Monday, December 28, 2009

not need something special


For starters I started to clean the fan in the kitchen for cleaning house the end of this year.
I used “ orange clean “ to get rid of oils on the fine screen but I don’t have “ orange clean “
now. So I used powdered cleanser instead of it. Then I could get rid of oils by it not to use
orange clean.
I touch switches of the fan when I cook. So it gets dirty easily but I don’t wanna clean it
with orange clean or something.
That’s why I used the toothpaste to clean it. It worked very much.
We don’t need something special to clean the house.
Speaking of something special, tea that I’ve been into these days is not special expensive
tea. It’s normal tea with grated ginger.
Grated ginger goes with milk tea also straight tea.
It tasted a little bit spicy and the point is very good.
Also it’s very good to warm bodies.
You don’t need expensive teas. You make tea with a tea bag at your house and put grated
ginger in it.
By the way my husband and I watched a Japanese drama till 5 in the morning last night.
We enjoy spending holidays already.
I have to start to do something for new year’s already!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas cake 2009*


Christmas is just around the corner!
I baked Christmas cake this year, too.
I decorated the cake like a picture that I got at some patisseries.
By the way And this is the Christmas cake that I baked last year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

two wonderful days I spent*


I was away on business from the night of Monday to Wednesday to participate in the
training program.
You know when you work at the company, sometimes you have tough days also sometimes
you don't wanna go to work.
But I thought it was really good to keep working.
Even though I worked only for five days in October, the company got me to go away for
training program..
I gotta return the favor to the company.
I'm awfully happy. I'll write it down on my happy notebook.
Today I'm going to work after few days. I'm gonna work even in lunch time.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

almost perfect holiday


In the morning I had the wash machine fixed.
They got back and it was time to be relaxed! I lay down on the floor in the living room.
And I played Ella Fitzgerald and started to read a book.
It was raining.
My husband made coffee.
Almost perfect!
All that’s missing is that I’m not at an old café in America.
I wanna be spending calm time now. It’s almost perfect holiday!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fake it till you make it


There is an American drama called “ Brothers & Sisters “.
It’s about a family and it’s fun to watch it.
When I watched it, there is a good word in it.
“ Fake it till you make it.”
I understand it and it’s right.
It means if you can’t forgive someone, you should pretend to forgive someone.
Then you forgave someone without knowing.
It works. If you get mad at something, you should pretend not to get mad.
Then you forgot it.
Speaking of that, we do that usually.
You pretend to do something.
If you didn’t do that, you couldn’t have relationships with anyone.
It’s very easy and simple also I do that often.
I really wanna forget one word from a friend.
But I can’t forget it and it is still in mind.
But I should pretend to forget it.
I got it! I’ll fake it till I make it!
By the way I took this picture at Daikaku-temple in Kyoto last weekend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sky Watch Friday***Happy things have come.


I heard there are only two things in life.
One of them happens in real life.
Another of them happens in mind.
You can’t change the thing that happens in life.
But you can change the thing that happens in mind.
Don’t waste your time to think about things in the past also in the future too much.
You deserve being happy. Happy things have come.

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



I went to learn calligraphy for the first time.
Though I’ve been interested in calligraphy, I hadn’t learned it yet.
I borrowed books about it at the library and checked out schools.
But I don’t have enough money to learn it since I’ve learned other things.
This time it was very lucky to learn it not to pay much money.
It was easy to draw it more than I imagined even if it’s just a hobby.
Italic letter that I learned this time is kind of easy and it was good for beginners. I really enjoyed doing it.
So I wanna do it in my relaxing time.
All people who took part in the lesson were calm and kind.
Everybody enjoyed doing it also communicating to each other.
I was able to spend comfortable time in the afternoon in holiday.
I'm looking forward to take next lesson and I'll practice it from now on.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

be hospitalized from last Saturday to Friday


When I had to be hospitalized, my sister and her husband drove me to the hospital.
I was gonna cry when I thought I couldn’t go home for a while.
Getting on the car, I felt that I couldn’t believe I had to be hospitalized and I wanted to run away. My surgery was decided all of sudden. So I had to go to a hospital where it took 2 hours to drive from my house. I don’t know why I didn’t want to get to the hospital soon, we were stuck in traffic and couldn’t seem to get there.
Getting to the hospital, I finished procedures and went into the room.
Then my sister put stuffed animal of Doraemon and a small figure of Popo in Dragon ball.
I was allowed to go out for a while and went to a restaurant for lunch.
I usually eat a lot but I didn’t have an appetite because of being nervous.
So I couldn’t eat even a half of spaghetti.
After getting back to the hospital my sister, her husband and my husband was there with me until around 4 in the afternoon.
It was fun when I was with everybody and I was able to forget the fear of the surgery.
In the evening I had to prepare for the surgery and everybody got home.
When they left there, they said “ It’s not scary. You’ll be fine. “ to me and I cried a little bit.
My husband was gonna cry and my sister’s husband said “ Popo is with you. All right.
No worries.” Like Popo. Popo had been watching me in the hospital.
Mr. Popo lives in the temple of God in Dragon ball.
My sister was sweet even though I took it out on her two weeks ago.
She cried on the car when she read email from me to say thank you to my family.
I heard it on the phone when they were on the way home.
The surgeon made a book the room for me. So I went into the private room.
The hospital was bright and beautiful because it was still new and there was a small screen to watch TV and movies like planes. In addition I was able to see website.
At first I wanted to go into large patient’s room because I was scared to sleep alone.
But it was good to choose the private patient’s room.
I was able to talk with somebody on the phone and I was allowed to be up after time for lights-out.
My husband called me some times and my sister’s husband emailed back to me while watching the GP Final of the figure skate for me.
On the day my mother made Oden that is one of Japanese dish for family who cared me
all the day. When she brought it, my husband asked my mother and my sister’s family to
eat it at our house. But my family went home because they wanted to come home at early night.
I heard my husband looked lonely when they came home.
I went to bed around at 11 and I was waked up at 6 in the morning.
This picture is Popo in Dragon ball and stuffed animal of Draemon that my sister put in the
room and my favorite stuffed animal and towel that I use in the bed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bread and love


