced about the next busstop.
I heard she wanted to drop off there.
Oh, I don’t want her to drop off I thought of that. And they ended up not dropping off.
After a while the bus stooped passengers could see the fall from the bus.
The bus driver told us the fall in our right side but we hardly saw it.
She sat on the sub seat. That’s why she couldn’t see it I thought.
Then I said “ Can you see it? “ to her already.
And then I was able to say “ You’re from where? “ to her.
Her name was Susan and she is from Boston of US and she came to Japan with her
friend called Kitty.
She was going to Kyoto on the following day and going to Nikko and Tokyo.
She seemed to be a warm person and considerate.
She goes traveling all of the word. She’s been to Himarayas also Peru.
She said “ Are you in University? “ to me. Of course I answered “ No “.
And she said “ Are you in your twenties? “
Yeah, I was more than delighted! Hahaha!
We talked about various things on the bus and said good-bye at the station.
She hadn’t booked the hotel near Tokyo air terminal yet. So I told her my number
when she couldn’t book the hotel and we exchanged the email address each other.
I forgot to take pictures of us but I’m having a feeling to see her again!

Friday, May 07, 2010

I went to see the high 15m snow-wall


It was really crowded in Murodo.
There were way too many people under the mountain. Everybody went up.
No wonder there were many people in Murodo.
I saw many Chinese tourists.
Tour guides shouted.
“ Can you guys hear my voice? Gather around! “ like that.
Many people waited in line to get on the bus for a long time and people waited for it even
on the second floor.
We went out to see “ Yuki no Otani “ that means the high wall of the snow.
It was getting a little bit hot in the holidays. So we didn’t wear much and the winds
was cold for us.
There were all snow there like ski resorts. Mountains looked like Alpine mountains
not Japanese familiar mountains and the rocks appeared among the snow.
Yeah, it’s 2450 meters in height. No wonder the mountains there looked different.
This high wall is 15 meter at the most.
You can see the snow-point on the day of December also February on the wall.
We took a walk around there and waited in line on the second floor to get the bus.
We were able to get on the bus earlier than we imagined.
Available seats were only sub seats. Then more people got on the bus.
I saw two foreign tourists there.
I was hoping they sat next to me.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

go with the winds


On the first day of holidays, last Saturday, my husband came home in the morning from work. So I stayed up late till 3 in the morning and it was already around noon when we waked up.
Well, it was nice out and let’s roll!
We’re doing what? We’re going where?
The best way we go traveling on the day when we decide is trains.
So we couldn’t choose the places where we have to take planes.
That’s why we had to choose some places and then we decided to go to Hokuriku where is the middle in Japan.
You know what, Hokuriku is far way from Tokyo.
We took Shinkansen-train to Nigata where is the north in Japan first and changed trains there and took a express to Hokuriku.
Most scenery from trains was the rice field.
The rice field in spring looks like the lake.
I wasn’t sure the rice field looked like that around in the beginning of May.
It took few hours from Niigata to Hokuriku.
I was reading a book. When I was sleepy,I nodded off. And then I waked up and read a book again. Finally I finished reading the book on the train.
We left home over at noon. The sky turned red bit by bit.
The sunset was beautiful and we saw it in the rice fields like the mirror.
We got to Kanazawa around at 7.
We ate a little bit expensive fried fish and Sashimi more than usual. And them we went to the hotel where we managed to make a reservation.
Most hotels were fully booked. That’s why we couldn’t help it use a single room.
We paid 7 thousands for it.
We hadn’t decided where we went yet. We just went with the winds.
This picture is the rice fields in the sunset.