Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a comfortable holiday


Last weekend it was a pleasant holiday.
My husband and I went to my parents’ house and had dinner with my family.
Then we were relaxed for a while and went to see a movie called “ Angels and Devils”.
There were violent scenes in the movie but I enjoyed the thrilling story while
seeing scenery of Vatican.
I was absorbed in seeing it and two hours and a half hour flied.
Ewan McGregor acted young priest and he looked very gentle and beautiful.
After seeing movie we went back to parents’ house and stayed up late there.
In the Sunday morning we waked up at 9 and my mother whipped something up.
for breakfast. There were salad, eggs for sandwich, tuna, soup and baqet.
When I see somebody whipping up various dishes, it reminds me a story that
I read in elementary school.
You don’t forget the story with delicious dishes.
After all I enjoyed going for a drive and shopping with them and took a walk aside the river
while smelling something good after raining.
I spend wonderful time till the evening with my family.
So I didn’t turn my PC on last weekend and the weekend was like holidays for newyears.
By the way this picture is stone statue called Jizou in Japanese at Hase-shrine
in Kamakura.
They look very nice! Do I win?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

are we geeks of railways?


We had booked breakfast at the establishment even though we didn’t know there weren’t restaurants around there. It was lucky we had booked it.
After checking out we pretended to do morning assembly like elementary school while calling a command.
Going to a café where I and my husband have been to two years ago for coffee after breakfast. After eating cake and drinking coffee we walked around in the Aizu town.
My husband and I who likes shopping didn’t buy anything but my sister’s family enjoyed getting two glasses for cold Sake and various things.
We wanted to eat something gorgeous for lunch but we ended up eating not gorgeous“ Sauce-Katsudon” that is famous there.
My husband said “ If you don’t come up with somewhere you want to go, I want to see SL.” to us and my sister’s husband agreed with him right away.
Where they chose for taking pictures was the river with a huge stone bridge.
Getting there, few people with big cameras waited for SL.
We walked around there to choose the best place to take pictures of SL and my sister struck funny poses because we had to practice to do action mode.
Seeing pictures of it, the pictures were very funny since they were like cartoon film.
Time passed and we heard the sound of SL!
We took many pictures while being excited with SL and the sounds.
Then we rushed to the next station where SL stopped and saw SL.
We were really impressed with SL and the sound.
Conductors who waved to us looked like heros and we waved back to them like kids.
Oh, I didn’t know we were geek of railways!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the thing that we enjoyed in this trip


On our way to Fukushima from Nasushiobara we stopped by the station of the road.
It’s fun to see various vegetable, harvest and plants.
We ate Soba for lunch there.
And then my sister’s family and us are into the scenery around the trains and stations.
We went to Yunokami-station that looks like diorama and it has thatched roof and
there was a really attractive atomosphere.
My sister’s husband and I enjoyed taking pitctures.
In the front of the station an old man got to take a picture.
When we saw it later, my sister’s husband and I looked like good husband and wife.
My sister and I saw the picture many times and talked about me and her husband
looking like good husband and wife.
I and my sister enjoyed talking about made up stories during this trip.
It’s fun to talke about made up stories. It means it’s fun to imagine not real worlds and
to talk about it!