Saturday, June 28, 2008


On a day of this week I wanted to eat out something good food due to my husband and me
being tired of work. So I emailed my husband on my way home from work.
I said “ Why don’t we meet up somewhere and eat out. I’ll buy you dinner. “
And then he emailed me and said “ If you feel like it, even rice with green tea is OK.
So I wanna eat something at home. “
Speaking of which, there was brown rice and a lot of vegetable in fridge.
So having dinner at home was best I thought.
I changed the packing gum of the pressure cooker. And then I was pleased because
of cooking rice with moisture.
So, what’s for dinner?
I had corn and potato in fridge. Yeah, I’ll make croquette with white sauce and corn.
After getting home I boiled corn, peeled potato and boiled it and made white sauce.
And then my husband got home, I said “ Can you help make dinner? “
When I formed croquette, he shaved bread and made bread crumbs.
Putting oil in the pan, I put croquette in the pan while rolling them in egg and
bread crumbs. My husband took browned croquette out on the plate.
I wanted to eat croquette before cooling down. So I cut vegetables quickly and
made miso-soup. Actually I bought Hijiki, too. But I stooped cooking for dinner
on the night. It was really incredible due to eating it before cooling down.
Especially corn was really sweeeeet! We smiled while eating it. If the corn was
Canned or frozen corn, it would’n’ve been such good.
It’s rare to eat only vegetables not meet and fish at my house.
It’s good to eat only vegetables once a while!

On the other day Ellieloving wrote comment " I make one dish for dinner
when I'm busy. Per say, Rice with chicken and egg in a bowl, rice omlet.
Remembering it, recently I haven't been making rice with something in a bowl.
I wanna eat it once a while. So I made it!
I want much vegetable and calcium. There is a lot of nutrition that I want.
" I'll make Bibimba! “
First I made soft boiled egg…….
I boiled spinach, fried it and cut carrot and I rubbed it with salt. And I fried bean sprout.
I made Namuru like that. And then I sprinkled powder of dried fish to fried beef.
Can I take vitamin and Calcium from it?
But eating it, it was a little strong.
I don't have a taste when I cook. I just imagine the taste.
So sometimes I can’t make it well.
My family stays healthy if my dishes are good for health.
So I felt sorry to my husband because of getting too much salt.
Sometimes it happens but it can’t be helped.
Anyway, what am I cooking for dinner tonight?

