Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I went to a shop called " mf collection gallery " in Komagome last Friday.There is a lesson that you can learn making wreath or something from preserved flowerin the shop.But the lesson is held in the afternoon. So I can't seem to participate in the lesson.I said " Can I stop by your shop and get the flower? It's OK just to get it. " to the owner calledmf-san. Thank her! She decided to have a lesson for me at night.I asked ex-colleague called nao*hello-san and my highschool classmate who works in Komagome. They are friends of mine.But all members met each other for the first time.We choose vase for the flower at the shop and decorate it.We three chose totally different vase.The preserved flower that was imported from France had a vivid color and really beautiful.I came up with French florist shops where there were various beautiful flowers in my mind.I was able to make the arranged flower even I don’t have good hands with makingsomething. Because mf-san helped me make it.After making arranged flower mf-san served sandwichs also sweets that she made.Of course it was very good. It was a little sweet and had a good texture like jelly and baby’sskin. We shot the breeze and talked about various things while drinking tea and eating delicious cookies that nao*hello-san baked. The cookies had a rough texture and the pointwas very good. Everybody liked various goods and we were in the same generation.There were many topics that we wanted to talk about and we laughed a lot.We ended up staying there around 11.By the way I was wondering if I should’ve made something sweets and brought it.But I didn’t have confidence with sweets that I made.I gotta train making sweets and bring it next time!

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