Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the afternoon on Sunday I talked with my husband where we were gonna go.Even if we were gonna go out, it was already over 1 in the afternoon.We couldn’t go everywhere. It was too late to go to Kamakura.We could go to Kawagoe. But if we went there, what would we do?After all we went to IKEA.Even though we felt like going a trip, it might be a wrong place for us.It was crowded on the train. They seemed to go to Disneyland with their family.I heard Chinese tourists talked about something in Chinese.Everybody was excited to go to Disneyland.After going through Maihama station it was still crowded.Seeing the blue billboard of IKEA, there were a lot of car whose windshield sparkled. It was crowded in IKEA as usual. There were many people even thought we went anywhere.The place where we were for the longest time this time was the corner of the couch.My husband insisted to buy a couch. Of course I’d love to buy a couch. But I’m wondering if we should buy it. Because the livingroom is narrow after putting the couch there and it’s hard to clean the room if there were thecouch. So I tried to sit there and took some pictures.This picture is one of them.A large couch and a high ceiling in the living room is really fancy. It’s very nice if it comes true.There were a lot of stuff that I wanted. But I didn’t buy much.If I had had much money, I’ve bought it of course.Which do you have fun to buy only something that you really want by a little money or tobuy everything that you want?I wanna experience both sides!

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