Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** special gift*


Last night I worked overtime for 30 minutes and got off at a station on my way home.
And I went to a school for making sweets.
After thinking of it for a long time I decided to go the school.
The biggest reason is fees. Inexpensive fees are really good for me.
I’m not sure about making sweets even the basic of it. So I wanna learn the basic at inexpensive school and go to another school.
Why I went to the school this time is not joining the school. I wanted to find students who introduce me to the school. When someone introduce you to the school,you don’t have to pay admission fee for it.I waited for students while seeing cell phone.
Few minutes later two students got out.
I ran to them and asked them to introduce me to the school.
I thought one of them was like a friend from college. Suddenly words slipped out.
I said “ You look like my friend from college. Did you used to go to brabrabra college? “ to her.
She said “That doesn't surprise me! I thought the same thing as you. “ to me.I said “ Ah!! Nao “ .Nao is her name.
I happened to go to the school last night and stopped by around 8.
If I hadn’t worked over time, I would’ve gone there 30 minutes before and I was gonna go there the day before yesterday actually. Yet, usually she goes to the school at another
place. What a coincidence we met each other! I’m thinking that this meeting again is special gift from God like this beautiful scenery at night in Odaiba of Tokyo.
Speaking of Nao( It’s Japanese female name ), There are lots of women called Nao.
And most their real names are “ Naomi “. I have 3 friends called Nao on blog also 4 friends in real life. I imagine I used to be related with Nao in previous life.
If I met a Japanese spiritual counselor called Ehara, He would say “ Do you meet women called Nao too many times? “ to me!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Your city has really changed since I was there in 1954. Wow. SO many tall buildings and so much traffic. Your photos are nice for sky watch.

My Sky Watch Friday blog is at my Canon Pixels blog. If you have time I would appreciate your having a look at the sky peeking through the oak tree leaves.

Louise said...

Pretty evening skyline. Nice SWF post.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

What an incredible sky line... I would love to see the big city one day! It looks so big!!!
Mountain Retreat

Tommy said...

nice skyline for skywatch

magiceye said...

pretty picture and the last few lines of your post were funny..

Marie Reed said...

What a gorgeous skyline!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Very nice photo of Tokyo. How fortunate that you found an acquaintance outside the school! Good luck with your studies.

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Beautiful skyline! Nao.. kidding.

jaejae said...

everyone like your picture... i like it just as well but i like your story even more! that truly is how God works --- in the most unexpected ways! your objective was in good faith, you needed somebody to introduce you to school so you can get a discount or a lesser fee. God gave you the chance and even reintroduced you to an old friend! now you have both! a discount and a long lost friend!

nice post, ayamlin!

Webradio said...

Bonsoir !

C'est beau une ville la nuit !

A bientôt...

Arija said...

Beautiful Photo and I'm so glad you found a friend.

Pietro said...

Wonderful view of Tokyo, Ayamlin. And very nice the text, too.
Have a great Sunday!

marina said...

Tokio is like I'm imagining it to be! Thanks for the photo and I hope some day I'll meet you there!
I also like Japaness names.They have something exotic!

Marie Reed said...

What a wonderful coincidence! Especially to meet someone again in such a huggggggge town! That does sound like a gift from God:)

ayamlin said...

* Abraham Lincoln *
Hi Abraham!
Thank you for your comment:)
Oh, you've been to Tokyo!
wow! You knew old Tokyo that I couldn't see!
Yes, now there are a lot of building in Tokyo. also more high buildings are built!

* Louise *
Hi Louise!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased:)

* Michele +
Hello Michele!
I'm pleased you said so!

* Tommy *
Hi Tommy!
Thank you for saying that!
I'm happy to read that:)

ayamlin said...

* magiceye *
Hello magiceye!
Thank you for your comment!
Yeah, it's a funny coincidence to meet Nao a lot:)

* Marie Reed *
Hi Marie!
thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased:)

* Your EG Tour Guide *
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm happy you said so.
Yes, it's a coincidence to meet a friend there.I'm looking forward to see her again:)

ayamlin said...

* Mary Hughes Studio *
Thank you for your comment:)
Yes, I met Nao a lot by coincidence!
It's a funny coincidence:)

* jaejae *
Hello jaejae!
Thank you for your sweet comment as usual:)
I'm so happy to read your comment:)
Yes, I think it's the works of God!! I'm looking forward to seeing my future:)
And after reading your comment I'm sure why I needed somebody to introduce me to school for not paying admission fee!
You must be right:)
Thank you for telling me:)

* Webradio *
Bonsoir Webradio!
I'm happy you said so:)
A bientôt:)

roentarre said...

Wonderful shot. Love your work

ayamlin said...

* Arija *
Hello Arija!
Thank you so much for your kind comment:)
I'm pleased to read your comment:)

* Pietro *
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment as usual:)
I'm very happy:)
Have a great Monday!

* marina *
Hi marina!
Thank you for saying that:)
I wanna see you someday, too:)
and about name, sometimse we have the same name as western countries'.
For instanse, in Japan some women have name of marina actually :)

ayamlin said...

* Marie Reed *
Hello Marie!
Thank you for your comment twice:)
I'm very flattered.
and I'm happy to read your comment:)
yes, I agree with you:)
it must be a gift from God:)

* roentarre *
Hello roentarre!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased to read your comment:)

Webradio said...

Hello Ayamlin !

No problem ?

There's no new post in Your blog !

Maria said...

Ayamlin, it is soooo interesting what you say about the Japanese spiritual counselor! You know that seeing the world from a spiritual side (other than catholic) was very unusual here in Europe. And still is. People derogatively calle this "esotericism".
But lately, esotericism is getting more and more popular. My hubby and I know a lady who is kind of an astrologer, who knows about psychology, about ancient rites of Indians or Celts, and so on. I visit her once or twice a year and it is so soothing to be with her.
She can dissolve mental or emotional blockades and so on.
That's what your coincidence reminds me of!
BTW: the Tokyo Skyline is great! And I am so glad that you found your friend! Happy cooking!
I'll come over to taste if your cookies are OK :)

marina said...

Hi Ayamlin! I've just posted a recipe for a pizza! Look at it and tell me what you think about it!!!

ayamlin said...

* Webradio *
Bon jour Webradio!
Merci to get worried about me:)
I'm really happy you cared me.
I'm fine!
We had three-day-holliday in Japan.
So I was laze to post blog:)

ayamlin said...

* Maria *
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your long comment:)
I'm more than delighted!
Actually in Japan spiritual something are coming in.
A spiritual counselor can see numen and people's past life.
His name is Ehara and he is famous in Japan.
But he doesn't see general public.
He is too famous to see them. So he sees celebrities on TV.
and wow! your hobby is a kind of astrologer?
Can you see mine? If I wanna listen to the answer, what have I tell you?
Per say, birthday, name, blood type or something....
By the way I'm gonna exchange something Japanese with Marie.
If you feel like it, Can you exchange something?
Per say, postcards, stamps, train ticket... it measn inexpensive something!

ayamlin said...

* marina *
Hi! marina!
I'll stop by your blog soon:)

Maria said...

Oh yes I would like to exchange something with you.! But how would we exchange it? And what can I give to you?
My astrologer does not exactly say this or that will happen, you will meet somebody on this or that day, but it is more in a psychological way. She says: It is due to the influence of Neptun ... that old patterns of behaviour will be changed during this year, you learn to get free from old blockades...
But I love it!