Saturday, February 26, 2011

I feel my baby is moving!


I had been thinking I could feel the fetus moving soon.
People say, “ Do you feel the fetus moving? “ to me a lot. Also I read the same thing
in a book.
I heard you feel like your intestine moving or something.
Sometimes I thought this might be the moving?! But I was not sure.
Last Thursday on 17th of February when I slept at night, I felt my baby moving!
It kind of tickled in the stomach.
Yeah, it’s true I felt like my intestine moving.
If you could feel it even once, you’d feel it often. Everybody said so. Yeah, it7s true.
Especially when I sleep at night, I feel like that how I can explain in my stomach.
It’s like fish swimming in the water.
And then I feel like it a lot a whole day.
During being at work, eating out, being on the train and watching the website of Michael
who is a professor at Harvard University.
He moved inside me to seem like being able to listen to difficult English words that
I couldn’t listen to.
He might raise his hand since he wanted to say his opinions.
I think it was really happy to be able to experience various things through pregnancy
There are many experiences and feelings that I had never imagined.
The longer pregnancy period is, the more I appreciate it.
Also I feel happy and calm.
Recently my mother, my best friend from college and some people said “ aya became pretty.”
or “ You look calm, very nice and young. “ to me.
I wanna love my baby who gives me calm happiness before he is born.


Kay said...

I am so happy for you Aya-san. I can still remember how much my children moved in my womb. I remember sometimes feeling my son move from one side of me to the other. It was like he was swimming a lap in a pool. He did become a high school champion swimmer so I guess he got his start early. I'm so glad you're enjoying this magical time.

ayamlin said...

* Kay
Hi Kay!
Thank you for your sweet words!
oh, you felt like your son swimming in your womb, too!
and it's interesting you became a high school champion swimmer!
you know he started to swim since a baby in your womb! yeah, he got his start early!
I'm looking forward to meeting my baby:)

Anette said...

I feel so happy for you! It is such a wonderful feeling, to have a little person growing inside your belly. And so wonderful when the baby moves like a little fish, sending you secret messages that only you can feel!

Enmarcación y Cartonnage Creativo. said...

Aya, you are going to be a great mum!!!!

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hi Anette!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
and I'm so pleased you know how I feel.
I wanna enjoy spending time as a expecting mother!
please give me an advice from now on, too:)

* Ada
Hi Ada!
Thank you for your kind comment!
I wanna be a great mom like you!!

linda croissant said...

aya..your dream is coming true!!
one day i wanna meet him!!

ayamlin said...

* linda
hi linda!
Thank you so much, linda!
I'm so happy to read your comment!
I want you to meet my baby someday also I wanna see you!!

Maria said...

Hi Aya, I'm glad you are well and you can feel the baby moving! It must be a funny feeling :) And I'm sure you look happy and pretty! Best wishes!

Marina said...

Οw....isn't that feeling wonderful???
Enjoy's something uniq just for the mom!!!
I stopped writing in English because I had some computer problems when I was writing in Greeks and English too! Then I had to spend many hours for every post and finally noone who spoke English had read my posts! So I stopped...and I have put a translator! But since you told me that it doesn't work I checked it and you were right! That is why I'm going to fix it tommorow!!!
I'm always happy to hear from you! Have a wonderful month!!!
Love Marina

Marina said...

It's ok now!!! You can read everything!!!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your sweet words!!
I'm so happy to read it!
These days I've gained!!
I wanna learn the way you lost weight!

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Thank you for saying that!
and I got it!
you know when you use the tool to translate languages, the sentenses becomes wired.
so if you have time and write blog in English, I'm glad to read your enlgish:)