Sunday, July 06, 2008

These days I’ve really wanted to work in food related job.But if I do the thing that I’ve been wanted to do, I need to get many get qualifications,knowledge and skillsNow I’ve been studying English. So I can’t quit it and even thought my English isn’t perfect. I can’t learn various things at the same time.So, I decided to try to cook carefully and much better. I enjoy cooking while thinking of it.I’m gonna learn cooking and making sweets someday. All things that I can do now is just trying to make dishes and sweets that I haven’t made.That’s why I baked lemon cake with a Canelé’s mold for training at Saturday night.When I baled tea cake last time, I didn’t use much flour. So it was very soft.This time I baked the cake with much flour. So it was kind of hard like cookies.The taste was very good.In the afternoon on Sunday, my husband got home around the same time as megetting home. I boiled water and made tea of cherry blossoms.We were relaxed to drink it with cake.

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