Monday, September 29, 2008

thrilled night in Guam


On the second day of Guam time flied when we were in the sea.
After having dinner at TGIFriday we walked around the town and went to a ride called sling shot.
The ride is the opposite of bungy jump.
My sister who likes scary rides asked us to ride the ride.
My sister’s husband said “ I can’t do it definitely.”
Everybody said " Aya should ride the ride! " to me. My sister who really wanted to ride it held me to the entrance of the ride. Everybody said " I'll pay the fee. " or " I'll get something after you riding. " to me. I said " Wait wait!! I'm bad at riding the scary ride more than you guys. " I thought I tried to ride the ride for my sister many times.
Because she really really wanted to ride it.
It attains heights of 230 feet and reaching speeds of up to 100 mph over and over.
It’s more scary than Japanese roller coaster very much.
I ended up not riding it. I couldn’t have courage to ride it.
After leaving the ride we went to the aquarium called “ Under Water World “.
We were able to see big Mantas and turtles swimming under the aquarium tunnel.
Sometimes some manta took a break on the aquarium of our head. And their faces made us
We ended up going back to the hotel around 12 in the morining.
On the following day we were gonna go back to Japan.
Time flied on the last day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

funny " Ponyo " and swimming fish around us


When I went to Guam last time I got sunburn. That’s why I couldn’t jog.I thought I wanted to jog even this time. But it was toooooo baaaaad it was raining.
We were gonna get back to Japan on the following day. So on the day it was the best day because of having much time.
Inside of the sea seemed not to be clear because if rainning. We didn’t know we enjoyed snorkeling….
After breakfast we prepared for something to go out the sun started shining !My sister’s husband beat his chest. Actually he always brings the sunney day.I started singing a song of a movie called "Ponyo On A Cliff"
Everybody was laughing and said “ Try to sing the song again!” to me.
I sang the song. Everybody was laughing very much again.
The song that I sang was a little bit different from the real song.On the day we went to Agana Beach by an optional tour. But there were a lot of seaweed not coral. So we couldn’t see much fish there.
It was still raining. We got back to the hotel and went to Tumon beach again.
On the day it rained the whole day. So the temperature was low and swimming in the sea
was warmer than being on the beach.
But swimming for a long time, the water got rid of our temperature without knowing.When we realized my lips turned black.
Everybody told me to go to beach already. So I didn’t want to do it but I swam to the beach.
Seeing fish is very fun also swimming in the sea is fun!
We were able to swim faster from the beach to the shore with the wave. But we couldn’t go ahead faster from the shore to to the beach.
When it started pouring strongly, suddenly the water got cloudy.
I was a little bit scared.
My mother who waited for us on the beach was worried about us.
If lighting had appeared,it would’ve been dangerous.
Spending time in the sea is very fun but I gotta be careful.
By the way this fish is clear fish who swam around us. It looked like saury.

Friday, September 26, 2008

cute brothers and a night in Guam


After snorkeling we went shopping to the Premium outlet mall.
The outlet looked like uncrowded shopping mall.
There was a big cheep clothing shop, NIKE and a toy shop.
We left there and went to a grocery store called “ Kmart” where we saw on the way to
the outlet mall.
Grocery stores in other countries are very interesting!
I looked for various food and various stuff in the store.
I wanted many things but if I got everything that I wanted, it would’ve been heavy.
So I didn’t buy many things.
We got bread for breakfast, honey made in US, dental floss and some alcohol.
Japanese ASAHI beer called “ Super Dry “ was sold for about $1 each.
They imported them but its in Japan is more expensive than it.
I found out Japanese alcohol tax is way too expensive!
On the night we ate pizza called Quattro Formaggio and pasta at an Italian restaurant.
After eating we drank beer and smirnoff at the hotel.
By the way this picture is some brother who swan with float.
They looked like getting on together.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sleeping and swimming like fish*


We got up at 8 in the morning. It was a brilliant sunny day.
We got something light for breakfast and went to the beach.
We ate a not good hotdog quickly and started snorkeling.
The first person who starts swimming in the sea is always my mother.
She said “ I’m over 60. So I try not to have too much confidence in my physical strength.”
But I couldn’t believe it when I saw her swimming. She swam fast the same as usual.
We always swim to our mother who swims ahead.
Tumon beach has a lot of hotels but also the beautiful beach!
Heading out of sea, there are many corals and a lot of fish all over the area.
You can see even clownfish.
Being in the sea, I forget time and I’m not bored at swimming and sometimes I wanna
float forever.
If somebody said “ If you couldn’t do only one thing in your life, which would you chose
snowboarding or snorkeling? “ to me, I’d definitely chose snorkeling.
This picture is a picture that I took when I snorkeled.

