Friday, February 19, 2010

Roule the vert


I baked rolled cake with green tea and Azuki-beans in fresh cream.
This is very Japanese rolled cake:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's not romantic at all


Yesterday I had my stomach checked up with a gastric camera.
I had experienced it when I had a terrible stomachache 10 years ago.
I went to the hospital after 10 years.
A doctor who looks skinny and kind of nervous became the head of the hospital.
I had him checked my stomach with the camera.
I wanted him to check my stomach again but I chose to check my stomach soon more than
to appoint him. In the early morning I went to the hospital, there were already many patients.
A friend of mine made a story about a woman met her ex-boyfriend at the waiting room when
she waited to see a doctor.
But reality was not sugar coated.
Most people who waited there were old men and old women.
If I had sugar daddy when I was in college, I would’ve met him again.
I would’ve said “ Daring, you’re getting old…” to him.
Gee, it was not romantic.
I wasn’t worried about the result at all.
I had thought probably I didn’t have a cancer yet and if I had some holes in my stomach,
I could get well with medicines. When I had my stomach checked up, I got nervous but
this check-up was not heavy.
If the doctor said how much longer I live, I’d love to eat 30 pieces of cookies with butter cream
and raisin, cake, a lots doughnut, ice cream and go to the BBQ restaurant often.
I know it but it’s totally not
By the way I went to the hospital to check the result and my result was awfully fine! lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

might put weight after jogging?!


Last Sunday I and my husband ate two kinds of cake that I baked. So I took my husband
to jog even though he didn’t wanna jog.
My husband said “ only 15 minutes, right? “ but I tricked him and we jogged for 25 minutes.
Actually I wanted to jog longer but I don’t want him not to like jogging if I pushed him too
much. So we finished jogging.
I made soup for Soba but he wanted to eat grilled beef. So we decided to stop by a restaurant.
He decided to run to lose weight but after jogging he worked up an appetite.
So he doesn’t lose weight and hi might put on weight.
I’m not sure what is good for health but probably it’s good to jog and eat more than being
at home in a whole day.
We were gonna go to eat grilled beef but we stopped at a Chinese restaurant because
the sign was changed.
The owner changed probably.
We used to like the middle aged woman at the restaurant and we were wondering if
she’s gone?!
A young Chinese woman who hadn’t been at the ex-restaurant was there and she spoke
Japanese unwell.
We sat at a bar and talked with for a while. She came form China near Mongolia.
You can eat a set of Chinese dishes for 650yen. It’s inexpensive.
We’ll stop by the restaurant from now on, too.
By the way this is Teriyaki-burger that I made for lunch last weekend.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day *2009


I baked two kinds of cake for Valentine’s day this year.
One of them is gateau chocolat that I’ve been wanting to eat and another of them is rolled
cake that I baked with a recipe that a friend of mine made to try to bake over and over.
Rolled cake that I bake usually is moist. Is this rolled cake soft or what?
I’ve never eaten such a soft rolled cake.
I put rolled cake and gateau chocolat in the box and brought them to my mother and
my sister’s family.
My husband said “ It’s really good. “ and my family enjoyed eating it.
I thank her! I know you made a lots effort to make this recipe.
I’ll value it and bake it over and over. I wanna be able to bake it much better!

Friday, February 12, 2010



I’m addicted to something always.
I was into mystery books written by Keigo Higashino before.
I just finished reading his mystery stories titled “ Secret “ and “ Byakuyakou”.
“ Secret “ had became a movie that a pretty actress started in and “ Byakuyakou”had became a drama, I didn’t know that though.
“ Secret “ is about a story that is unthinkable in real life and I thought this is the secret reading it but the end was not the ending that I imagined. After reading it, something is on mind and it’s a little bit sad melancholy store.
I got tired of his books because I read only his books in this two months.
I’m gonna read books about histories from now on, too.
And recently I’ve been addicted to “ Twitter “.
I forget time passes when I check “ Twitter “ of my favorite artists in U.S.
What is a difference between blog and Twitter is that other people can’t read words about your “tweets” on your home. It means only your words are appeared on your twitter. It’s not fun to read it and it’s fun when you join it.
When you “ tweet “ something, somebody reply soon. It’s fun and you’re addicted.
And just before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was held in Vancouver.
I didn’t know Bryan Adams in Canadian.
It’s been a long time to listen to his husky voice.
Gloves that torch runners wore were the same as my gloves that my friend sent me.
In this about three weeks I’m definitely addicted to Olympic games.

can't wait!


Thursday, February 04, 2010


Asashoryu is small but a really strong Sumou-wrestler. He's a bad boy but cute. He announced he decided to retire today .gonna miss him!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

girlish English*

IMGP3462.jpg シー

I hadn't gone to the English conversation class for a long time.
But I started to go there since last week and I go there once a week.
We try to listen to English on some interviews by Letterman.
I didn't know him but he is a famous comedian, probably.
It's hard to listen their fast conversations. I wanna be able to listen to their conversations!
My teacher has very attractive characters and the way he teachs English is the best.
When we learn something, we choose teachers who have good characters or whom we can
It's not that everybody is OK.
He is very American and cut and dry.
When I take his personal lesson, it's the personal English conversation class but also it's like
Taking the personal lesson is similar to counseling. Because we pay money and we talk our
stories that we want to say to the person.
I’ll go to the class next week, too.
By the way I became friends with a girl from Hong Kong when I went to Hokkaido.
She used to live in UK for 9 years and she can speak English perfectly.
When I read her conversations with her friend on face book for the first time, I was really
surprised. Becoz she uses English like girlish and in short.
I didn’t know girls use the English like her!
But its fun and exciting to read tht! I wanna learn English from various places.
Did u notice I used English like her?