Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I had been to read English newspaper and a note that I wrote down English vocabulary orPhrase on.I was gonna quit reading books for a while. But I really wanted to read books.I read a book after a long time. The book was “ Yokkakan no Kiseki “ and it’s one of books that my sister’s husband let my husband borrow.I enjoyed reading books after a long time.This three days I read it kind of quickly without knowing due to want to know allstory.The story was very interesting and entertaining. It led me to the fake world from the real world.And the scenery of the story was drawn beautiful.It's fun to read the story about our situations but it's very fun to read the storythat I haven't come up with.When I read books, I write down the beautiful phrase in my mind without knowing.Also I feel like I've grown.The language is the endless learning, right?By the way I took this picture in Nagareyama-Onsen of Hakodate.It’s a totally difference scenery from scenery in Tokyo in the beginning of summer.

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