Friday, September 26, 2008

cute brothers and a night in Guam


After snorkeling we went shopping to the Premium outlet mall.
The outlet looked like uncrowded shopping mall.
There was a big cheep clothing shop, NIKE and a toy shop.
We left there and went to a grocery store called “ Kmart” where we saw on the way to
the outlet mall.
Grocery stores in other countries are very interesting!
I looked for various food and various stuff in the store.
I wanted many things but if I got everything that I wanted, it would’ve been heavy.
So I didn’t buy many things.
We got bread for breakfast, honey made in US, dental floss and some alcohol.
Japanese ASAHI beer called “ Super Dry “ was sold for about $1 each.
They imported them but its in Japan is more expensive than it.
I found out Japanese alcohol tax is way too expensive!
On the night we ate pizza called Quattro Formaggio and pasta at an Italian restaurant.
After eating we drank beer and smirnoff at the hotel.
By the way this picture is some brother who swan with float.
They looked like getting on together.


doggybloggy said...

what a great trip...I have tried commenting on the japanese version but I get so confused and then my momment doesnt go through...but I wanted you to know that I have tried.

Webradio said...

Bonjour Ayamlin !
Tu manges et bois européen...
La photo est jolie...
A plus tard.
Ayamlin Hello !
You eat and drink as European...
The picture is pretty ...
See you later.

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy
Hi doggybloggy!
Thank you for trying to write a comment in Japanese:)
I'm more than delighted. Thank you :)
I wanna talk abouth various things with you from now on, too:)

* Webradio
Bonsoir Webradio!
Thank you for writing a comment in both languages:)
Yes, I enjoyed eating Europian food:)
Italian is very familiar in Japan, too:)
it's east to eat and it's not inexpensive:)

Maria said...

What a nice day you had! The picture is very cool! And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
Have a nice weekend!

Pietro said...

Very lovely image, Ayamlin.
I'm glad you have been in an italian restaurant: which kind of pasta did you eat? The pasta is my favourite dish! :-)

jaejae said...

you sure are enjoying your vacation there, ayamlin! try to eat the local delicacies, too. don't ask me, i have no idea! hahaha! but my relatives there tell me that guam is a mixture of races so there are lots to choose from. good choice for the italian food. try greek, too. i love moussaka!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you so much for your kind comment:)
I'm happy you said so:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
By the way I like Italian!
It's very incredible. Most Japanese like it:)
Pasta that we ate in Guam is Spagetti with garlic and tomato sauce:)
It was really goooooood!
I like pasta, too.
I wanna be able to cook it well!

* jaejae
Hi jaejae!
I didn't eat local food. next time I'll try it:)
by the way I haven't had Greek.
I don't know Greek restaurant.
If I have a chance, I' ll try it:)