On the second day I started to go to hospital, I ate a toast with peanuts butter after getting
home since I had to eat something to take a medicine.
By the way I ate only bread on the previous day, too.
When I lose my appetite, something that I want to eat is definitely bread.
When I have a fever, I've eaten French toast not Kayu(rice gruel) since I was a child.
I was a princess in France in my previous life.
At night my mother called me. She was worried about me very much.
She said " I'm worried about Aya's body. " I didn't imagine it at all.
So it took as a surprise to me.
I wasn't able to see my mother being worried.
Because I just thought " Why is this happening to me? "
I went to the operation room twice for nothing.
And she was worried my body after the treatments even few times.
I'm worried a little. If I don't have to do it, I don't wanna do it.
I said " I don't wanna but I'm getting back on my feet.So I'm fine. " to her.
I'm pleased mother 's worried me.
People say " Children sometimes do something wrong because they want to feel
their mother's love. " It's kind of similar.
Of course I didn't mean to but I'm feeling mother's love when she's worried me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

climbing a ladder


I was hoping it would be good after the terrible surgery. But I needed another treatment
at the hospital.
So I went to the hospital in the early morning on the following day.
I had a stomachache also my feet hurt since my feet got stiff during the surgery from
being terribly nervous like running full marathon.
Getting to the hospital, I was a patient in urgent need of treatment. So I was able to
have a blood test first.
I lay on the bed at the room before the treatment and dozed off.
I had a nurse measured blood pressure at the bed.
She said “ You had a surgery yesterday, didn’t you? It would be hard for you. “ to me.
After a while the treatment started. It hurt very much and I felt that something burned and
I said something loud.
After the treatment it hurt more than after the surgery. So I rolled on the bed for two hours.
On the day I climbed a ladder from the low of the lows bit by bit.
I got back on my feet because of emailing with my friends and sister.
I was able to enjoy reading the traveling essay written by Haruki Murakami for a while.
But I didn't have an appetite even though I didn't eat much on the previous day and I hadn't eaten anything on the day.
I lost about 2kilos.
By the way this picture is castella that my friend baked and soap that she made.
I was so pleased she sent me something that I wasn't expected.

I'm in a freefall.


It was raining and a little bit cold on the day when I had a terrible surgery that I didn't want to have again.
I cried on the day when Doctor told me I needed have the surgery also on the day when I had
the surgery since I was scared. I couldn't have a good sleep.
I went to the hospital wearing a cap that I didn’t want people to see my face.
I lay on the bed at the room divided by a curtain before the surgery, I don’t know exactly why but I couldn’t stop crying.
There was a woman who had a surgery, too next to my bed.
She seemed to have the surgery for the first time and she asked something cheerfully to the nurse. After a while the nurse called her and she went into the operation room.
And then she got back to the bed.
She talked to the nurse cheerfully but I heard she cried after the surgery.
Doctor who operated was an old man and used to operating. He was very kind to me.
He said “ I’m sorry. But I’ll do it well and it won’t hurt. “ to me because I went into the operation room crying.
The nurse put her hand on my chest during the surgery and I was encouraged.
Her hand was warm and if she hadn’t put her hand on my chest, I would’n’ve stood the pain.
I thought the same thing when I had the surgery last time.
I felt devastated on the day.
I didn’t see bright hope in life and I wasn’t moved at anything.
Reading a traveling essay written by Haruki Murakami, I couldn’t tell anything at all.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How much longer?


I cleaned my house well last Sunday.
I cleaned side the house also scrubbed tiles of the balcony and the entrance and poured water
in the sash and scrubbed it.
When I finished cleaning my husband left home and went traveling on business.
I went out with him and went for jogging to the park.
Actually I wasn’t in the mood to jog.
So I decided to go to the large public bathroom.
It was really hard to jog after a long time.
My heart hurt. But bit by bit I got used to jogging and time passed without knowing.
There is my favorite course even in the park and I kept my feet moving in the course.
I wasn’t mood to jog but when about 50 minutes passed, it felt good and I was able to
jog rhythmically.
It might take time to get used to doing something for me.
Running is easy.
The only thing I have to do is just moving my feet and the more you make efforts,
the faster you can run.
You don’t need go along with somebody and you don’t need to have patience.
They say marathon is like life but if marathon was the same as life, how easy it’d be.
How much longer do I have to run to live easier?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sky Watch Friday ** I got a message


I got it.
Hang in there.
Just keep it up and never give up*

Happy sky watch Friday

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

time I think of when I feel happy is .....