If I wanna save money for dinner, I thought I’d better make desert myself.
So I baked tea cake with a Italian silicon mold that I got when I got transferred.
I was able to take the cake out from the mold smoothly. It was really nice.
I like the beautiful shape. So I’ll bake various sweets from now on, too.
By the way the next cake to it is roll cake that my mother bought. It’s called “Frurano-jin”.
It tasted a little bitter and it matched sweet cream.
Speaking of which, last weekend I made some ice candies, too.
A friend from blog called masarin-san bought the mold of ice candy.
I remembered I’ve eaten it when I was a child and I got it on impulse..
I made sweet coffee milk and put it into the freezer.
It tasted like something that I used to eat. I made very sweet coffee milk. But it didn’t taste
sweeter than ice candies in the market.
How much sugar do the ice candies in the market have? I can’t believe it!
Japanese entertainer called Ikko’s favorite line came up in mind.
Because her favorite line is “ How much? “
I’m not comfortable to save money strictly.
But it’s fun to save money as much as I can.
Then, all I can do is just waiting for saving a pretty penny.
I’m really into Kimutaku’s drama.
This drama is a kind of didactic story.
But I’m admired the young prime minister who tries to make a difference for a good
world. In the real world it’s not like the right thing that you think is right always.
And it’s not like justice prevails.
Putting that aside, I found out something when I saw the drama.
Everyone has tough time in life and the story about people who keep winning is not
The story about people who have lost the game, feel devastated and have tough time
becomes a real good drama.
I said “ It means I can be a heroin in a drama! We have to hang in there, right? “ to
my husband. And then he said “ I’m cheering you on! “ to me.
“ No! No! You have to hang in there with me. “
It’s like the ending of a comedy show by husband and wife comedian.
By the way this picture is something that I got from my friends.
Osuzu-san baked me scorn and some bread. The bread baked by her is always incredible.
I got CDs from mf-san. I’m pleased she teaches me music that I haven’t listened to.
And I got choco that mizutama-san got in Kobe and juicy tube from mizutama-san.
I wanna enjoy just seeing it. Because it’s very cute!
Last Saturday night I went to my mother’s house to eat dinner with my family.
Recently we often eat out. So we decided to make Okonomiyaki at home to save money
for going traveling. We’re pleased to eat something at a half price and make something
low in calories.
On the day I brought a toy called “ Kokechi” there.
My mother and my sister liked playing it more than I expected.
Kokechi asked us various things to guess our blood type.
For instance she said “ Do people tell you you’re selfish? “
And then my mother said “ NOT at all! “ Kokechi tripped over and she said “ Pull me up!”
My mother said “ No! “ It was very fun.
We drank something alcohol while eating “ Okonomiyaki “.
There were various alcohol on the table. Per say, beers, alcohol with fresh squeezed
grape fruits and Japanese plum wine.
My husband who wasn’t fine drank beer because he seemed to want to drink something
when he was with our family.
These days my husband and I have been having tough days at work.
We taped my sister’s husband imitated a comedian called “ Nabeatsu “.
We’re gonna see it when we want to get rid of our tiredness.
This tape must work us like energy drink this week!
Last Friday night I really enjoyed spending time.
I went to my favorite café called “ Soda Café “ in Jiyugaoka with my favorite friends.
This café is a café that a friend of my colleagu’s friend runs and I went there last
February, too.
And I saw with mf-san, Mizutama-san and Osuzusan there.
I saw mf-san and Osuzu-san many times but I met Mizutama-san for the first time.
She knows various good café. So I went to various good café where she taught me with
various people. Yes, she is a teacher of Café for me.
Every dish was really incredible for even everyone who knows various good café.
Actually when I went there twice before, I hardly eat anything due to getting really drunk.
I found out the real value of food in soda café even when I went there for third times.
I know it but time flies when you’re having fun.
I laughed a lot when I was with them.
I’m sometimes under stress because of some bad things at work.
But I was able to get rid of my stress when I really enjoyed spending time with real
good friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This month is one of busiest time in year at work and my boss is pleased members in
this division work over time. So I often work over time recently.
I get money from it. But I use time that is most important for me. So it’ s not good for me.
When I work overtime dishes that I made last night is very convenient.
I get tired of eating the same dishes for few days. But I don’t get tired of doing it for
two days. And I make only main dish for dinner.
Tonight I cook meet for dinner due to eating fish for dinner last night.
The meet was chicken breast that is good for house hold budget.
I cut it into bite size pieces and grilled it and poured Japanese leek sauce with soy sauce
that I whipped up. It was very good.
I said “ Is this dinner for about 850yen if you eat out?”
My husband said “ You could get more. Why don’t you run a restaurant in Canada?”
I said “ If I do that, I gotta get more money. I gotta work hard! “
I know it but the thing that I have to do that is working, getting money and studying
English. I gotta keep at it!
By the way the center of this picture is a toy called “ Kokechi” that my husband got
for me. She can talk to us. Also she laugh and trip over when she gets upset.
She guesses our blood type. I like her!
When I wanna take some breaks during studying, I turn on this toy.
She said “ Hi! I’m Kokechi. You worked hard today, too. “ to me.
There are some kinds of this toy. So I want get more.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I’m pleased I can buy fresh fish inexpensive at the basement of the department afterworking overtime.I wanna take inexpensive fresh fish as soon as I find it.If I wonder if I should buy it even for a moment, other people take it fast.On the day Otoro was sold at half price. It was really good deal!I emailed my husband. I said “ Today I’m gonna serve Otoro for dinner. Why don’t youcome home early. “I wanted to go home as soon as I finished working. But I couldn’t do it due togo drinking with old men at work.So I felt happy to make dinner on the day.My husband seemed to be satisfied with good meal.Good meal works good relationships between husband and wife?!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is something I got last night.It was from Lapin-san.I didn’t expect it so I was very pleased to get it! It’s her handmade soap and the mold for soap. She is a woman who taught me how good handmade soap is great.The first thing when I heard handmade soap was soap made from used oil.So I wasn’t interested in it at all.After using her handmade soap I found out the difference using soap on the market fromusing handmade soap. I learned how important which soap I use and soap is more importantthan skin lotion and essence for skin.So I had her made soap for my grandmother, grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law, andfriends. Especially my grandmother was more than delighted to use it.She said “ It’s totally different from soap on the market.I recommend her because she makes it within your budget.

