Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When my husband took a day off last week, he made dinner.Thinking of dinner that my husband already made, I wanted to buy something sweetslike fathers. I’m a kind of person to be a father probably?!Opening the entrance’s door, something smelled like curry. Curry that my husband made is different from mine even though we used the same materials.The way he cut is rough and the point is very good.This time the curry that he made was Japaneseish and it tasted like Japanese Dashisoap.When he dished up curry, I dished up various side dishes that I made last night.I had dinner earlier than usual.After finishing having dinner it was still at early night.It’s very good because I had space in my mind!My husband said “ I could be a primary caregiver. “I said “ You could be it! “If somebody waits for me while cooking something, I would work hard!By the way this picture is dinner that I made last week.

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