I baked rolled cake for a younger colleague who took maternity leave.
She emailed me three times on the following day also two days later.
She said “ Is it persistant? This rolled cake is really good. My husband said the same thing. “
When somebody compliments, I feel happy.
It’s different time when people feel happy.
The best time I think of when I feel happy is having lovely time with my family,
meeting good music, finding out an old associate who is uneasy at work crackling on the phone,
hearing the uneasy old associate saying “ Girl in Tokyo is on the phone.” to another associate,
being able to make my dishes and sweets incredibly,
Stepping into the airport of the country after landing when I go abroad.
It’s no end when I pick up something when I fee happy.
By the way this picture is the rainbow-colored sky that I saw at Tennozu-airu in Tokyo.
My camera couldn’t take the beautiful picture of the sky. It was the rainbow-colored sky
not the rainbow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The things that make me feel intrigued


The things that make me feel intrigued are
listening to and singing songs of a movie " Mamma Mia ",
imagining that my sister acts in a scene of Mamma Mia and sings a song on the beach,
seeing a scrapbooked notebook of pleasant words from friends,
saying funny jokes that I come up with in my mind.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

my favorite smell*


The smell of my favorite perfume,
trees at the park after raining that it smells when I jog,
fresh trees in spring when I feel that all lives bloom,
coffee that a master makes at a cozy coffee shop,
tea that friends make when I go over to their houses,
wrapping papers that I used to getting something for Christmas from Santa Claus,
frying fish from someone's house that it smells when I go for a jog to the park,
the smell of cherry blossoms, lavenders that my father-in-law sends,
the sunshine from the mattresses that we call Futon that is dried when it's sunny,
dishes that my mother whips up from something in fridge when I go to her house all of sudden.
By the way this picture is a shinning bug that I saw when I went to Kinugawa.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My favorite sound


The sound of doing dishes, beating eggs to make scrambled egg, cutting leaks
to make miso-soup for breakfast, pouring water to glasses, making coffee with
siphon coffee maker,
putting ice in the glass, stirring water and ice with straw,
swinging leaves by soft winds,voices and sounds by a baseball team in junior
high at a far ground during a summer vacation, the sound of small fireworks
that I feel the end of summer, heels that thin ankles wear,
footsteps that my darling comes home and unlocked the entrance door.
( Is it cheesy? Of course it' s joking!)

Saturday, September 05, 2009



I often hum during working.
It’s not that I hum when I have fun.
I often hum because I’m busy and I don’t have space in mind or people at the same division get angry and I don’t wanna care it.
Humming makes me delightful and I can treat people well after humming.
I can communicate with people delightfully because my mind turns delightful after humming.
And then people around me turn delightful.
I’m not sure people around me hear my hum. I think people hardly hear my hum.
I hum various songs.
I sing western music that I listen to in the morning.
In this morning I hummed a Japanese pop song in the program without knowing when
I watched TV last night.
In addition I hummed a Japanese old dance music that I heard in the summer festival last weekend.
When I hum, I don’t think anything. The point is one of good things about hum.
There is a love song called “ Mystery train “ sung by BON JOVI.
This is one phrase of this song.
She cries because she's happy
She sings songs when she's mad
I like the woman like her!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the last summer festival


Last Saturday there was the last summer festival and fire works exhibition this year.
I didn't look forward to going to the event and I looked forward to drinking while seeing fire works.
On the previous day my husband came home around at eleven at night.
Eating out together and I said " Let's go and get some alcohol for tomorrow. " to him.
He said " I don't go there tomorrow because I'm exhausted. " to me.
And then his phone rang and my sister's husband called him.
My husband said " Yeah, we were just about to go and get alcohol, too! "
I laughed and said “ You said the other thing now! “ to him.
So, on the day of the summer festival when I got there, there were lots of people at school already.
There was an annual event at the exhibition. It’s old Japanese dance by junior high school students. I look forward to seeing it every years. But this year they didn’t dance hard.
It was too bad. They might be too young to understand that it’s cool to do everything hard even if they don’t want to do it.
The summer exhibition is a small festival for people at the town and it looks like old Japanese festival.
The fire works aren't shot like the big fire works exhibition.
So it finishes soon. But it's wonderful to see them that bloom on the right above.
There was only one bad thing that I got drunk soon since I drank while seeing fireworks right above.
When I stood up after a while, I got a head rush.
Even if the fire works exhibition is over, summer festival was not over.
When the famous Tokyo-dance played, we called out and enjoyed dancing with others.
My family can enjoy doing anything.
The event was over and when we went to the entrance of the school, a person who has a problem of eyes walked alone.
I talked to him because my mother worried him.
We ended up walking to his house together.
This summer we enjoyed spending time at various places.
Small beer garden in the town, fire works exhibition, rented bungalow and the summer Festival.
This summer was short but it was a really wonderful summer.
Only one thing that I wanna in this summer is snorkeling.

Monday, August 31, 2009

rolled cake delively


A friend from blog lives 7 minutes walk and train from my house.
Another friend from blog livess 10 minutes walk and train.
It’s a small world.
I got expensive cosmetics and some bread that she baked from her.
So I brought a recipe book of bread and rolled cake that I baked to her.
I called her in the evening and said “ I’m on my way home from work. And I’ll bake rolled
cake and I wanna bring it to your house at 7:30 at night. Are you at home? “
She was pleased and said “ Yes “ even though I called her all of a sudden.
So I got home right away and baked rolled cake with brown sugar that I just bought.
I made the cake and whipped cream with only brown sugar.
It was my first time to bake cake with brown sugar not white sugar.
I tried to eat some and it tasted sweet but not too much sweet.
White sugar taste sweet clearly but brown sugar tastes sweet softly.
I found it this time!
I went to her house all of a sudden but she said “ Wanna come up for coffee? “ to me.
I was more than willing but I decided to go to her house next time even though I wanted
to go to her house. And I went to a large grocery store near her house.
An hour passed quickly since I started to look for good kitchen tools.
I got some PYREX and something. And then an hour and a half hour passed without
I ran to my house for ten minutes.
She lives next stop from my house.
I’ll bake cake and visit her house.
I can get one more fun thing since I was able to bake cake.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the past