Friday, June 20, 2008


If you worked at some company, some boss would like you and they would ask you to godrinking. When you say “ No “ to them, a boss won’t ask you to go drinking anymore or another boss will ask you to go drinking over and over.I’m gonna work at this company from now on, too. So I’d better there are many peoplewho are on my side and I don’t want people to hate me.That’s why I have to go drinking with them once a while.There are some bosses like it at this company.Last night I went drinking with one boss.When he asked me to go drinking before, I said “I'm gonna take a rain check.”to him.But he emailed me over and over after it. It was a hassle to do that.So I went drinking last night even though it was till Tuesday.Before going there I felt uncomfortable. Because he knows I can’t reject it.And he made me go drinking. I was upset and I was worried the thinking appeared on my face.I emailed and called my sister some times before going there.She said “ Why don’t you treat him well and use him! “ to me.After listening to it I got comfortable.When I drank with him, I hardly had a chance to talk him something. I just listened to hisstory. When I go drinking with boss, I always think everybody want somebody to listen totheir stories. How he works well, How he is popular among colleagues and how he knowsabout women well…..He had a one track mind. He totally forgot the regulation of sexual harassment.He asked me about sexual topics.I said “ It’s still better to be asked by somebody than not to be asked by anybody.” to myself.The night passed while thinking it like it.By the way this is the beautiful street in Asakusa.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


My sister made an album of full marathon in April for me.
I can see how I ran. I ran strongly at first but I was getting tired little by little.
And there are some pictures of my sister and my mother who cheered me on there.
My sister wrote a comment aside her picture. It says “ This is a small pretty rabbit that
I saw at the place.”
I proudly passed my husband it. The first word he told me is “ Your legs became
muscular? “ So I said “ You said “ Your ankles are thin. “ on New Year holiday.””
to him. He said “ It might be the first dream of this year. “ Wooo…
Speaking of which, the type of my favorite legs changed.
I used to like very thin legs. But recently when I see very thin legs, I think “ She must
not work out at all. “
Too thick legs are not good. But I wanna build up my muscles on legs.
Also I wanna lose weight before summer.
Till when do I think I wanna lose weight before summer?
By the way this picture is a street in Asakusa.
I hope my figure and the scenery of town doesn’t change ever after.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Friday night I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Hmm? Didn’t I go there aftera long time?! My husband who took a day off last Friday emailed me in the afternoon.He said “ Wanna go to a Korean BBQ restaurant? “ I said “ Why don’t you call my sister?”He said “ I already called her.”Actually I was in the mood to drink. So I ran there after working overtime.I’ve been having bad day. So I enjoyed drinking and had a blast.When I drank with them, I said “ What am I wanting something else even thoughI have a good family.? “ to myself.My ex-colleague that I talked about few days ago emailed me and he told me hegot divorced. He is not unhappy. Because he left his wife and he’s getting married toanother woman. But when I thought that his wife who works at the same companyis changing her last name, it reminded me that's just the way it is…..If I fell in love with another man, I couldn’t get divorce to my husband because of bondbetween my husband and me. Also nobody is suitable for a member of my family I think.I got it! Listen madams! The best way your husband doesn’t cheat is good family!?I was a little bit side tracked, I and my sister who drank a bottle of Shochu and got tipsystopped by a game center to go to the bathroom.We saw my sister’s husband there!We pointed each other like a Japanese comedian called “ Nabeatsu “ because we gotdrunk. We didn’t notice people’s eyes. But my husband couldn’t drink on the day.Because he got his tooth taken out. So he was embarrassed and said " Don't do thatin public! "My sister couldn’t stop laughing at the next establishment. I did funny things andMy sister’s husband and my husband enjoyed seeing it.We forgot real life for a while and enjoyed drinking at the night.By the way this picture is a picture that my husband took in New Caledonia.Is it like Italian drawings or the picture that God and angels look down me from the sky?I’m imagining God looks down me while touching his white moustache and saying “ Aya isn’t good at living. boo-hoo-hoo.”

Monday, June 16, 2008


Recently the pleasure thing when I watch TV is a comercial message of Nescafe.
Because my favorite auther called Shusaku Endo in on it.
The video is made by old image and modern image with the narration of dark voice.
I like it!
And the thing that I do a lot these days is pouring hot water on the cutting board
after boiling vegetables.
Many bacterias leave on the cutting board even if you just wash it.
You can kill most of them if you pour hot water on it.
It’s a hassle to boil water every time. So I sometimes boil them and sometimes use
the hot water after boiling vegetables.
You’d better not to get nervous with everything if you want your children to grow strongly.
I’m not a child though. Ahaha.
By the way this is dinner on the other day.
When I make various dishes for dinner, my husband often come home late.It might be a kind of rule?!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


