Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fly away to Canada


I’m going to Canada after three years!
When I went there last time, I just started posting this blog.
And I stayed in Victoria for two weeks while going to a language school.
It was few yeas ago. But I still emember the arrangement of the class rooms at school ,
the dirty red bricks side of the stairs and inside of the bathroom of the school, how the rooms
were at host family’s house and many stores in downtown.
This is our third times to Whistler.
I hadn’t imagine we could go there again.
We made airline reservations, booked hotels and bus ourselves.
We’re leaving for Canada on Christmas and We’re getting there in the morning on
We’re getting back on 31th of Dec. We’re going to my parents’ house and spending time
with family on New Year’s.
We mustbe jet-lagged but I wanna stay up late playing card games. Because it’s definitely
Our New Year’s.
I wanna sleep on plain and leave my energy.
Thank you guys for everything! I want you guys to get along together next year, too.
I wish you a very happy new year!
By the way I took this picture at our Christmas party on 23th of Dec.

Merry Christmas


The first thing that I did on the day of our Christmas party was making the crust of quiche
and pizza.
When I left the dough of pie, I kneaded the dough of pizza.
When I let the dough of pizza dough rise, I stretched the dough of pie.
I made the filling of quiche and put it in the ovenstove. And then I cleaned my house
a little and set the table.
Time flied and it was 3:30 in the afternoon when I realized it.
The following day was a week day this year. So we decided to have the party earlier time
than usual. When my family got to my house, any dishes weren’t ready yet.
When I cook, everyone enjoys finding treadures in my house.
I put the menu at each seat. Flipping the page, they can find instructions of treasure
When they did that, I stretched the dough of pizza and broke 4 kinds of cheese.
Cooking while seeing them enjoying doing it is one of fun things.
And chosing something for someone and getting something from someone is fun, too.
Next year I’ll put many boxes under the Chiristmas tree like friends from other countries’
Putting that aside, the most delicious dish this Chiristmas was definitely short cake.
Short cake that I baked this Christmas was much more incredible than last Christmas.
Sponge cake was really goooood!
My mother who doesn’t flatter me said “ It’s so incredible! “ to me, too.
It was worth learing making sweets.
Our happy Chiristmas party finished after eating good short cake!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

expecting Christmas


On 23th of December we have the annual Christmas party at my house.
Every year I think what I cook for it this year.
The following day of 23th was Saturday or Sunday for few years.
But this year the following day of 23th is weekday.
If I stay up late cooking, I wouldn’t work. So I had thought I had to start cooking
from Sunday but I couldn’t do it.
So I was up till at 3 in the morning last night.
But I can’t cook every dishes.
I gotta cook from now on, too.
By the way I took this picture at 3 in the morining.
I forgot getting blue berries but it’s not bad!

Monday, December 22, 2008

nodding off on Saturday


Last Saturday it was the day that I had to work.
It was not crowded on the train and I was able to get to work earlier than usual.
But I worked for 6 days in a row. So I was really exhausted.
I did my task qucikly and I left work in the early evening. Then I went to the familiar hair
salon in Shibuya.
I had my hair trimmed when I read a book and magazines.
And I got sleepy when I got my head massaged while getting wrapped.
When I got my bangs cut, I nodded off.
Time flied and there are only about 7 days left this year.
I got transffered in the beginning of this year and some teribble things happned.
But there were many happy things this year.
I wanna make effortes to say “ It was a happy year. “ next year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

bright town and a little bit dark Japanese recent


Yesterday rolledcake that I baked left and something sweets from a person who visited us
yesterday. So we came up with inviting mother and her children next to me.
Then we vacumed for a short time and emailed her. She said yes right away.
The day before yesterday I cleaned my house but dust had kind of stacked up already.
So I wiped up on the various place.
Should I clean rooms everyday, I’m more comfortable. I gotta keep cleaning my house.
Thinking of that, she emailed me and said “ My daughter got a fever. So I’m sorry
I can’t visit you. “
That’s too bad but it can’t be he;ped.
We ate the rolled cake for 3 straight days. It’s difficult to keep our figure anymore.
Bonus was the worst since getting it for the first time. So I don’t wanna see the report
of it in this winter.
There are lots of article about getting laid off.
I read an interview spot of a man who got laid off and he has a family and he can’t get how
he brings the bacon home. And I saw many article about forign workers.
I’m enough happy and God sends me a message and he said “ You have to appreciate your
Happiness and don’t have to see the thing that you can’t get. “
I thought of that.
By the way this picture is the lighting for Christmas in Shinjuku of Tokyo.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

something from a country that has the very blue sea and white houses


I got something from a friend called marina for my birthday and Christmas.
She is Greek and I met her on the blog.
Greece is a country where I haven’t been to. When I was in elementary school, I learned
Polis, Socrates and something about this country.
Greece reminds me very blur sea and white houses.
Greece is one of countries where I want to go to someday.
Haruki Murakami wrote about Greece in an essay called “A Distant Drum “
Greece is the attracitve country and you can eat fresh good cuttlefish.
This necklace is something from the distance country.
I’ll value it!
By the way this sweets in this picture are Melba toast.
I saw a friend from college last night and I got it from her!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy birthday to me **


9th of December was my birthday.
I had a trouble of something. So it wasn’t a good birthday.
I said “ I don’t need something for my birthday. But I want you to do various house
work for me.” to my husband.
So he didn’t get anything as I said.
My husband had a trouble of something, too. So he was tired and he didn’t do house
work. I didn’t want to make dinner because of being tired. So we eat out at a cheap
restaurant. And then I did the dishes and scrubed the bathtub.
It was not a special day.
Sometimes it happens in life.
Sometimes you’re impressed and sometimes you’re disappointed.
Defenietly it’s “ C’elat Vie.”
If I say something about yesterday, I got email from many people for celebrating
my birthday. I haven’t replied every email yet.
My birthday is a good opportunity to train baking cake. So I told my husband you
don’t need to buy cake. So there wasn’t cake at my house.
So I started to make cake at over 11. Making cake might be not bad.
And the top of the rolled cake that isn’t decorated with cream is not bad.
It looks really good. My birthday was not bad?!

Monday, December 01, 2008

window of your heart


After seeing Daitoku-temple we had lunch in the late afternoon and it was already
getting dark.
It was no wonder because of being over 3.
It was time to get back but my father-in-law took us to an small temple called “ Genkoan”
where I wanted to go to. I found this temple in a picture book of Kyoto.
It was during 3-day-holiday. So it was crowded wherever we went to and we couldn’t find
any space to park the car. My father-in-law pulled over and said “ I’m gonna look for a space
for the car. So you can go there ahead. “ to us.
There is a square window and round window in this temple.
You can see the fantastic garden in the flame of the window.
This round window is called “ Satori-no-mado “ that means “window of enlightenment”.
I wanted to take my time to see it. But people waited in line to see it.
So I saw it for few minutes and gave the place to other people.
We didn’t have enough time also it was packed in this temple.
But this window remained in my album of heart.