Monday, February 02, 2009

I wanna be relaxed in a temple of Kyoto


It’s hard to survive for even TOYOTA that is major car company in the world in this term.
Of course my company is sharply lower profits that we hadn’t seen before.
Temp stuff and employee hasn’t gotten laid off yet but we can’t work overtime and
we have to hold a meeting on TV not going away on business.
We gotta cut down on expenses.
If we work overtime, we have to come home earlier than usual on other days.
Our chief push us.
A strong female employee said “ It’s not possible. I do it as hard as possible! What are you
seeing? “ to him angry. Then she said “ “ He doesn’t see how we work hard and he thinks
about only his grade.” Aloud in a whole day.
So the atomosphere at work is not good.
We can’t work overtime. That’s why we don’t have a space in mind and work hard
and nervous.
So I sometimes feel sick and have a heavy headache.
I wish tomorrow was Friday!
I wanna be relaxed and go jogging and go to a large public bath.
By the way this is a garden in Daitoku-temple.
I wish I went there by bicycle.


Maria said...

This is a very hard situation at work! Working hard and under pressure is very exhausting. And a bad atmosphere makes everything worse.
Ha, I wish you a good TGIF already on Monday :)
Our dog: we can keep him only because my hubby is already retired. The dog would not stay alone at home for 8 or more hours. Barks and whines all the time if we leave him alone just for an hour. But dogs, cats, pets, they are really sweet. We have an animal rescue here in Vienna where you can borrow a dog for some hours or a whole day.
Have a good week Aya and don't work too hard :) Hugs Maria

Pietro said...

You're right, Ayamlin: the economic crisis makes itself felt everywhere.

antigoni said...

I think you need vacations. Come to Greece to relax and have fun.

Anette said...

This is hard and stressful times for a lot of workers all over the world! I's a good thing you can escape in your mind a little, when Friday seems too far away!

marina said...

I don't know what we all have to do to come out from these terrible straitened circumstances. How did this happen? Where are the BIG HEADS -economists who know what to do in these cases? This economic crisis looks to me like a tidal wave which swallow up everything as it pass along the countries...

ayamlin said...

Thank you everybody!
now it's 7:20 in the morning in Tokyo. I gotta go to work!
so I'll post something for you at night and go to your blog:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
I'm sorry I'm late to say thank you!
How about your work?
I imgine your work has very good.
I had a light headache at work today, too.
but I tried to complain and say bad thing.
Have a woderful week, Maria!

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your comment!
I'm so sorry I'm so late!
now in Japan when we see news on TV, it's not fun at all.
every news make us dark. So these days I don't see news much.
but I have an image Italian is always bright in such a dark ecconomic.

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Oh, thank you so much for asking me!
I really want to go to Greece!
just imagining, I can get how wonderful the holiday is!
I wanna go to Greece in few years and see you and your sister!

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hi Anette!
I'm sorry I'm so late to say thank you!
In Japan there are many terrible dark news on TV.
So I haven't seen news much.
how about your country?

* marina
Hi marina!
Yes, I'm the same as you.
Why economics went sooo bad?
it's because oil money?
Nobody has experienced uch a terrible economic crisis.
my salary turned really small....