For starters I went to bed at the hotel in Guam


It takes about 3 hours to go to Guam from Japan by plain.
It’s easy to go there even though it’s a foreign country.
It’s one of good places for people who can’t seem to take a long vacation.
Beach is very beautiful also there are a lot of fish in the sea.
Last Friday I finished working at 3:30pm and went to Narita from Nihonbashi.
I don’t need to make a reservation for it and I only have to get on the express train of
Toei-Asakusaline. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes.
It was very easy to go to Narita even though it takes more time usually.
Last summer my sister and her husband went to New Caledonia on the other day as us.
Because we couldn’t take a vacation together.
This time we went summer traveling together after two years. So I looked forward to going
to Guam. I know it but the funniest point for our family is going traveling together.
We flied at 8:45 at night from Narita and we got to Guam at 1 in the morning local time.
It’s been a year to go abroad. As soon as I got off the plain I was excited.
I fell asleep while listening to the conversation and laughing between my sister’s family
and my husband on the way to the hotel on the bus.
For starters I went to bed at the hotel and slept tight. It was the start of this trip in Guam.
By the way this picture is beautiful Tumon beach.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A short summer trip*


I’m flying to Guam tonight.
Last time when I went to Guam is the just time to start updating Japanese blog.
I feel like it was long time ago.
I’m having fun to going travel for a short time!
By the way this hotel is a hotel that we stayed in New Caledonia last year.

Sky Watch Friday **** beautiful sunset and a bad day


On the other day I felt down suddenly.
Feeling down comes to me all of sudden.
By the way a temp stuff at work that I get along with recently smokes.
When we go to lunch together, she lights a cigarette before eating.
And she enjoys blowing white smoke.
Sarah Jessica Parker who is a heroin in “ Sex And The City “ enjoys smoking in the drama.
Seeing them, I sometimes really want to smoke when I feel down like the day, get angry at
somebody, feel bitter and want to cry because of being hard time.
My throat gets hot and dry.
If I decided to smoke, I could get it easily.
It must taste really gooood after about 5 years.
But I know the hardness of quitting smoking. So I don’t smoke again.
A little bit feeling down went away in the next bright morning.
I wanna treat the bad day well from now on, too!
By the way I saw the sunset in the mid summer. It was like being in a dream.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ABC Wednesday *** " I " is for....


i is for for " Inner Circle ".
It's a Jamaican reggae band's name.
I used to listen to their reggae when I was in my twenties.
Their songs make me happy:)

i is for " interior design ".
I'm interested in " interior design ".
So I like seeing magagines about it.

i is for " I " can do anything if I make many efforts.
Everybody has unlimited possibilities:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

The time when everything starts is fun*


I feel uneasy to go to work after three-day-holiday.
Holidays passed quickly. Remembering last Friday before holidays,……
I went to Shinjuku of Tokyo after private lesson of English conversation.
The first place where I stopped by was a stationery shop. I got something for Marie who is a
French woman. I met her on the blog.
I miss picking up something on shops for friends in other countries since a friend who was a
Belgian old man passed away last January.
I’m more than delighted to get something for a friend again.
And then I went to a shop for ingredient of sweets and got matfer’s baking mat made
from glass fiber, a seamless thin spatula and powder sugar.
I got an Italian gook for font. And then it was around 10 when I got home.
But I thought tomorrow was the first day of 3-day-holiday. It felt very easy and it
was fun at the night.
By the way I took this picture at Disney sea when I entered there.
The time when everything start is fun.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** special gift*