Last Sunday my sister and her husband picked us and went to an exhibition of model railroads.
My sister’s husband told us a TV program about model railroads.
Starting to see it, we’ve into model railroads.
In the exhibition there were many model railroads that win in the competitions and somebody
made also many shops.
But I got bored to see it only for 30 minutes because I see great models on TV.
And I nodded off at the bench near the exit.
On the way home we decided to go to a familiar Ramen shop.
When we waited for Ramen, we heard a popular song called “ Go West “ sung by Pet Shop Boys.
I tapped rhythm and the song made me go traveling to the past.
Sometimes don’t you miss something of the past.
Sometimes I can’t stop
Sometimes I can’t stop missing something of the past and feel melancholy. I miss days that
I can't go back to even if I can't go back.
It doesn't mean I miss somebody. I miss me being young.
But it’s not like I don’t like the feelings. It’s a little bit bitter and like the loneliness of crush.
I could drink a lot with only this feelings.
By the way I took this picture at Daitoku temple in Kyoto.

Friday, August 21, 2009

summer vacation


There are a lot of small falls and much water around Kinugawa.
We didn't have any plans. So we decided to go to Ryuoukyo that my husband came up with.
Getting to the parking lot an old lady with umbrella leaded the car.
Pulling over as she leaded, we found out that she was a lady at the cafeteria around there not attendants of parking lot.
She looked like a witch and said " We keep having cold water and we'll wait for you.
We didn't imagine what a wonderful place Ryuokyo was.
There was much green and there were small ponds and spring water ran from the top of mountains. This spring water was rivers and falls and fell down to the pale green river among the white valley.
Mizubasho grow up at the part of the place. So you can enjoy seeing them in spring.
My sister's husband said " When the leaves change color, let us come back here." while laughing.
There are lots of place that you can enjoy walking but it seems difficult for really old men.
When we got back to the parking lot, an man spoke to my sister. He said " Why don't you eat shaved ice?" to her.
He kept speaking to her and insisted on buying it and said "You should eat it. Cause you look almost like getting sunpoisoning.
Actually my sister had decided to buy it. But she didn't buy it since the man pushed her too
much. Relationships could be the same as business. Pushing too much is not good for them.
We passed through the shop and went to the parking lot. Then the woman who spoke to us
before we went to the falls. She said “ We have cold water for you. Come to our place!”
Probably many people used to go traveling to Kinugawa by companies’ trip.
There are old big hotels that aren’t used anymore.
I understand people at shops and cheap restaurants spoke to us many times.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday *** Am I a nice guy?


I hardly have said " You're a nice guy."
There are lots of people have strong characters at the division.
People say “ I’ll try treat people calmly. “ or “ Your attitude is very good I think. I’ll do it like
you. Teacher. “ to me.
Every time they say it, I think I’m not the woman like their words.
Do I act something? Do I wear a mask? I’m not sure about myself.
Do I have a big head since people flatter me? Do I flatter myself? Do I have characters that
I should fix? and all that jazz….
This might be opportunities that I see myself.
What am I afraid of? I’m afraid of myself when I flatter myself and I’m not humble.
Staying being in the same place for a long time, people flatter themselves easily.
I’ll be careful not to have a big head even though I should have a confidence.

Happy sky watch Friday

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** Japan is a beautiful country


There were thick clouds in the sky on the day when it was held the fire works exhibition.
It was good for waiting for fire works on the river side but I was hoping it wouldn't rain.
I was off to the riverside before my family and got on the bus to near the riverside.
It was packed with passengers and people who went to the exhibition on the bus.
After a while most passengers got off and I took a seat.
Then an old man sat down on the next my seat.
He said “ Do you look for a spot for fireworks? “ to me. Because I handed the seat.
He told me he registers Silver human resources and control traffic around the riverside.
There is lots of mosquito. So he said “ Be careful not to get mosquito bite” to me.
I said “ Mosquito get blood easily tonight. They would say “ Let’s roll and get much blood!“
to each other.
I saved a spot on the previous day but I’m worried somebody took the spot every year.
So I walk quickly after getting off the bus.
Getting to the riverside and saving the spot, I can be just relaxed there.
I opened the beer and started drinking first.
Starting drinking first is a very happy thing. I found out it last year.
It could be good I got drunk when my family got there. But I started reading a book that I prepared for the day.
But I wasn't kind of relaxed and sat on there reading it or lay there reading.
Lightning was gonna there in the dark sky.
After a while my family got there and I ate food that my sister and my mother cooked also I
cooked while drinking. I was able to drink more with the food.
It got dark soon and the fire works exhibition started.
Everyone squealed I don’t know why but everyone stood when the exhibition almost
Summer in Japan is really nice, right?
In spring cherry blossoms bloom in the pale blue sky, in summer fireworks bloom in the sky
at night, in fall beautiful red leaves in the ultramarine and in winter snow flakes fall.
Japan is the country like that.

Happy sky watch Friday

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** Lucky Seven


Last Monday there was a big rainbow in the sky.
The sun shine shined brightly but it was showering.
I got home and went out with my camera.
There was a really big rainbow in the eastern sky and western sky sparkled.
It was a fabulous evening.
A man from HQ didn’t tell me off.
Because I was able to see the rainbow on the previous day or I wore earrings that
my friend made with all of her heart?!
Speaking of which, rainbows have seven colors also the friend of mine has a Chinese
character that means “ seven “ in her name.
Lucky seven saved me!

