Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I went to the grocery store for dinner after work as usual.I was in the mood to have Chinese.I came up with sweet-and-sour pork for dinner after a long time.I was thinking of that and browsed in the grocery store.I just remembered there were some eggs in fridge. And I picked up a quick-cooking forChinese egg roll with sauce. And then I found the price was over \200. I rememberedit was sold for about \ 145 before. Of course I was wondering if I should’ve bought it.I decided not to buy it and to make it. I bought only imitation crab and went home.Yes, it was very good not to use the quick-cooking.Next time I’ll make much sauce and make it better.I’ll write down the recipe for myself!1. Put two eggs, chopped green parts of leek and sliced imitation of crab in the bowl.Put dashi-soap ( or dashi-soup power and water ) and mix them .2. Fried the egg until browning it.3. Put Chinese stock soup, sugar and a little soy-sauce in the water of the pan.And then put chopped leek, imitation crab and dried small shrimp in it.Put the pan in the stove and turn off. Put Katakuriko in it and mix it.Pour the sauce on the egg.Here you go!

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