Monday, December 01, 2008

window of your heart


After seeing Daitoku-temple we had lunch in the late afternoon and it was already
getting dark.
It was no wonder because of being over 3.
It was time to get back but my father-in-law took us to an small temple called “ Genkoan”
where I wanted to go to. I found this temple in a picture book of Kyoto.
It was during 3-day-holiday. So it was crowded wherever we went to and we couldn’t find
any space to park the car. My father-in-law pulled over and said “ I’m gonna look for a space
for the car. So you can go there ahead. “ to us.
There is a square window and round window in this temple.
You can see the fantastic garden in the flame of the window.
This round window is called “ Satori-no-mado “ that means “window of enlightenment”.
I wanted to take my time to see it. But people waited in line to see it.
So I saw it for few minutes and gave the place to other people.
We didn’t have enough time also it was packed in this temple.
But this window remained in my album of heart.


niar said...

hi Aya, yopu have a nice journey and now you find a great window.
but why it is called window of enlightenment?

Pietro said...

Really a magic window Ayamlin!
Have a good week ahead!

marina said...

I'm sure your heart is full of flowers like this garden! I can see it through your posts!!!

Nao said...


ayamlin said...

* niar
Hello niar!
I'm really sorry I'm so late.
this round window expresses the space! it means the universe.

* Pietro
Hello Pietro
I'm really sorry I kept you waiting!
The scenery from this window
was really beautiful:)
Have a nice week ahead:)

* marina
Hello marina!
How've you been?
I wanna go to Kyoto to see beautiful temples with you someday:)

ayamlin said...

* Nao
Hello Nao-chin!
thank you for your comment:)
I'm really pleased!