Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I’m just wondering…..Even though I want a cook for me, I really want to work that is related food.Even though it’s hassle making dinner, I really want to learn to make sweets.When I’m not in the mood to make dinner, I make dinner even if someone eat it.I’m still wondering….
Last Friday I visited my grandmother.I always think of her. But I wasn’t able to seem to make time to do it.I’m always busy.It’s like I’m hanging in there and I’m getting tired.My job after getting transferred is kind of complicating. And I'm not arrowed there are someerrors. So I try to go to bed at midnight even though I used to go to bed at 1 in the morning. That's why I decided to go out only at Friday night. It's one of reasons thatI couldn't make time to visit her.My grandmother is over in her 90s. She is enough old if anything happens. I don't wanna feel bad. So I gotta make time from now on, too.I totally forgot it. It was during Obon festival. My grandfather and my aunt might call me.I asked her to eat out and I took her out. We ate cold noodle called “ Hiyashi-chuka “.She wanted to eat it for few days.She was pleased to eat it while saying “ It’s very good.”But “ Hiyashi-chuka “ that I make must be much better than it!I’ll make really good “ Hiyashi-chuka “ on the anniversary of the death of my grandfatherin August!
I bought cheap kitchen clothes at IKEA.3 pieces of cloth were sold for \180.I wasn’t gonna use wiping something in the kitchen I was gonna make place mats fromthem. I thought they are enough cute for place mats even if I did something to them.But I decided to make new place mats from them.I cut my sky blue dress shirt and my blue and white striped outfit.And I cut polka dot cloth and yellow striped cloth. And I stitched them together.I held the needle and scissors while seeing a drama the day before last night andlast night.I wasn’t mood to do it on Saturday even though I had time for myself.But I want to do that when it’s on the busy weekdays.I’ve been thinking that I want time for myself more. But probably I wanna do various things because of not having much time.
In the afternoon on Sunday I talked with my husband where we were gonna go.Even if we were gonna go out, it was already over 1 in the afternoon.We couldn’t go everywhere. It was too late to go to Kamakura.We could go to Kawagoe. But if we went there, what would we do?After all we went to IKEA.Even though we felt like going a trip, it might be a wrong place for us.It was crowded on the train. They seemed to go to Disneyland with their family.I heard Chinese tourists talked about something in Chinese.Everybody was excited to go to Disneyland.After going through Maihama station it was still crowded.Seeing the blue billboard of IKEA, there were a lot of car whose windshield sparkled. It was crowded in IKEA as usual. There were many people even thought we went anywhere.The place where we were for the longest time this time was the corner of the couch.My husband insisted to buy a couch. Of course I’d love to buy a couch. But I’m wondering if we should buy it. Because the livingroom is narrow after putting the couch there and it’s hard to clean the room if there were thecouch. So I tried to sit there and took some pictures.This picture is one of them.A large couch and a high ceiling in the living room is really fancy. It’s very nice if it comes true.There were a lot of stuff that I wanted. But I didn’t buy much.If I had had much money, I’ve bought it of course.Which do you have fun to buy only something that you really want by a little money or tobuy everything that you want?I wanna experience both sides!
IMGP2616.JPG  Last Saturday it was really hot.I closed the door of my house and I lied on the floor except cleaning the room exceptduring cleaning all day.I saw my favorite drama called“ Long vacation “ and a movie called “ The devil wears Prada “.I lied while seeing it and sometimes fell in sleep. Time went by when I did that.But it worked well for my health?! My hearing problem got better.Being lazy is amazing !
The thing that feels good after having my hair cut is drying with a towel after taking a bath.I don’t pat my hair dry with a towel. I move my hand rough on the head It’s like boy’s act. I like it very much and feel good.The bad thing after having my hair cut is having a bad hair day when I wake up.It’s like an Japanese hero in a Japanese drama called “ Change “.I wanna enjoy my rough hair!
