Tuesday, February 22, 2011

about three-day-holiday*


I went to Nikko with my husband all of sudden on the three-day-holiday.
We hardly found the accommodations on the first day of the holidays and everything
was booked on the net.
I tried to call an accommodation in the tourist association by coincidence and one room
was cancelled.
So we decided to book it and pack our stuff. Then we went out.
It was snowing a lot and we had to walk with the bag. So we had to cut down stuff as
possible as we could.
I had a essay book written by Haruki Murakami that a person gave me in a bag.
I let a person borrow my book but the person bought the new same book for me and the person
keeps my book at home.
Putting that aside,
We walked to the station without umbrellas under the snowing.
It had been a long time since it was snowing a lot last time in Tokyo.
And I was pleased I was able to enjoy spending winter finally!
I like cold weather in winter.
Around at noon we got to Asakusa and there weren’t express trains. So we took a local train
to Nikko.
We imagined it was not crowded on the train but it was packed.
Everybody wanted to go traveling on three-day-holiday.
We couldn’t get lunch box. So we got only two rice balls, some snacks and two bottles of green
Tea. Then we got on the train.
We weren’t enough only to have one rice ball but we had to eat some snacks instead of lunch
The scenery from the window was like a monochrome drawing.
And I went traveling to Greece in the book.
When it was dark, we got to Nikko.
In Nikko there were a lot of people and it was snowing hard.


Kay said...

Wow! That snowfall looks like what we experienced in Shirakawago. That was totally fabulous! It must have been gorgeous in Nikko.

Kay said...

If you have a moment, here is my link to our time in Shirakawago.


I posted a whole bunch of photos of Shirakawago on that day.

ayamlin said...

Hi Kay!
thank you for telling me your nice article!I'll check it later!
yes, it was very beautiful sceneries in Nikko.
Onsen was very comfortable!
I really like Onsen!!

Synthesiologist said...

schau doch mal meine seite an
über thailand essen und mehr


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, it's pleasant to read that you arrived to Nikko during a nice snowfall! I'm glad you've enjoyed so much your holiday!

Marina said...

You travelled to Greece with your imagination???
It's cold there too, but not as cold as it is here in Belgium!!!
I'm sure you had a great time!!!
Aya if you want use the tranlsator to read my blog!

ayamlin said...

* Synthesiologist
thank you for your comment.
but i can't read your comment.
oh, this is which language?
I'll visit your blog later.

+ Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment.
Have a happy sunday!

* Marina
Hi Marina!
Yes, I've read essays that some writers went traveling to greece!
by the way why did you quit write your blog in english?
do you use english anymore?
I'll try use translator when I feel like it!