Last night I worked overtime for 30 minutes and got off at a station on my way home.
And I went to a school for making sweets.
After thinking of it for a long time I decided to go the school.
The biggest reason is fees. Inexpensive fees are really good for me.
I’m not sure about making sweets even the basic of it. So I wanna learn the basic at inexpensive school and go to another school.
Why I went to the school this time is not joining the school. I wanted to find students who introduce me to the school. When someone introduce you to the school,you don’t have to pay admission fee for it.I waited for students while seeing cell phone.
Few minutes later two students got out.
I ran to them and asked them to introduce me to the school.
I thought one of them was like a friend from college. Suddenly words slipped out.
I said “ You look like my friend from college. Did you used to go to brabrabra college? “ to her.
She said “That doesn't surprise me! I thought the same thing as you. “ to me.I said “ Ah!! Nao “ .Nao is her name.
I happened to go to the school last night and stopped by around 8.
If I hadn’t worked over time, I would’ve gone there 30 minutes before and I was gonna go there the day before yesterday actually. Yet, usually she goes to the school at another
place. What a coincidence we met each other! I’m thinking that this meeting again is special gift from God like this beautiful scenery at night in Odaiba of Tokyo.
Speaking of Nao( It’s Japanese female name ), There are lots of women called Nao.
And most their real names are “ Naomi “. I have 3 friends called Nao on blog also 4 friends in real life. I imagine I used to be related with Nao in previous life.
If I met a Japanese spiritual counselor called Ehara, He would say “ Do you meet women called Nao too many times? “ to me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's what sisters are*


Last Friday I took a half day off for some reason.
I met up with my sister in Shinjuku of Tokyo and we had lunch at a restaurant where I used to go to when I worked in Shinjuku..
After enjoying eating hotmápó dòufu we walked to NS building in the hot weather.
When I used to work in Shinjuku, I often went there because there were few customers there.
I used to like the elevator of this building. Because you can see spectacular view.
So I asked her to get on the elevator.
My sister said “ I know a higher building in Shiodome of Tokyo. And you can enjoy going up at high speed “ But we enjoyed going up more than imagined while imagining riding the ride called“ free fall “
It would be OK to ride it once, but I asked he to ride one more time. So she grinned at me
After walking for a long time we stooped by Starbucks. But we couldn’t keep seats
Because I stood reading books at a book shop next to Starbucks.
So we had to walk more for me. It was not easy to hang out with me.
We finally got seats and drank a cup of coffee while being relaxed.
And then we went to see various shops for clothes and something and we went to a shop for ingredient of sweets and I got 1 kg of almond powder, raisin and walnuts walnut.
My sister got me the tool for squeezing the whipped cream for macaroon and Mont Blanc.
She said “ I don’t know why you made me walk for a long time. I’m really tired!” to me while smiling.
Yeah, that’s right! On the day we walked for two or three hours without knowing.
We left Shinjuku of Tokyo and got to my house with some alcohol.
It was really hot in the afternoon. So we took a shower as soon as we got to my house.
And we were relaxed under the air conditioning with alcohol. “ It felt really goooood “
Dear my sister, thank you for hanging out with me.
And the lightheartedness addicted for me.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Try some my macaroon*


This picture is macaroon of Ayar.
It isn’t bad? I have gotten a knack for making it.
But macaroons that I put on the silicon seat changed their shapes a little and
when I did something else, they were browned.
But I saw what I should do next time and I memorized the texture of dough called
“ macaroonaju”.
I’ll make it next weekend.
You have to use much sugar when you make macaroon.
If my family ate everything, they would gain weight…..
What am I gonna do? I’m gonna bring them to work…..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Today's flower** I'm loved by a morning glory


When I saw a Japanese guy's blog last Thursday, he posted a dynamic sequence of photographs of whales.
It made me go running.
All right! I’m going running I thought and I went out soon.
Starting running and it past twenty minutes, suddenly it was pouring!
I got back to my house quickly but I was soaking wet in 10 minutes.
When I started running from my sister’s house on the other day, it started pouring in 10 minutes.
I bring the rain these days.
Tonight I hope it isn’t raining…
By the way this picture is morning glory at my house.
It has always blue color. But this morning one of them had pink color even though
it had blue color the day before yesterday.
It must be fall in love with me:)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Camera-Critters -good swimmers


I wanna swim smoothly in life.
Even competitive swimmers of Gold medalists in Olympics
make a lots effort for it.
So I gotta make many efforts, too! right?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** Are there clouds on your mind?


