Saturday, September 05, 2009



I often hum during working.
It’s not that I hum when I have fun.
I often hum because I’m busy and I don’t have space in mind or people at the same division get angry and I don’t wanna care it.
Humming makes me delightful and I can treat people well after humming.
I can communicate with people delightfully because my mind turns delightful after humming.
And then people around me turn delightful.
I’m not sure people around me hear my hum. I think people hardly hear my hum.
I hum various songs.
I sing western music that I listen to in the morning.
In this morning I hummed a Japanese pop song in the program without knowing when
I watched TV last night.
In addition I hummed a Japanese old dance music that I heard in the summer festival last weekend.
When I hum, I don’t think anything. The point is one of good things about hum.
There is a love song called “ Mystery train “ sung by BON JOVI.
This is one phrase of this song.
She cries because she's happy
She sings songs when she's mad
I like the woman like her!


Kay said...

My mother hums old Japanese folk songs all the time when she's cooking or doing work.

Actually, we won't be needing accomodations. We were wondering if there was anything amazing to see. We will be coming from Koyasan, returning to Tokyo. We will be staying in Tokyo for 4 days at the start of our trip because we have to see our relatives in Tokyo and Sendai. We want to be able to drop off our omiyage and then be free to travel everywhere on the shinkansen. We're still in the planning stages. My 79 year old aunt just agreed to go with us to keep my 80 year old mother company. Poor Art will have to help three women on this journey. I hope he hasn't taken on more than he can handle.

ayamlin said...

Hi Kay!
Oh, you have relatives in Tokyo:)
That's great!
They must be pleased to see you guys after a long time:)
Yes, it's a little bit hard for your husband :) but your husband is so kind and tender:)
I hope you have great time in Japan:)
by the way do you speak Japanese by any chance?

antigoni said...

I'm glad i had news from you. You are a very good friend. I wish i could meet you in person. Marina is better. She went back to work. That's why she has no time for blogging. But i give her your messages, your news and your love.

ayamlin said...

* Antigoni
Hi Antigoni!
Thank you so much for telling me about Marina!
I wanna see you and your sister in person, too.
I wanna go to Greece someday.
Anyway I'm glad Maria got well!
Actually I imagined bad thing happened.
It was good Marina got well:)
Please get along with me from now on, too!

Anette said...

I hum too, all the time, especially when bicycling, climcing stairs or moving form one place to another. My daughter is embarassed if we walk together when I hum!

Pietro said...

Ayamlin, I rarely hum but like when people hum because I know they are lighthearted in that moment!
About your question, as far as I know we don't have real summer festivals in Italy, perhaps they are held in some regions of the center or the south.

ayamlin said...

* Anette
Hi Anette!
I like mother like you:)
because if I were your child, I would think my mother is delightful:)
and I understand your dishes look good because you cook while humming:)

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
I have an image Italian people often hum. because you guys are delightful:)

by the way thank you for telling me about summer festival:)