Monday, June 09, 2008


When I started studying recently, I studied at a coffee shop near my house.Because I can’t concentrate studying.These days most of time I studied at home because I had to use CD-ROMs.So the dining table in the living room is my desk for studying, too.I removed the table cloth on the table to wipe refuse of rubbers.I try to keep clean room. Because nothing distracts me when I study.Even though I made space for studying, the most thing that distracts me when I study is theinternet. I often see them a lot.I don’t have to see blogs and I gotta make better use of my time.By the way I took a half day off in the afternoon and I went to the coffee shop after my task.Drinking café au lait and I opened a drill.It wasn’t kind of uncomfortable. It was noisy there and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.The place for studying for me became my house without knowing.Tonight, I’ll study at home while drinking organic coffee that Kra-chan gave me.

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