Tuesday, February 08, 2011

cut down sugar and salt


These days I'm putting on weight!
But I can’t jog like when I haven’t gotten pregnant. Plus I don’t have time to walk
on weekdays.
So I gotta be careful what I eat.
In addition expecting mothers have to cut down salt.
That’s why I started to write down what I eat since last night.
I wanna count calories next time.
* Today’s menu *
+ Tofu hamburger steak . Daikon steak . fried leek
+ sliced cabbage . fried burdock and carrot with sweet soy sauce
+ rice . miso-soup with various vegetables


Kay said...

This looks very, very oishi. Gobo is one of my favorite dishes. My mother prepares it, but it's so much work to cut up. It also looks very healthy. Good for you for watching your diet.

Marina said...

Your picture as a pregnant woman is so lovely!!! You're so sweet anyway but now you're sweeter!!!
I got 14 kilos at my first daughter and 16 at my youngest but I lost every one of them!!!
So you're expecting your child on May!!! It's the perfect time for a baby because summer and hot weather is near!!!
Have you seen if it's a boy or a girl?
If you don't want to say, don't say! It will be a surprise!!!
I'm so happy for you!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

ayamlin said...

* Kay
Hi Kay, thank you so much!
I'm pleased you said so.
yes, Gobo is good but it's a little bit hassle to cook it!
but it's good for health.
I like seeing your dishes on your blog. and I'm glad to get Japanese vegetables in hawaii, too:)
I keep watch my diet:)

ayamlin said...

* Marina
Thank you, Marina!
I'm happy you said so!
actually I'm due July first.
I'm about 20 weeks pregnant and it means about 6 months.
I just found out my baby is a boy last monday.
I was so surprised but I wasn't disappointed. but I want one more female baby. ahaha!
actually ex-colleague said the cynical thing to me few weeks ago because I got pregnant even though she hasn't been pregnant.
but even if someone was cynical to me, I feel happy. because I have a baby and I can see him in 6 months:)

MyrtleHernandez said...

yummy hmmm I will try that at home..
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ayamlin said...

* MyrtleHernandez
Thank you for your comment.
I saw your website.
I've never been to Alaska.
but I know it's a wonderful place!