Tuesday, February 02, 2010

girlish English*

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I hadn't gone to the English conversation class for a long time.
But I started to go there since last week and I go there once a week.
We try to listen to English on some interviews by Letterman.
I didn't know him but he is a famous comedian, probably.
It's hard to listen their fast conversations. I wanna be able to listen to their conversations!
My teacher has very attractive characters and the way he teachs English is the best.
When we learn something, we choose teachers who have good characters or whom we can
It's not that everybody is OK.
He is very American and cut and dry.
When I take his personal lesson, it's the personal English conversation class but also it's like
Taking the personal lesson is similar to counseling. Because we pay money and we talk our
stories that we want to say to the person.
I’ll go to the class next week, too.
By the way I became friends with a girl from Hong Kong when I went to Hokkaido.
She used to live in UK for 9 years and she can speak English perfectly.
When I read her conversations with her friend on face book for the first time, I was really
surprised. Becoz she uses English like girlish and in short.
I didn’t know girls use the English like her!
But its fun and exciting to read tht! I wanna learn English from various places.
Did u notice I used English like her?


Pietro said...

Hi Ayamlin,
"becoz" instead of "because": funny!

linda croissant said...

your english is lovely, charming and sweet!!!