Wednesday, September 09, 2009

my favorite smell*


The smell of my favorite perfume,
trees at the park after raining that it smells when I jog,
fresh trees in spring when I feel that all lives bloom,
coffee that a master makes at a cozy coffee shop,
tea that friends make when I go over to their houses,
wrapping papers that I used to getting something for Christmas from Santa Claus,
frying fish from someone's house that it smells when I go for a jog to the park,
the smell of cherry blossoms, lavenders that my father-in-law sends,
the sunshine from the mattresses that we call Futon that is dried when it's sunny,
dishes that my mother whips up from something in fridge when I go to her house all of sudden.
By the way this picture is a shinning bug that I saw when I went to Kinugawa.


Pietro said...

Beautiful image of the shining bug, Ayamlin! That park looks so green!
Do you like the perfume Chanel n. 5? :-)

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Thank you!
I want it but it's way too expensive for me.....

Maria said...

Hi Aya,
I'm very happy to hear that Marina is well and started working again. Thank you for your visits on my blog. I must confess I'm a very lazy blogger lately, but I'm enjoying the last summer/first autumn days and spend much time outside now.
And I also started to attend a jazz dance course yesterday which is a lot of fun! You learn to walk as models do on the cat walk ;)
Your last posts are wonderful, Aya, full of pleasant atmosphere! Some days ago I went by train to my relatives in Lower Austria and had a train stop in the town I went to high school. I sat in the sun under the chestnut trees near the train station as I had done years before as a school girl, and all the smells were so familiar to me, the chestnut leaves on the ground, everything. It made me feel very young!
I'm glad Aya, I think you sound so happy again :) What a nice picture from 鬼怒川!
Have a nice weekend, dear!

ayamlin said...

* Maria
Hi Maria!!
Thank you for your message!
I wish I learned jazz dance with you and had dinner after dance.
Oh, we're gonna put weight even if we learned jazz dance. Because we must enjoy having dinner after dance:)
I wanna walk beautifuly.
so I wanna learn the way I walk beautifully.

by the way Were you able to get many chestnuts? I really like chestnuts! Especially I like cake named Monblanc made from chestnuts!

Oh, I was so surprised!!!
you put Chinese character 鬼怒川 on my blog!! yes, we read 鬼怒川 pronunced " Kinugawa "
Thank you Maria to check the Chinese character out!!
Have a lovely weekend, you too Maria!

Maria said...

In Vienna we only have horse chestnuts, they are uneatable. In the southern parts of Austria also eatable chestnuts grow, "Maroni", Sweet Chestnuts.
I looked up kinugawa in good old GOOGLE :) and found the Japanese word!
Have a good time!

ayamlin said...

Thank you Maria!
I wish I went to Austria and met you and ate sweet chestnuts and other good food!!!
Hava a wonderful weekend, maria:)