Saturday, June 28, 2008


If I wanna save money for dinner, I thought I’d better make desert myself.
So I baked tea cake with a Italian silicon mold that I got when I got transferred.
I was able to take the cake out from the mold smoothly. It was really nice.
I like the beautiful shape. So I’ll bake various sweets from now on, too.
By the way the next cake to it is roll cake that my mother bought. It’s called “Frurano-jin”.
It tasted a little bitter and it matched sweet cream.
Speaking of which, last weekend I made some ice candies, too.
A friend from blog called masarin-san bought the mold of ice candy.
I remembered I’ve eaten it when I was a child and I got it on impulse..
I made sweet coffee milk and put it into the freezer.
It tasted like something that I used to eat. I made very sweet coffee milk. But it didn’t taste
sweeter than ice candies in the market.
How much sugar do the ice candies in the market have? I can’t believe it!
Japanese entertainer called Ikko’s favorite line came up in mind.
Because her favorite line is “ How much? “
I’m not comfortable to save money strictly.
But it’s fun to save money as much as I can.
Then, all I can do is just waiting for saving a pretty penny.

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