It was my forth time to make soap.
This time I make them for Osuzu-san.
She is cute like a flower. So I mix them and chopped soap with the smell of a flower that
Lapin-san gave me.
I hope she likes the soft smelling.
I had thought I wanted to try to seal them. But when I unmolded soap for the first time,
it was too soft. And then when I did it for the second time, it was hard and I couldn’t seal
That’s too bad……
She can use it a half month later but I can send her it until her birthday.
I gotta wrap it for her this weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I can’t believe it but this was our fifth time to participate in the race of Yokota base area.
It’s one of annual events for my family.
Every time we participate in this race, it’s very tough and fun.
We run faster than usual. So our muscles get sore as soon as we finish running.
It didn’t mean the football game with Oman yesterday. I wore a uniform of Japanese
foot ball team. I don’t have opportunities to wear it.
We get timed the race also we run as hard as we can. But there are people in costume.
The race is like something festival. The point is very fun.
And even people in costume run faster than others. They can run 5km in 15 minutes.
I and my family can’t run fast like them but there is no team that participate in the race
5 times in a row also includes only family.
It’s fun to cheer my family on and to be cheered by my family.I wanna enjoy running in the race next year!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When my husband took a day off last week, he made dinner.Thinking of dinner that my husband already made, I wanted to buy something sweetslike fathers. I’m a kind of person to be a father probably?!Opening the entrance’s door, something smelled like curry. Curry that my husband made is different from mine even though we used the same materials.The way he cut is rough and the point is very good.This time the curry that he made was Japaneseish and it tasted like Japanese Dashisoap.When he dished up curry, I dished up various side dishes that I made last night.I had dinner earlier than usual.After finishing having dinner it was still at early night.It’s very good because I had space in my mind!My husband said “ I could be a primary caregiver. “I said “ You could be it! “If somebody waits for me while cooking something, I would work hard!By the way this picture is dinner that I made last week.

Monday, June 09, 2008


When I started studying recently, I studied at a coffee shop near my house.Because I can’t concentrate studying.These days most of time I studied at home because I had to use CD-ROMs.So the dining table in the living room is my desk for studying, too.I removed the table cloth on the table to wipe refuse of rubbers.I try to keep clean room. Because nothing distracts me when I study.Even though I made space for studying, the most thing that distracts me when I study is theinternet. I often see them a lot.I don’t have to see blogs and I gotta make better use of my time.By the way I took a half day off in the afternoon and I went to the coffee shop after my task.Drinking café au lait and I opened a drill.It wasn’t kind of uncomfortable. It was noisy there and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.The place for studying for me became my house without knowing.Tonight, I’ll study at home while drinking organic coffee that Kra-chan gave me.

Friday, June 06, 2008


When I make dinner, my husband says “ Don’t bother making miso-soup for me. “ to me.When it’s a hassle making it or I don’t have time, I don’t make it.But I wanna eat miso-soup for dinner.Remembering dinner that my mother made, she always made miso-soup.When I was a child, I didn’t use to think that it was good. But I used to take for grandedthat I eat miso-soup for dinner without knowing.I haven’t forgot that my aunt said “ Don’t you make miso-soup for dinner? “ to me, whenshe made dinner at my grandmother’s house and it came as a surprise to me.I’m pleased when I eat miso-soup with rice.It’s because I’m Japanese, right?I wanna give the feelings and Japnese soul to my children in the future.By the way this picture is dinner that I had on the other day.On the day I didn’t have time. So I didn’t make miso-soup.Hijiki salad is salad that I bought at the basement of the department store.I hardly buy dishes that are sold at the the basement of the department store though.I bought it because I wanted to make the salad withbalsamic vinegar for it.But my husband didn’t like it!

Last night I made Tuna and soap.My friend's birthday is coming soon.So I wanna get her the soap with something.Thinking about making soap, it’s very amazing to make soap from oil that you can buyat grocery stores. I pour a bottle of oil in the bowl.The oil in a bottle is less than I imagined.Caustic soda is one of materials for making soap. It’s a kind of dangerous drug.When you buy it in pharmacy, you need to bring your seal.When I make soap, I don’t wear mouth cover and globes. So pouring the Caustic soda inwater, my nose and hands feel kind of sting.I use the same type of bowl when I make soap. So I imagine how I gonna do if I drink it.If I make sumi or green colored soap, I might look like witch mixing something wired liquid?!I’ll make soap with the medicine that you can’t help loving me?!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


My husband and I don’t talk about work at home.
We don’t want to hide it and we don’t mead to do it.
But we might be people who don’t talk about work at home.
My husband hardly moan about work.
Sometimes when he has hard time, he tells me the hard thing at work.
When you work, sometimes you get tired physically or mentally.
When my husband seems to be exhausted, I say “ If you’re really exhausted, you could quit
your job.” He could think about next job later.
And when I was able to say that, I thought it was good I’ve worked.
Also I’m pleased I can say “ You could quit your job, because I work, too.”
I’m not sure we could live only with my salary.
I’m imagining we could live if we don’t spend much money and save money.
But if men became primary caregivers, people would say “ It’s not good. “
Women could quit their jobs and be housewives though…. Isn’t it tough to be a man?!
On the other day I recommended my husband to work at bakery.
If he could bake bread very well and run a bakery, it would be fantastic.
By the way this picture is a picture that I took in Izu.
Life is the same as surfing? Sometimes big wave comes. That’s why it’s fun?!