Happy sky watch Friday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer festival in Japan


Many summer festivals must’ve been held at various places in Japan last Saturday.
I went to an annual festival near my parents’ house with my family.
We know the annual event but it was our first time to joint it.
I went to my parents’ house in the evening and I went jogging with my sister’s
family and my mother.
My mother and my sister’s husband ran fast in front of sister and me.
I didn’t have energy and jogged with my sister slowly after them.
But when we got to the middle of the course, my sister started running fast.
I jogged after her. Then I heard the sound of fast footsteps behind me.
I thought my sister’s husband tried to beat me and turned around.
And it was not my sister’s husband it was a small old man!
He looked serious and beat me.
After a while I caught up him and beat him.
When we almost got to the goal, I heard fast footsteps again.
I thought it was my sister’s husband this time around.
But it was the old man again!
He must’ve not wanted to lose. After getting the goal I cracked up.
After jogging my mother cooked right away and we went to the summer festival
with fried noodle and boiled corn that she cooked. We didn't imagine it but we were
able to get seats easily and started to drinking together.
I drink a lot when I'm outside.
I was so excited with songs of Michael and drank while laughing.
My sister's husband danced like moon walk and my mother drank more than usual and
got a little bit tipsy and laughed easily.
My sister rapped towel like sheep that Korean do it when they go to sauna.
Everybody enjoyed spending time at the night.
By the way we enjoyed it at parents' house after it.
My sister and her husband danced like moon walk again.
This weekend there is the annual fabulous fire works exhibition.
I'll drink a lot again!

Friday, July 17, 2009

the best lunch time


Yesterday I went out in lunch time by myself not the same as usual.
I eat something with female and male colleague for lunch usually.
But some troubles happen in my division. So I wanna be alone once a while.
I’d be tired if I listen to worries from various people and make sure everyone got along.
On the day it was really hot and in the park there were only few people even though
in spring there were too many people there.
On the bench few business men sat like me.
A man smoked and a man was relaxed while closing his eyes.
Nobody doesn’t need to talk and every body go to own worlds.
I sat on a bench under the tree.
I ate curry and rice that my husband cooked last Sunday slowly.
Nice winds were blowing.
Even though it was hot, I was really comfortable.
I drank cold tea and after eating I started to read a book.
Actually the title was “ the worst “ but you can’t stop reading it.
The title was “ the worst “ but the lunch time was the best!
By the way this picture was cherry blossoms in the park last spring.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sky Watch Friday +++ The best song of Michael Jackson*


My Japanese friend posted an article about her favorite Michael’s song to mourn Michael.
So I said “ Count me in!”
After him passing away I found many people were fans of him more than I thought.
People talked about only his strange acting and suspicions like gossips and
I didn’t know who was fan of his.
I’m more than willing there is a lot of fan more than I imagined but I wanted to tell him it before him dead.
The best his song for me is “ Man in the mirror “.
When I listen to the song, I’m impressed also the song soothes me but I get excited.
I wrote something about it before on this blog.
Speaking of being impressed, it’s not only his song but also his dance!
We can see his great dance in “ Billie Jean” also “ Beat it “
But the most wonderful dance I think is his dancing in “ Smooth Criminal “.
This videoclip is really long like a movie. So there are not many people who saw all.
There are some scenes that Michael danced with criminals in this story and he is SO cool in it.
I have a video tape and I hope I copy my damaged video tape to DVD well.
His songs are not special songs for me and his songs are songs that I just wanna listen to.
I listen to them everyday.
I copied his songs on mp3 player that I got for my husband getting rid of his stress. And my sister has man in the mirror that I copied for her on the car. So I listen to it when I'm on her car.
I listened to his songs yesterday also and I'm gonna listen to it tomorrow, too. Michael passed away but he lives in my heart I think.
Which song do you like the most ?

Happy sky watch Friday

Friday, June 26, 2009

I just can't stop lovong you


Michael Jackson passed away.
I really love him.
When I liked him, I was in high school.
He was already a super star. But I hadn’t listened to his songs.
After seeing a TV program about a episode when he came to Japan I started to get interested in him.
I had thought he was so gentle and thoughtful when I heard a boy was kidnapped and killed by someone and Michael said “ I wanna give him this concert as my sympathy. “ in his concert in Japan.
He spoke gently like whispering and his stage was fabulous I thought when I saw his concert on a video over and over.
He had various rumors.
He treated cynically and laughed the rumors and made a video clip of his song named “ leave me alone “
The video clip is animation and very funny.
For instance he introduced a rumor that he had bones of elephant man and palace of Elizabeth Taylor in the video clip.
He was a superstar. That’s why many people criticized him and he was got into some incidences .
Media treated him as a super star but also sometimes a strange person.
A person in a book that I read few days ago said “ People have mouth to say the worst thing
that other people don’t want someone to say to other people. “ in the book.
Michael who loves children and who was children ever after didn’t want people to say the most would be abusing children. I hadn’t seen him and even gone to his concert. But every time the media reported bad rumors about him, I was worried about him because he had a sensitive heart.
We can’t listen to his new songs also he can’t perform singing also dancing in his concert anymore.
I’m really sad as a fan.
But anybody couldn’t hurt him and he will be happy he went to the heaven where there are a lot of fun things.
I hope he becomes happy in the heaven.
By the way this picture is changing leaves and a bubble.
His soul must fly in the comfortable sky now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I was reborn!


