Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy birthday to me **


9th of December was my birthday.
I had a trouble of something. So it wasn’t a good birthday.
I said “ I don’t need something for my birthday. But I want you to do various house
work for me.” to my husband.
So he didn’t get anything as I said.
My husband had a trouble of something, too. So he was tired and he didn’t do house
work. I didn’t want to make dinner because of being tired. So we eat out at a cheap
restaurant. And then I did the dishes and scrubed the bathtub.
It was not a special day.
Sometimes it happens in life.
Sometimes you’re impressed and sometimes you’re disappointed.
Defenietly it’s “ C’elat Vie.”
If I say something about yesterday, I got email from many people for celebrating
my birthday. I haven’t replied every email yet.
My birthday is a good opportunity to train baking cake. So I told my husband you
don’t need to buy cake. So there wasn’t cake at my house.
So I started to make cake at over 11. Making cake might be not bad.
And the top of the rolled cake that isn’t decorated with cream is not bad.
It looks really good. My birthday was not bad?!


doggybloggy said...

happy birthday to you a day late - the cake looks wonderful!

marina said...

Happy birthday Aya!!!
Birthdays are beautiful when we're healthy and we have the people we love near us! Your cakes look delicious! Can I have a piece of them?

Pietro said...

Happy Birthday to you, Ayamlin!
I am glad to see you back! The cake looks very nice, I hope everything is good for you.
I've had the flu, but now I am feeling better...

niar said...

dear aya,
birthday is not always celebrated with something delight and perfect.
But, it's become beautiful with every grateful of everything that you've got. be happy of your job, of your husband, your well condition, and your great day...
Happy birthday Aya, God always guide you, and better your life...
ps: your cake seems so delicious from the first sight I opened your blog..


Maria said...

Dear Aya, happy birthday to you, although it is already over and although it was not a picture perfect birthday for you:)
I think I understand you feelings, and I do hope your easy and friendly and happy days return soon! I am sure they will!
BTW: Your cake looks soooooo yummie!
Hm, if I lifed in Tokyo, I'd ring at your door this evening and ask you to let me try it :)

I have been busy working lately and had not so much time for blogging. I also visited my little sister, her youngest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday on Sunday, and it always takes me a whole day to visit them because they live 50 miles outside of Vienna.
Aya, do you have a Christmas holiday season or something similar in Japan?

ayamlin said...

* doggybloggy
Hello doggybloggy!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
I'm happy you said so:)

* marina
Hello marina!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
yeah, I gotta thank to God because I'm healthy and good friends like you!
Ahaha, I want you to eat a piece of this cake:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your sweet comment:)
I'm more than delighted to read your comment:)
by the way oh, are you OK?
I hope you tottally get well soon!!

ayamlin said...

* niar
Hello niar!
thank you for your sweet comment:)
I'm really pleased!
Actually I wrote the same story of my birthday on my Japanese blog.
Many people say something like you.
I gotta thank to God because I'm healthy, I have a work, I don't happen to meet any accident.
sometimes there are birthdays I have bad days.
I'm happy I met you guys on the blog!

* Maria
Hi Maria!
today I saw Austria on TV.
after meeting you Austria is a special country for me.
Because it's your country!
by the way thank you for your sweet comment:)
if I lived somewhere next to you, I would bring a lot of cake!!

And we don't have Christmas holiday.
but we have holidays for new years:)

Maria, please take care of yourself! don't catch a cold!

marina said...

Did you receive something for me? It'll be your New Year and Birthday present from me!

Maria said...

Thank you, Aya!
What did you see about Austria on your TV? We have an exceptional amount of snow in the southern part of the country - maybe you heard about that?

Maria said...

Thank you, Aya!
What did you see about Austria on your TV? We have an exceptional amount of snow in the southern part of the country - maybe you heard about that?

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hello Marina!
thank you so much for your kindness.necklace got to my house last night as I emailed you.
I'm more than delighted.
Thank you for sending happiness.

Hello Maria!
I saw Palace and Gardens of Schonbrunn and streets in Wien.
By the way can I ask you something?
Wien is the same city of Vienna??
I had thought they are different cities. but seeing dictionary to check the speling of Wien, I found Vienna.
Is it something like Firenze and Florence?

Maria said...

Hello Aya,
Yes, Wien and Vienna is just the same place. Wien is the German/Austrian word.
I have also posted pictures of the imperial Palace of Schönbrunn and the Zoo.
If you follow the links on this post, you will recognize some places you saw on TV! It was soooo beautiful when we visited Schönbrunn this summer! It is situated within the city limits of Wien and we only go by Underground a few stations ;)
If you come to Vienna we will visit Schönbrunn together. I have an annual ticket for the zoo because it is great to practize with your camera there!

tikno said...

On the title above: Why happy birthday to yourself. We should saying happy birthday to you.
May God bless you.