Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the last summer festival


Last Saturday there was the last summer festival and fire works exhibition this year.
I didn't look forward to going to the event and I looked forward to drinking while seeing fire works.
On the previous day my husband came home around at eleven at night.
Eating out together and I said " Let's go and get some alcohol for tomorrow. " to him.
He said " I don't go there tomorrow because I'm exhausted. " to me.
And then his phone rang and my sister's husband called him.
My husband said " Yeah, we were just about to go and get alcohol, too! "
I laughed and said “ You said the other thing now! “ to him.
So, on the day of the summer festival when I got there, there were lots of people at school already.
There was an annual event at the exhibition. It’s old Japanese dance by junior high school students. I look forward to seeing it every years. But this year they didn’t dance hard.
It was too bad. They might be too young to understand that it’s cool to do everything hard even if they don’t want to do it.
The summer exhibition is a small festival for people at the town and it looks like old Japanese festival.
The fire works aren't shot like the big fire works exhibition.
So it finishes soon. But it's wonderful to see them that bloom on the right above.
There was only one bad thing that I got drunk soon since I drank while seeing fireworks right above.
When I stood up after a while, I got a head rush.
Even if the fire works exhibition is over, summer festival was not over.
When the famous Tokyo-dance played, we called out and enjoyed dancing with others.
My family can enjoy doing anything.
The event was over and when we went to the entrance of the school, a person who has a problem of eyes walked alone.
I talked to him because my mother worried him.
We ended up walking to his house together.
This summer we enjoyed spending time at various places.
Small beer garden in the town, fire works exhibition, rented bungalow and the summer Festival.
This summer was short but it was a really wonderful summer.
Only one thing that I wanna in this summer is snorkeling.


Pietro said...

Ayamlin, the picture is so attractive! I'm glad for the beautiful time you had at the summer festival.
About the berries of my post, I think you would cook a very good cake with them! :-)
Have a nice day!

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you for your kind comment:)
Do you have similar festivals in Italy?
Have a lovely weekend:)

Kay said...

This looks like our Obon here in Hawaii. We went to three of them in August. I posted about them, too.

We're planning to go to Japan in spring. Do you have recommendations for places to see in Nagoya? We plan to see the three most famous gardens in Japan starting at Mitto.

Got this from the computer:

"The only reason to come here is for the Kairaku-en Garden (偕楽園), one of Japan's three finest (along with Okayama's Koraku-en and Kanazawa's Kenroku-en)."

Also planning to see Himeji castle.

ayamlin said...

* Kay
Hi Kay!
You guys do Obon! wow! I don't know why but I'm pleased!
I like the custom. Probably this custom came from China.
Do Hawaian people have this custom, too? ( except related japanese)
I'll check Obon in Hawaii on your blog!
By the way I live in Tokyo but my close friend lives in Nagoya.
So I'll ask her and tell you.
I've wanted to go to Himeji castle, too. but I haven't been there yet.
Are you planing to come to Tokyo?
If you're coming to Tokyo, I'll show you around Tokyo!!