Friday, June 20, 2008


If you worked at some company, some boss would like you and they would ask you to godrinking. When you say “ No “ to them, a boss won’t ask you to go drinking anymore or another boss will ask you to go drinking over and over.I’m gonna work at this company from now on, too. So I’d better there are many peoplewho are on my side and I don’t want people to hate me.That’s why I have to go drinking with them once a while.There are some bosses like it at this company.Last night I went drinking with one boss.When he asked me to go drinking before, I said “I'm gonna take a rain check.”to him.But he emailed me over and over after it. It was a hassle to do that.So I went drinking last night even though it was till Tuesday.Before going there I felt uncomfortable. Because he knows I can’t reject it.And he made me go drinking. I was upset and I was worried the thinking appeared on my face.I emailed and called my sister some times before going there.She said “ Why don’t you treat him well and use him! “ to me.After listening to it I got comfortable.When I drank with him, I hardly had a chance to talk him something. I just listened to hisstory. When I go drinking with boss, I always think everybody want somebody to listen totheir stories. How he works well, How he is popular among colleagues and how he knowsabout women well…..He had a one track mind. He totally forgot the regulation of sexual harassment.He asked me about sexual topics.I said “ It’s still better to be asked by somebody than not to be asked by anybody.” to myself.The night passed while thinking it like it.By the way this is the beautiful street in Asakusa.

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