Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day *2009


I baked two kinds of cake for Valentine’s day this year.
One of them is gateau chocolat that I’ve been wanting to eat and another of them is rolled
cake that I baked with a recipe that a friend of mine made to try to bake over and over.
Rolled cake that I bake usually is moist. Is this rolled cake soft or what?
I’ve never eaten such a soft rolled cake.
I put rolled cake and gateau chocolat in the box and brought them to my mother and
my sister’s family.
My husband said “ It’s really good. “ and my family enjoyed eating it.
I thank her! I know you made a lots effort to make this recipe.
I’ll value it and bake it over and over. I wanna be able to bake it much better!


Marina said...

I wish you love in your life every day!!!
I have a celebration at my house, too! Visit my blog to see why!

Pietro said...

What a nice sweet, Ayamlin!
Happy Valentine's Day to you!
No boy in my picture: the painting is just a fantasy!

linda croissant said...

ooh the england we call roll cake swiss roll..i don't know why..maybe the cake comes from switzerland originally

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Thank you for your sweet words always!!!
Marina, I'm so happy I read your words:)
I'll visit your blog soon:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
How was your Valentine's day?
In Japan women get choco to their boyfriends or husbands.
Recently I don't do that but I used to get some choco to male friends or associates at work.
some women do that still now!

* Linda
Hi linda!
more than willing you said so:)
actually my friend who lives in England also said the same as you.
and I asked her why you call it swiss roll. but she's not sure about it.
Thanks for the tips, linda:)
when I meet you, I'll bring swiss roll that I bake:)