Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last Saturday night I went to my mother’s house to eat dinner with my family.
Recently we often eat out. So we decided to make Okonomiyaki at home to save money
for going traveling. We’re pleased to eat something at a half price and make something
low in calories.
On the day I brought a toy called “ Kokechi” there.
My mother and my sister liked playing it more than I expected.
Kokechi asked us various things to guess our blood type.
For instance she said “ Do people tell you you’re selfish? “
And then my mother said “ NOT at all! “ Kokechi tripped over and she said “ Pull me up!”
My mother said “ No! “ It was very fun.
We drank something alcohol while eating “ Okonomiyaki “.
There were various alcohol on the table. Per say, beers, alcohol with fresh squeezed
grape fruits and Japanese plum wine.
My husband who wasn’t fine drank beer because he seemed to want to drink something
when he was with our family.
These days my husband and I have been having tough days at work.
We taped my sister’s husband imitated a comedian called “ Nabeatsu “.
We’re gonna see it when we want to get rid of our tiredness.
This tape must work us like energy drink this week!

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