Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For starters I went to bed at the hotel in Guam


It takes about 3 hours to go to Guam from Japan by plain.
It’s easy to go there even though it’s a foreign country.
It’s one of good places for people who can’t seem to take a long vacation.
Beach is very beautiful also there are a lot of fish in the sea.
Last Friday I finished working at 3:30pm and went to Narita from Nihonbashi.
I don’t need to make a reservation for it and I only have to get on the express train of
Toei-Asakusaline. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes.
It was very easy to go to Narita even though it takes more time usually.
Last summer my sister and her husband went to New Caledonia on the other day as us.
Because we couldn’t take a vacation together.
This time we went summer traveling together after two years. So I looked forward to going
to Guam. I know it but the funniest point for our family is going traveling together.
We flied at 8:45 at night from Narita and we got to Guam at 1 in the morning local time.
It’s been a year to go abroad. As soon as I got off the plain I was excited.
I fell asleep while listening to the conversation and laughing between my sister’s family
and my husband on the way to the hotel on the bus.
For starters I went to bed at the hotel and slept tight. It was the start of this trip in Guam.
By the way this picture is beautiful Tumon beach.


Webradio said...

Hello Yamlyn !
Very nice photo !
And is the weather hot ???
See You later.

jaejae said...

hi ayamlin! it's nice to be part of your vacation there in guam even thru pictures only! i am sure as of this writing you're awake and all up smiling and having fun already with your family!

ow, regarding my wordless wednesday photo, they are wood frames i got from a garage sale this morning. $1 each only! they are for my paintings.


Maria said...

Aya, what a beautiful beach! I hope youenjoy your stay with your family!
Have a nice time!

jaejae said...

am giving you this award!

ayamlin said...

* Webradio
Hello webradio!
Thank you for your nice comment:)
Yes, it was very hot and muggy in Guam.
but it was too cold inside the buildings:(

* jaejae
Hi jaejae!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
Yes, I reallllllly enjoyed spending time in Guam.
Especially I really like snorkeling!
By the way you got the wood frames in $ each?
wowwow!!! it was a good deal!!!
I wish I went to the garage sale,too!
And thank you for giving me the award:)
I saw it before working:)
I'll go to your blog later again:)

* Maria
Hi maria!
Thank you:)
I enjoyed staying in Guam very much:)
I didn't wanna go home:(

Pietro said...

What a nice beach picture. Have a good time there, Ayamlin!