Last Friday I had my hair cut after two months.
Last time I said “ I wanna grow my hair. So I want a little shorter. “ at the salon.
But this time I asked a hair artist to have my hair chopped off above my shoulders.
After having my hair cut she gathered up my cut hair with the dustpan. They were piled up like a whole
head or two heads.
I weigh myself on the scales after getting home, I lost 1 kilo.
Is this because I had my hair cut?
It is said “ Girls have their hair cut when they break up with their boy friends.”
In my case it’s kind of true.
I used to have my hair cut when someone dumped me or when I wanted to change my feelings.
When I had chopped my hair off, I felt like being reborn also I wanted to be born again.
Women can change clothes, make-ups and nail polishes when we want to change our feelings.
It’s fun we have many switches to change our feelings.
It’s easy to feel down in the rainy season but it feels very good at the garden after raining.
If I think I’m gonna feel down under the thick clouds, I’ll paint my nails orange and enjoy spending
time in the rainy season.
By the way I took this picture in daitoku-temple.
Momiji-trees change their leaves red or yellow and fall their leaves.
And then they are reborn. I must be reborn after falling my hairs!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



There are lots of thing that you don’t know how painful until you experience them in life.
It’s like this picture. The sunset in the window is different from the real sunset.
The things that you imagine are tottally different from the things that you experince.
When you experience them even once, you realize how painful they are.
I tried not to think of it and feel something and I pretended not to feel anything.
My heart and instinct are honesty more than my brain.
That’s why my tears are flowing from my eyes to cheeks without knowing.
There is a lyric “ The more you cry, the stronger you get.” in a Japanese song.
If it’s true, I’ll get strong tomorrow more than today.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a comfortable holiday


Last weekend it was a pleasant holiday.
My husband and I went to my parents’ house and had dinner with my family.
Then we were relaxed for a while and went to see a movie called “ Angels and Devils”.
There were violent scenes in the movie but I enjoyed the thrilling story while
seeing scenery of Vatican.
I was absorbed in seeing it and two hours and a half hour flied.
Ewan McGregor acted young priest and he looked very gentle and beautiful.
After seeing movie we went back to parents’ house and stayed up late there.
In the Sunday morning we waked up at 9 and my mother whipped something up.
for breakfast. There were salad, eggs for sandwich, tuna, soup and baqet.
When I see somebody whipping up various dishes, it reminds me a story that
I read in elementary school.
You don’t forget the story with delicious dishes.
After all I enjoyed going for a drive and shopping with them and took a walk aside the river
while smelling something good after raining.
I spend wonderful time till the evening with my family.
So I didn’t turn my PC on last weekend and the weekend was like holidays for newyears.
By the way this picture is stone statue called Jizou in Japanese at Hase-shrine
in Kamakura.
They look very nice! Do I win?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

are we geeks of railways?


We had booked breakfast at the establishment even though we didn’t know there weren’t restaurants around there. It was lucky we had booked it.
After checking out we pretended to do morning assembly like elementary school while calling a command.
Going to a café where I and my husband have been to two years ago for coffee after breakfast. After eating cake and drinking coffee we walked around in the Aizu town.
My husband and I who likes shopping didn’t buy anything but my sister’s family enjoyed getting two glasses for cold Sake and various things.
We wanted to eat something gorgeous for lunch but we ended up eating not gorgeous“ Sauce-Katsudon” that is famous there.
My husband said “ If you don’t come up with somewhere you want to go, I want to see SL.” to us and my sister’s husband agreed with him right away.
Where they chose for taking pictures was the river with a huge stone bridge.
Getting there, few people with big cameras waited for SL.
We walked around there to choose the best place to take pictures of SL and my sister struck funny poses because we had to practice to do action mode.
Seeing pictures of it, the pictures were very funny since they were like cartoon film.
Time passed and we heard the sound of SL!
We took many pictures while being excited with SL and the sounds.
Then we rushed to the next station where SL stopped and saw SL.
We were really impressed with SL and the sound.
Conductors who waved to us looked like heros and we waved back to them like kids.
Oh, I didn’t know we were geek of railways!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the thing that we enjoyed in this trip


On our way to Fukushima from Nasushiobara we stopped by the station of the road.
It’s fun to see various vegetable, harvest and plants.
We ate Soba for lunch there.
And then my sister’s family and us are into the scenery around the trains and stations.
We went to Yunokami-station that looks like diorama and it has thatched roof and
there was a really attractive atomosphere.
My sister’s husband and I enjoyed taking pitctures.
In the front of the station an old man got to take a picture.
When we saw it later, my sister’s husband and I looked like good husband and wife.
My sister and I saw the picture many times and talked about me and her husband
looking like good husband and wife.
I and my sister enjoyed talking about made up stories during this trip.
It’s fun to talke about made up stories. It means it’s fun to imagine not real worlds and
to talk about it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sky Watch Friday**the sunset like friendships


