Friday, February 27, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** couldn't be happier


On the following day it was brilliant sunny that was different from the previous day.
We sweated a little and felt like wearing too much.
Even in February it was already spring.
I saw water from melting snow flowing from the top to the down from the lift.
Snow was already heavy but I was able to enjoy snowboarding.
My sister snowboarded really well on the day and she competed against me when we
snowboarded from the top of the mountain.
Snowboarding together is fun like that.
We stopped snowboarding when we wanted to do it one more time.
Getting back to the B&B and we took a bath.
We used the room that wasn’t usually used since we were kind of many people.
That’s why we were able to put the baggage in the room after checking out.
In addition, we were relaxed after changing clothes.
We made fool of the name “ hutte “ but this “ hutte “ was the best because they
allowed us to use the room.
It was not fancy but B&B that is flexible like this is more comfortable than hotels.
You can walk inside the establishment with slippers also PJ.
couldn’t be happier when I don't push myself.

Happy sky watch Friday

Monday, February 23, 2009

the sun like Dragon Ball


I went snowboarding last weekend. It was my first snowboarding this year.
My husband has been busy these days and there is few snow this warm winter.
So this is my first time and might be last time to go snowboarding.
In the morning when we go snowboarding I always don’t wanna get up since it’s warm
inside the bed.
But snowboard is fun.
I hope I go snowboarding one more time this year.
By the way this picture is a Dragon Ball of the sun that I saw on the express way.
Dragon ball became a Hollywood movie. I wanna see it I might laugh because it’s funny.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

dinner cruise*


I enjoyed dinner cruise for company trip in Yokohama.
After getting in the room it’s the same as drinking at establishments.
But we enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery at night out of the windows an cold comfortable
winds felt good when I took pictures outside.
Actually I’m not in the mood to drink since I had a hangover two weeks ago.
When my husband drank on holidays and said “ Why don’t you drink? “, I didn’t want to
drink at all.
Probably I drank amount of alcohol for few months.
By the way when we took a train to Yokohamam I was kind of shocked when I heard
something from a younger female coleague.
She lost 5 kilos for three months.
She looks slim in the first place. But in addition, she lost 5 kilos!
I felt like slapping my cheek.
Even though I spent time with her, but I didn’t change at all.
I gotta make efforts from now on like her!

Monday, February 09, 2009



I couldn’t use my PC from Friday night since my PC was infected with the virus.
My laptop is very old. So I can’t install new soft because there isn’t enough memory.
Of course some problems happen often.
But I haven’t paid back 100 thousand yen out of 240 thousand yen that I lost two years
ago. In addition, I borrowed 250 thousand yen to go to school for sweets.
I can’t buy new laptop…..
But I use laptop everyday. I have to use money for laptop already.
By the way speaking of using money, I used money for my hair.
My hair looked gold by the sun shine because my hair was damaged.
That’s why I had my hair colored dark blown.
A part of gold hair turned black like a little bit blue and every time I saw my black hair
in the mirror, it looked very fresh and strange.
But after two weeks the hair turned brown already.
Gee, is it a waste of money?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** TGIFriday


We don’t have to work overtime these days. But I’m busy in the beginning of the month.
So I can’t finish my work till the finishing time at work.
I’m arrowed to work overtime instead of getting home earlier in the end of the month.
Getting home earlier is not fun when you’re forced.
When someone make you do something, it’s not fun.
Human is funny, right?
When I work overtime, I think I don’t cook anything at all or it’s lucky time to buy fish
inexpensive at the basement of the department store.
The night before the last night I felt like it and went to the fishshop in the basement of
the department store.
It was not too late and too early. It was very good time for good deal.
A man lowered the price of sardine.
It was shinning because of being fresh and I was able to buy them only for 300-yen.
Only two boxes left but I got one of them.
Much sardine, Sashimi of natural tuna, Mitsuba leaf and spinach came to 750-yen.
I like fish like sardin so I was imagining I cut them and put it soy sauce and eat it.
After getting home I made sauce for tuna, soaked them, cleaned sardine and put them
in fridge. Of course I ate some while cleaning and cutting.
By the way last night I put a little bit sweet miso with Chinese leek and dried Japanese
plum and thin ginger on the Japanese basil and rolled them with sardin.
And then I fried them.
It was very good but I didn’t take pictures because I wanted my husband to eat it hot.
Sometimes you feel so?
By the way this picture is the sunset in Nara.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I wanna be relaxed in a temple of Kyoto


It’s hard to survive for even TOYOTA that is major car company in the world in this term.
Of course my company is sharply lower profits that we hadn’t seen before.
Temp stuff and employee hasn’t gotten laid off yet but we can’t work overtime and
we have to hold a meeting on TV not going away on business.
We gotta cut down on expenses.
If we work overtime, we have to come home earlier than usual on other days.
Our chief push us.
A strong female employee said “ It’s not possible. I do it as hard as possible! What are you
seeing? “ to him angry. Then she said “ “ He doesn’t see how we work hard and he thinks
about only his grade.” Aloud in a whole day.
So the atomosphere at work is not good.
We can’t work overtime. That’s why we don’t have a space in mind and work hard
and nervous.
So I sometimes feel sick and have a heavy headache.
I wish tomorrow was Friday!
I wanna be relaxed and go jogging and go to a large public bath.
By the way this is a garden in Daitoku-temple.
I wish I went there by bicycle.