I went to the grocery store for dinner after work as usual.I was in the mood to have Chinese.I came up with sweet-and-sour pork for dinner after a long time.I was thinking of that and browsed in the grocery store.I just remembered there were some eggs in fridge. And I picked up a quick-cooking forChinese egg roll with sauce. And then I found the price was over \200. I rememberedit was sold for about \ 145 before. Of course I was wondering if I should’ve bought it.I decided not to buy it and to make it. I bought only imitation crab and went home.Yes, it was very good not to use the quick-cooking.Next time I’ll make much sauce and make it better.I’ll write down the recipe for myself!1. Put two eggs, chopped green parts of leek and sliced imitation of crab in the bowl.Put dashi-soap ( or dashi-soup power and water ) and mix them .2. Fried the egg until browning it.3. Put Chinese stock soup, sugar and a little soy-sauce in the water of the pan.And then put chopped leek, imitation crab and dried small shrimp in it.Put the pan in the stove and turn off. Put Katakuriko in it and mix it.Pour the sauce on the egg.Here you go!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Saturday I got up at 9:30 in the morning. That was still a little bit early in my book.It was already very hot.Opening the entrance door, the wind came through the room.It felt really nice.I wanted to clean up my place since yesterday. So I started cleaning my room as soon as I got up.I organized stuff and vacuuming and wiped the top of the furniture one after another. And then I wiped the floor in the kitchen.I polished the mirror in the bathroom also the counter and the basin.All rooms became sparkle. So it was very good start of holidays.My husband bought some hamburgers of Mac. So I took some breaks with it.And then I started to make corn croquette because my sister’s husband requested for it.I tried to make side dishes from yellow and red vegetables as much as possible.Also I made a small contrivance in it.It means I made five pieces of corn croquette with imitation crab.Yes, I meant to make only five even though my family is six people.At night I went to my parents’ house and I dished up something and fried coroquette withmy mother and sister. I served them before it got cold.Then I said “ If there is imitation crab in the coroqutte in your plate, you have to say “ Three” after eating it. “ “ Three “ is the favorite line of a Japanese comedian and It is coming in in Japan.At the beginning my sister’s husband found the imitation crab in it and he made a funnyface and said “ Three “ like the Japanese comedian.Then my sister said “ Three “ with a funny face while being embarrased.Around the time my mother found out it that I got the imitation crab in every coroquetteexcept mine.After all my parents didn’t do it.Last Saturday I was a little bit tired due to the hot day. But I went over the hard timewithout knowing after eating dinner and drinking alcoholwith my family.It’s like the cold winter night passed and bright hot summer has come.Now, everybody is pouring beer each other.Why don’t you guys drink with us!
I went to a shop called " mf collection gallery " in Komagome last Friday.There is a lesson that you can learn making wreath or something from preserved flowerin the shop.But the lesson is held in the afternoon. So I can't seem to participate in the lesson.I said " Can I stop by your shop and get the flower? It's OK just to get it. " to the owner calledmf-san. Thank her! She decided to have a lesson for me at night.I asked ex-colleague called nao*hello-san and my highschool classmate who works in Komagome. They are friends of mine.But all members met each other for the first time.We choose vase for the flower at the shop and decorate it.We three chose totally different vase.The preserved flower that was imported from France had a vivid color and really beautiful.I came up with French florist shops where there were various beautiful flowers in my mind.I was able to make the arranged flower even I don’t have good hands with makingsomething. Because mf-san helped me make it.After making arranged flower mf-san served sandwichs also sweets that she made.Of course it was very good. It was a little sweet and had a good texture like jelly and baby’sskin. We shot the breeze and talked about various things while drinking tea and eating delicious cookies that nao*hello-san baked. The cookies had a rough texture and the pointwas very good. Everybody liked various goods and we were in the same generation.There were many topics that we wanted to talk about and we laughed a lot.We ended up staying there around 11.By the way I was wondering if I should’ve made something sweets and brought it.But I didn’t have confidence with sweets that I made.I gotta train making sweets and bring it next time!