There was an small incidence at work and I felt down.
Oh, I can’t put up with it…. I thought. And I felt down carmly.
Actually I hanged in there and managed it. So I was in a freefall slowly and carmly.
I emailed a friend of mine in the bathroom of work and called my sister after working overtime. But I couldn’t feel up.
When I went to an electronics retail store since I decided to get my mother-in-law i-Pod,
I called my friend from college on her cell phone.
She didn’t take it. That’s why I knew she worked yet.
She finishs working around at 8:30 at night. I didn’t get seeing her. So I wasn’t gonna wait for her and I went to the basement of an department store. I thought I could buy the expensive meat and fish if I wouldn’t eat out and looked for something good. But I ended up not buying anything. Coloful cute manicures caught my eyes on my way to the station and I stopped by the shop. When I picked up a manicure of melon color, the friend called me and said“ Aya? What’s up? “
I asked her she had plans at the night. And she answered her husband waited for her at home. I felt bad for her husband and I hanged up not to say anything to her.
I saw beautiful colorful manicures again. And then she called my cell phone again.
She said “ “ I already called my husband. So I can see you. Where are you now?”
I felt sorry for her husband but I was more than willing . she said “ Your voice sounded lonely. “ to me later.
The tender time that she made soothed me.
I didn’t know why but I felt lonely at the night.
I was gonna tear if I wasn’t be careful.
I’m a happy woman to have the best friend who cares me sometimes more than even her husband.
Friendships are really priceless.
By the way this is the sunset from a train called “ Yurikamome”.
The tender sunset like friends is warm like spring.

Happy sky watch Friday

Monday, April 20, 2009

it might be a dream


Was it about a week ago? I saw cherry blossoms in full bloom in the sky but it might be
a dream…….

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've got a feeling


Last week it was really fun to jog while seeing cherry blossoms at night!
I could say cherry blossoms in the afternoon look like teen-age-girls and cherry
blossoms at night look like sexy and mysterious women in their late twenties.
When you see cherry blossoms in the afternoon, they would be purely beautiful.
But when you see them at night, you’d feel like a devil living and even if you knew
you don’t have to go there, you couldn’t stop going there.
Speaking of which, how was I when cherry blossoms bloomed last spring?
I’m just remembering….last spring I just got transferred and I had tough days
since I couldn’t get used to my job and being at the division.
I went through the hardness of the job and the relationships at work.
It’s so much fun this spring more than last spring.
I’ve got a feeling I’m having many lucky things this year.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

jogging while seeing cherry blossoms


Last friday I jogged from work to a stationon my way home after a long time.
I jogged for an hour and a half hour. An hour and a half hour is very good time
to jog comfortable. I wasn’t tired and it felt very nice.
Wherever I went, cherry blossoms were in the full bloom.
Couldn’t be happier when I jog under sucha a beautiful cherry blossoms.
When I jogged last year, I found a place where cherry blossoms were very beautiful.
So I stopped by there.
Many people drank with their friends or famiy. Under the cherry blossoms.
Some people ate something that they brought and some people cooked there like BBQ.
I emailed attached pictures my sister’s family and my husband many times and we
went drinking to Izakaya restaurant near my house.
My husband said “ I don’t wanna go home yet. Why don’t we go to Karaoke till in the
morning. “ But I had to go to work on the following day. So I couldn’t.
I went to bed right away since I was sleepy. My husband fell asleep right away even
though he said “ I don’t wanna go home yet. “
In Japan speaking of spring, it’s dawn. Night might be short in spring.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cherry blossoms after a dream


WBC was over. So I felt like waking up from my dream.
When I waked up from it, cherry blossoms are starting blooming.
Isn’t it really fantastic!?
This weekend it’s the best time to go and see cherry blossoms.
Unfortunately I have to go to work even on Saturday.
But I jogged while seeing cherry blossoms at the park near my house after work.
The cherry blossoms are not in full bloom but I enjoyed jogging while listening to
Mamma mia under cherry blossoms.
By the way this picture is cherry blossoms that I saw when I jogged last Saturday.
The blue sky and pale pink is so beautiful!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's flower ** very best holiday

Yesterday I met up with my mother and my sister’s family and jogged at the side of the river where you can see wild birds and beautiful flowers.
We left home at around 12:30 and got home around at 4 in the afternoon.
We jogged and sometimes walked but at least we jogged about for two hours and a half hour. We enjoyed jogging while seeing beautiful various things.
Yes, it was comforting but we weretired a little bit.
We were able to see Alcedo atthis, egret, cormorant, canard and various unfamiliar wild birds. In addition we saw wild flowers called “ Katakuri “.
We jogged while talking with each other since it was a long way. So it felt very good.
When we realized my sister and her husband jogged right behind even though they jogged way back on the way home.
My mother said “ Oh, they’re coming! Aya! Don’t lose! “
So I dashed as fast as possible! I couldn’t dash that fast!
They weren’t able to beat me but I got exhausted.
We took a break while drinking coffee. And then we went to the large public bath.
I know it but going to the large public bath after jogging was fabulous!
It was the best holiday we jogged for few hours and took a bath at the large public bath.
We went to the glosery store and my mother made dinner.
My husband came later and everybody started to drink.
When my husband sees my sister and her husband, they can enjoy drinking.
Even if one of them can’t come, they can’t enjoy drinking.
They look fun while saying “ Getting all members together, we gotta drink! “ each other.
When we got home, my husband said “ Why don’t we go drinking to somewhere! “over and over.

