Monday, January 26, 2009



This story is the story one week ago……
When I wasn’t at home at night last Friday, my husband called my sister to ask her
to go drinking. My sister wanted to go driking, too and she said “ I’ll go drinking if you
comes to my house. “ to him. And he decided to go there but she ended up saying “ aya
must get angry if you couldn’t go home because of missing the last train. So why don’t
we drink tomorrow. “
When I got home, he said “ I really wanted to go drinking….” to me.
That’s why we went to my parents’ house last Saturday.
We decided to make Japanese pan cake called “ Okonomiyaki” for dinner.
My husband and I love it! Friing few pieces of it, everyone “ I couldn’t eat anything. “
But friing Chinese noodles, it’s gone right away.
On the day I got a rolled cake at a patisserie near my parets’ house since I wanted to
learn the difference between pro and me.
The rolled cake of this patisserie has sugar of loose texture arund the body.
I like the texture and it’s simple and good rolled cake.
But yeah, I thought of it and it was good but I win!
Rolled cakes that I baked are much better than it!
The texture of the cake is much better than it.
I was really happy when I got it!


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, watching the photo they look like lasagne: but they are cakes, aren't they?
Have a very good day!

antigoni said...

You must write the recipe. I'm sure the home made food from you is much better from the food from stores.

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
this tastes not sweet.
we make it from Cabbage and flour and egg.
If you have a chance, try it!
It's very good:)

* antigoni!
Hi antigoni!
I put the address of recipe.

it's very easy to cook.
you should use much cut cabbage.
imagine pan cake made from cabbage and egg, flour.
but it tastes not sweet:)

antigoni said...

Kids get hurt sometimes but not in a serious way.