At the most of time I make Japanese food for dinner.When I think about the dishes for dinner, I think “ I’ll cook fish because it’s sold inexpensivetoday. What am I making something else? “On the day I decided to buy Tuna as soon as I found it. Because it was sold at half price.I have deep cooked pumpkin in fridge. So I only have to make other dishes.But I couldn’t come up with other dishes. So I decided to make pasta.I made pumpkin soup from deep cooked pumpkin.I was satisfied I made Italian from deep cooked pumpkin of Japanese dish and Tuna.It’s getting hot and the season that you can’t come up with dishes for dinner has come.Eating much vegetables and spend the hot summer safe and sound!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

These days I’m doing it to reduce stuff at home.It means I’m copying some video clips from video tapes to DVDs and I’m throwing away video tapes after it.That’s why I’m seeing video clips of my old video tapes one after another.I can’t seem to do it quickly due to seeing it for a long time without knowing.But I enjoy doing it very much.For instance the thing that I was moved today is a video clip of Namie Amurowhen she was a last singer in the year-end song festival. She got just married at the time.The song she sang was a song called “ Can you celebrate? ” I used to like this song also her very much. So I felt lucky to see it again!How rare video clips do I have?The videos that I have might be a wealth of treasures!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I had been to read English newspaper and a note that I wrote down English vocabulary orPhrase on.I was gonna quit reading books for a while. But I really wanted to read books.I read a book after a long time. The book was “ Yokkakan no Kiseki “ and it’s one of books that my sister’s husband let my husband borrow.I enjoyed reading books after a long time.This three days I read it kind of quickly without knowing due to want to know allstory.The story was very interesting and entertaining. It led me to the fake world from the real world.And the scenery of the story was drawn beautiful.It's fun to read the story about our situations but it's very fun to read the storythat I haven't come up with.When I read books, I write down the beautiful phrase in my mind without knowing.Also I feel like I've grown.The language is the endless learning, right?By the way I took this picture in Nagareyama-Onsen of Hakodate.It’s a totally difference scenery from scenery in Tokyo in the beginning of summer.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Last Sunday I went out around there and I wanted to eat out due to being a little bit tired.But I thought my husband wanted to eat at home because he wasn’t at home for few days.But I was thinking that I gotta save money for a summer trip or something.So I decided to make dinner.When I have some vegetables in fridge, it’s easier than usual. It’s kind of hard to bring something heavy when I’m tired.When I buy some carrots, a cabbage and milk, I say “ Almost there, almost there…”to myself on my way home from the grocery store.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

These days I’ve really wanted to work in food related job.But if I do the thing that I’ve been wanted to do, I need to get many get qualifications,knowledge and skillsNow I’ve been studying English. So I can’t quit it and even thought my English isn’t perfect. I can’t learn various things at the same time.So, I decided to try to cook carefully and much better. I enjoy cooking while thinking of it.I’m gonna learn cooking and making sweets someday. All things that I can do now is just trying to make dishes and sweets that I haven’t made.That’s why I baked lemon cake with a Canelé’s mold for training at Saturday night.When I baled tea cake last time, I didn’t use much flour. So it was very soft.This time I baked the cake with much flour. So it was kind of hard like cookies.The taste was very good.In the afternoon on Sunday, my husband got home around the same time as megetting home. I boiled water and made tea of cherry blossoms.We were relaxed to drink it with cake.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last Friday night I had my hair cut at a salon. The last time I went there was 6 months ago.
When I saw my hair glowing, I thought it was not bad to grow my hair again.
So I wondered if I should have my hair cut.
I like seeing my hair on the floor after cutting.
I feel like having smaller head after cutting like sheep.
I’m glad to look good with earrings after cutting.
Speaking of which, I had a dread about riding a roller coaster on the day.
I lied on the ride and I fall in somewhere from my head like water sliders.
I was really scared.
I wanted to know what it means. So I stopped by a book shop called TUTAYA in Shibuya
on my way home from the hair salon.
It means I’m under the stress.
And does it mean should I jog more?
I’m going jogging to the park at night after getting home!
By the way this is a picture of New Caledonia.
The scenery seems to get rid of the atmosphere of rainy season and stress.