Today's flowers

Friday, March 27, 2009

couldn't be happier


It’s really happy Japan wins WBC title.
How great Japanese players are!
And how incredible Ichiro is!
He looks very good also his play is really great. I respect him because he keeps
making many efforts.
But much more impressive thing is his word.
He said “ I thank to all people who cheered us up. “
These days there are many things that I get disappointed about Japan
when I see news on TV. And I admire other countries more than Japan.
I don’t like Japanese people’s nervous face and Japanese nitpicky character.
I’m jealous of western people’s easy-going characters like Manma Mia.
But seeing Ichiro, Japanese is really attractive!
I can think of it from him.
Thank you for such happiness!
Couldn’t be happier!
I never forget this feeling!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2009


The third time Tokyo marathon was held today.!
Every year we left home around 6:30 in the morning.
There is an atmosphere that people are exicited and kind of nervous in the west entrance
of Shinjuku station.
There were much more people who cheered someone up than last year.
So we couldn’t find mother around at the point of 10km.
We waited for her at the point of 20km,32km and 40km and cheered her up while
saying “ Keep going! “ aloud.
Every year we run on the side of the road while cheering her up. So we’re really tired
even if we don’t run full marathon. But seeing her, it was really lucky she was able to
run the marathon. And we also feel happy for her.
She is over 60. But she didn’t slow down and her time was the same as Pro athlete.
There are a lot of task in life. But I thought it’s OK you do even one of them hard
and you get confidence from it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mamma Mia !


Last Wednesday I went to movies to see Mamma Mia with my sister.
We had thought nobody was there but it was fully packed.
We sat on the seat of the third row and enjoyed seeing powerful visuals in the front of the screen.
In the first place I was gonna enjoy myself. So I sang songs shaking my body like live concerts!
A little foreign kid who sat diagonally forward left waved to the screen.
We wanted to stand up and dance with actresses but nobody did that since Japanese people are shy. So we couldn’t do it.
My sister looked impressed and said “ I couldn’t stand sitting there. Don’t you want to dance? “ to me.
After getting home I sang songs while seeing you tube.
Speaking of which, why western old men and old women are soooo cooooool?
They’re completely bright and really energetic. They look like truly living.
Everything is bright in this movie.
Meryl Streep also her friends are sooooooooo COOOL!
Of course Pierce Brosnan is really HOOOOOT! You know he was Bond in movies before.
I wanna live brightly like them. Even if I was worried about something, I wanna live optimistically. I got the movie soundtrack.
Next time I’ll get the DVD and see it in the small home theater at my sister’s house while drinking and dancing!
By the way this is a restaurant in Whistler.
I really like completely bright western people.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I like people


How's your life going?
Recently I've been busy at work.
Sometimes I feel down and sometimes I have a full energy.
Sometimes I thank to people at work and sometimes people at work annoy I think.
Relationships are annoying sometimes but relationships are very fun.
There are lot of things in life.
And even if you live in other countries, it's the same as me.
I found out it after reading maria's comment.
Thank to Maria.
by the way maria, this picture wins at work:)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring has come!


My husband made sour sweet pork on the previous day of girl’s day.
But I couldn’t eat it since had already dinner.
On the following day I worked overtime and it became our main dish for dinner.
I’ ve been really busy at work.
But I have full energy now.
I’m feeling really nice.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is it good? or bad?


Last week there was a pleasant thing last week.
My picture win a prize at a contest of my company.
My company is using my picture for some poster or something.
I’ve liked seeing pictures and drawings since a student but I didn’t use to be interested
in taking pictures. I started taking pictures since I started posting blog.
It was good to enjoy taking pictures easily.
By the way this is branch last Sunday.
I used to eat bread for breakfast. These days I eat rice for breakfast once a while.
Probably I can save household fees and it’s low in calories.
But I have to clean more dishes than when we eat bread. So I wanna cut down dishes
as possible as I can. So I got plates that have gap.
On the other day I said an older woman who works after getting married “ You’re great.
Because you work also do house works hard.”
Then she said “ I quit making dinner on week days. Why don’t you do that? It’ would be
very good for you. “ to me.
It’s OK for her. But I don’t wanna do it…..
I wanna work kind of hard but also do house work kind of hard.
Put it better, valance is good butput it worse, I’m not a real career woman.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I heart this blog

I'm more than delighted Maria who is my valuable friend gave me an award of "I ♥ This Blog award".
Thanks to Maria.
You're always sweet.
and if I didn't meet you, I would'n've had such a wonderful blog world.

I wanna send this blog to three people.

1. Pietro of Pietro Brosio Gallery
2. Sandy of writing in Faith
3. Anette of krakilette

Enjoy your award and let others know you ♥ their blogs too!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sky Watch Friday **** couldn't be happier


On the following day it was brilliant sunny that was different from the previous day.
We sweated a little and felt like wearing too much.
Even in February it was already spring.
I saw water from melting snow flowing from the top to the down from the lift.
Snow was already heavy but I was able to enjoy snowboarding.
My sister snowboarded really well on the day and she competed against me when we
snowboarded from the top of the mountain.
Snowboarding together is fun like that.
We stopped snowboarding when we wanted to do it one more time.
Getting back to the B&B and we took a bath.
We used the room that wasn’t usually used since we were kind of many people.
That’s why we were able to put the baggage in the room after checking out.
In addition, we were relaxed after changing clothes.
We made fool of the name “ hutte “ but this “ hutte “ was the best because they
allowed us to use the room.
It was not fancy but B&B that is flexible like this is more comfortable than hotels.
You can walk inside the establishment with slippers also PJ.
couldn’t be happier when I don't push myself.

Happy sky watch Friday

Monday, February 23, 2009

the sun like Dragon Ball


I went snowboarding last weekend. It was my first snowboarding this year.
My husband has been busy these days and there is few snow this warm winter.
So this is my first time and might be last time to go snowboarding.
In the morning when we go snowboarding I always don’t wanna get up since it’s warm
inside the bed.
But snowboard is fun.
I hope I go snowboarding one more time this year.
By the way this picture is a Dragon Ball of the sun that I saw on the express way.
Dragon ball became a Hollywood movie. I wanna see it I might laugh because it’s funny.