I took this picture in Hokkaido where is placed in the north place of Japan last winter.
On the day it was very windy and many clouds flied away one after another.
I didn't know it was like being in heaven or not heaven.
If it's always cloudy, it's too bad.
But if there wasn't any clouds in the sky, it wouldn't be interesting.
We need clous not only the sun:)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tokyo Disney Sea


I went to Disney Sea with my husband and my sister and her husband last Saturday.
It’s been three years since I went there with my sister and it was the first time to go there with them.
I already got some snacks to bring there few days ago because of looking forward to going there with them.
On the previous evening I couldn’t seem to fall asleep and I laughed myself because of being excited like a child.
It had been raining in Tokyo last week. Last Saturday the weather forecast said it's gonna rain. Getting up early, I saw outside. It was pouring.But when we got to the Disney Sea, it cleared up.
My sister’s husband who calls the sun clapped his arm while saying “ see? “.Getting into the entrance we ran to get “ fast pass “ of a ride called “ Tower of Terror “.
This is a ride like free fall. It means the ride falls down from the top to the bottom.My sister who likes thrilling rides led us there. Indeed we three were scared very much.
We went to a ride of “ Indiana Jones “. But we had to wait for it for 50 minutes even though it was still early morning.
We waited in line while sweating like a pig under the strong sun.
It took long time to ride the ride, but it took only short time till the end of the ride.My husband said “ I’m already satisfied. “ when we finished riding the ride called “ Aquatopia “.We got on a ship called “ Transit Steamer Line “ and went to a ride called “ The Center Of The Earth “ and got a “ fast pass “. When we took a break with beer at the stand on the basement, suddenly it started pouring.
It was around noon. So we decided to go back to the car and have lunch.It was silent at the parking lot. So we were relaxed because it was kind of noisy at the land.
My sister served some rice balls, sandwiches and fried chicken from the coolerbox.We opened a table of the backseat. It was like the meal service on the plane.After finishing eating she took iced coffee and added some milk in a cup.She is really caring! I thought she is a character in a Japanese book for children.The character takes various food from her bag and cook something for children.So, time passed when we were relaxed and being dozing off at a car while feeling cool winds in the morning.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ABC WEDNESDAY G is for.....

G is for GOLD MEDAL of Olympics.
Did you see Olympics game?
Kosuke Kitajima who is a Japanese athlete won two gold medals!
I was really impressed at him.
Because he has not only talent also he's made many efforts since he was a kid.
I can't do that like him.
So I respect him. and I think he is GREAT , fabulous and marvelous.
I wanna make efforts to be an atractical woman:)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mont Blanc


My father-in-law sent us a pumpkin that he grew at his garden.
So I made various dishes from it. Per say, deep cooked pumpkin, grilled pumpkin and pumpkin with miso-soup.
The pumpkin was made in Japan also he grew it without Agricultural chemicals.
So I was pleased to eat such a nice pumpkin.
Especially we were able to taste the natural sweet of pumpkin. It was very good.
I grilled sliced pumpkin with bread crumbs that I mixed with Parmigiano cheese and chopped small tomato.
But there was still some pumpkin. So I decided to make cake called Mont Blanc from it.
I boiled pumpkin and used the blender for mashing.
Then I strained it.
After straining it I was pleased to see the smooth pumpkin.
It was really smooth. I enjoyed the texture also mixing it with sugar and fresh cream.
By the way I realized I was not sure how to put the cream on the cake after baking some cup cake.
I don’t have tools for squeezing cream for Mont Blanc. So I used another tool instead of it.
After finishing making it I thought I should’ve put pumpkin cream
around fresh cream on the top of the cake. I’ll do it next time.
Anyway, I’ m satisfied used all the pumpkin that my father-in-law grew and enjoyed eating as various dishes.
The fall that is the best season for eating is coming soon.
I gotta be careful not to gain weight.