Saturday, February 26, 2011

I feel my baby is moving!


I had been thinking I could feel the fetus moving soon.
People say, “ Do you feel the fetus moving? “ to me a lot. Also I read the same thing
in a book.
I heard you feel like your intestine moving or something.
Sometimes I thought this might be the moving?! But I was not sure.
Last Thursday on 17th of February when I slept at night, I felt my baby moving!
It kind of tickled in the stomach.
Yeah, it’s true I felt like my intestine moving.
If you could feel it even once, you’d feel it often. Everybody said so. Yeah, it7s true.
Especially when I sleep at night, I feel like that how I can explain in my stomach.
It’s like fish swimming in the water.
And then I feel like it a lot a whole day.
During being at work, eating out, being on the train and watching the website of Michael
who is a professor at Harvard University.
He moved inside me to seem like being able to listen to difficult English words that
I couldn’t listen to.
He might raise his hand since he wanted to say his opinions.
I think it was really happy to be able to experience various things through pregnancy
There are many experiences and feelings that I had never imagined.
The longer pregnancy period is, the more I appreciate it.
Also I feel happy and calm.
Recently my mother, my best friend from college and some people said “ aya became pretty.”
or “ You look calm, very nice and young. “ to me.
I wanna love my baby who gives me calm happiness before he is born.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

about three-day-holiday*


I went to Nikko with my husband all of sudden on the three-day-holiday.
We hardly found the accommodations on the first day of the holidays and everything
was booked on the net.
I tried to call an accommodation in the tourist association by coincidence and one room
was cancelled.
So we decided to book it and pack our stuff. Then we went out.
It was snowing a lot and we had to walk with the bag. So we had to cut down stuff as
possible as we could.
I had a essay book written by Haruki Murakami that a person gave me in a bag.
I let a person borrow my book but the person bought the new same book for me and the person
keeps my book at home.
Putting that aside,
We walked to the station without umbrellas under the snowing.
It had been a long time since it was snowing a lot last time in Tokyo.
And I was pleased I was able to enjoy spending winter finally!
I like cold weather in winter.
Around at noon we got to Asakusa and there weren’t express trains. So we took a local train
to Nikko.
We imagined it was not crowded on the train but it was packed.
Everybody wanted to go traveling on three-day-holiday.
We couldn’t get lunch box. So we got only two rice balls, some snacks and two bottles of green
Tea. Then we got on the train.
We weren’t enough only to have one rice ball but we had to eat some snacks instead of lunch
The scenery from the window was like a monochrome drawing.
And I went traveling to Greece in the book.
When it was dark, we got to Nikko.
In Nikko there were a lot of people and it was snowing hard.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the stork that brings the happiness


Last Monday it was the day when I was able to look at 4D of my baby that I had
been looking forward to.
It’s fun to see 4D that is different from looking at monochrome images of it.
An unfriendly doctor said “ lie there and take off your clothing to the waist.”
And he said “ You want to know a boy or a girl? “ right away when I lay down.
Before I finished all words he said " A boy " to me.
I was so surprised at it. And I said " Is it true? Isn't it wrong? " to him. He said " Look at this."
while pointing at it between legs of the baby.
Yeah, it's true.
There wasn't a reason but I was sure my baby was a girl.
So I was shocked. Because I hadn't imagined my baby was a boy.
I had said " My baby must be pretty like me. That' why U-chan might fall in love to her." like
that to my sister and I decided to what I name the baby.
My mother and other people told us the same thing.
I think boys are cute since my nephew is cute. So I’ve thinking it’s good my kid were boy.
I called my husband right away and he was really surprised at it, too.
After the hospital I walked to my sister’s house for twenty minutes.
My mother stopped by there and she said “ Your baby must be a good company for your
nephew. Look forward to seeing him very much.“
I was worried if my baby was gone. So I said “ Is my baby alive? “ to the doctor every time
when I went to see the doctor. In addition I couldn’t believe I’m pregnant. But seeing the
baby who is shaped human being is alive in my body, I feel happy and look forward to seeing
my baby.
The worry and the happiness and how tough pregnant women are, I didn’t see them if
I didn’t experience.
I appreciate the experience that God gave me.
I experience such a great happy thing that I can’t change something else.
The stork is getting to me in a half year.
The stork is going to my best friends to pass the baton from me.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

cut down sugar and salt


These days I'm putting on weight!
But I can’t jog like when I haven’t gotten pregnant. Plus I don’t have time to walk
on weekdays.
So I gotta be careful what I eat.
In addition expecting mothers have to cut down salt.
That’s why I started to write down what I eat since last night.
I wanna count calories next time.
* Today’s menu *
+ Tofu hamburger steak . Daikon steak . fried leek
+ sliced cabbage . fried burdock and carrot with sweet soy sauce
+ rice . miso-soup with various vegetables

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I'm almost 6 months pregnant!


We can see 4D of the baby at our hospital.
Finally I can see my baby next Monday.
When I told my husband about it, he said “ 4D? Is it wired? It means 3D plus time?
It must be 3D! “
So I said “ The first thing you say is that? ??”
On the other day I told my sister’s family about it, my sister told me her husband was the same
action as my husband.
This week I talked with a male colleague at the lunch time.
His wife is gonna having a baby soon and I told him about it.
Then he said “ 4D? This is what? Is it wired? “
Oh, are men argumentative, or what?
a half year passed without knowing since I got pregnant.
I wanna enjoy spending time as an expecting mother!
I’m almost 6 months pregnant.