Friday, November 28, 2008

Japanese green tea with small happiness


We sat on the side of the garden while drinking a cup of green tea after taking a walk
in Daitokuji. Drinking tea while seeing changing leaves is such a fantastic thing.
The thing Japanese drink green tea is really luxurious and elegant.
The beautiful garden is made for people who drink tea in the small room called” Chashitsu “
All people use a tea cup that ceramic artists made with their power.
When Japanese make tea, people value the way they make tea and do it slowly.
It means they take their time to do it.
Putting that aside, I’m not sure the price of the green tea.
Whenever I pay when I’m with my parents-in-law, they say “ You don’t have to pay.”
My father-in-law still works. Probably that’s why they say it.
After starting to work I started to try to pay for us also my parents.
It’s my personal policy and virtue.
I don’t know why. Probably I had my parents worried when I was young.
So I have to return a favor. It might be the reason.
But it’s not bad I have parents who pay ours.
Because we can’t seem to depend on other kindness after grwoing up.
What’s great about getting married is some hard thing might happen,
but also many happy things happen because you have another parents.
The more years pass after getting married, the more you find out something good about
marry also getting how happy you are.
By the way this is a bowl called “ Tsukubai” in the garden of Daitoku temple.
Go ahead to wash your hands and go to the room for Green tea!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

red leaves and nice air


In the next morning of staying at my husband’s family-house my mother-in-law waked us
up. Breakfast was already ready and there was some pieces of bread and something on the
table. Chanson was playing in the living room. My mother-in-law has learned it for a long
She wore full make-up last night but she didn’t wear make-up when we had breakfast.
Becoming family is something like it, I thought.
My father-in-law drove and went to temples in Kyoto.
We saw beautiful changing leaves covered mountains on the way there.
We stopped by a gorge and took some break while seeing beautiful leaves and listening to
the sound of water.
Sign of “ For Sale “was on the almost broken wooden house.
It was on the side of the river and there was a beautiful Momiji- tree next to it.
If I lived there, it would be attractive.
But if the river was swollen, the house would get washed away easily.
My father-in-law looked like enjoying smoking in the clean air.
There was a stand of vegetables around there and Chinese cabbage is sold for 100-yen.
If I lived near the stand, I would’ve gotten it.
My mother-in-law talked about something and the sound was echoed on the river.
I repeated her Kansai accent in mind. It means we have different Japanese pronunciation
in each area of Japan. So she pronounces Japanese different from me.
I wanna learn her accent. That’s why I repeated her words in mind.

Monday, November 24, 2008

changing leaves in Kyoto


Last Saturday I flied to Kansai from Haneda and visited my parents-in-law after working
till noon. We were more than welcome from my parents-in-law and my grandmother-in-law
with their big smile.
Everybody seemed to be more than willing we visited there.
I was nervous before seeing them because of my heart pounding. But after seeing them
I thought it was good to visit them.
This picture is path in Daitoku-temple.
It was really crowded but changing leaves in Kyoto is the best in Japan.
I was really happy to see them.
I’m gonna post many pictures that I took there every day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** the small happy thing


People who are related to me at work came from bank.
They are in charge of analyzing other companies at my company.
They are very conservative and strict and it’s kind of hard to treat them.
It’s different from the relationships between ex-division and the other division.
It means my division and workers from bank are not kind of good companies at work
and they are kind of boss and we’re kind of follower ships.
But people who are the most related to me are them.
We work in the same company but the antecessor used to say “We always appreciate your
Business”.instead of “ hello “ or “ morning “ on the phone and in email.
When she ordered something to them, she used to say “ Could you conduct a detailed
inspection of the documents?” instead of “ Can you go over it? “
The word is like the word for saying customers and it was not friendly.
I’ve said “ morning. “ and “ hello “ to them the same as other people at work.
When I said “ morning “ to the most conservative person of them, he said “ yes “ or he said
nothing. But I’ve been saying “ morning “ to him since last January.
And then he finally said “ morning “ to me yesterday.
It was the first time he said “ morning “ to me.
I was more than delighted he said so. It’s like the situation when a person whom I have
a crush on says “ Yes “
Recently I feel like smile from him on the phone and I really pleased.
When you give up something, it’s over. I know it but the most important thing is
keeping doing something.
I found out it from a small thing!

Happy Sky Watch Friday

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ABC Wednesday *** " R" is for....running


Last Sunday we participated in an annual race.
I participated in 5km-race three times and 10km-race twice including this year’s race.
After school we don’t have sports festivals usually, so we don’t have chances to join games for sports seriously. So it’s fun to join sports festivals once in a while.
Before the race we are kind of nervous and excited. If the result is good, I would be pleased And if the result is bad, I would feel bad.
When I run the race, I always think I don’t wanna run the race next year anymore.
But I forget it in the following year and I participate in the race again.
My result was not better than my last result. Because I didn’t jog more than last year.
And my mother ran faster than me despite over 60.
My mother beat me before the point of 5km.
I said “ Oh, you beat me. If I beat you right away, you would be comfortable and we would crack up and lose our strength.” to myself while seeing her thin legs.
Thinking of that, but I couldn’t catch up her a little by bit.
And I ended up not beating her…..
My mother got medal the same as last year.
I can’t beat her.
It’s bitter she beat me and I will beat her by a wide margin.
But I’m also pleased mother who is over 60 beat me.
Many athletes in college who run in Hakone race participate in various races around this season.
They run like cheetahs and it’s fun just to see them.
Starting with their full power is really strong.
I gotta jog a lot this winter and I’ll run faster and beat my mother with a long margin.

Happy ABC Wednesday

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** a gift


I had a tough days in this week.
Especially it was terrible last Friday.
I found out unreasonable things at work and I couldn’t get why it happened.
But last Friday I had a good time during lunch time after a long time.
I had lunch with two women at the different division.
I bumped into them outside during lunch time and ate out with them.
It was really comfortable and it was fun.
I was lucky to find comforting women by coincidence.
When a temp stuff who was comfortable quit her job, I was able to find the other
comfortable women. Is it coincidence? or a gift from God?
By the way this picture is the sunset in Chichibu near Tokyo.

Marie made this really beautiful my new blog's design for me.
Isn't it sooooo beautiful?

Happy Sky Watch

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the best bread for me and great present from Austria


When it was really hard to be at this division after getting transferred in the beginning of this year, a young man who is in the same division got me some bread.
The bread is the best bread for me in life.
Yesterday I got email from him during working.
He said “ I got the bread again and put it in fridge. If you feel like it, please eat it. “
It was a coincidence some terrible things happened yesterday.
A old man who is hired after retiring were cynical to me. And a temp stuff who is the best friend at work decided to quit her job. Because she got kind of bullied by a colleague.
But I need much power to avoid cynical things and to listen to murmuring.
After finishing time at work I microwaved it and ate it.
It was really incredible the same as before and I got power from it.
There are various people in the world. Some people say good things but some people say bad things, don’t they?
There are good things also bad things, aren’t there?
By the way this picture is a great present from a friend in Austria.
Her name is Maria and I met her on the blog.
It’s Manner Schnitten and chocolate made in Austria, an art book of museum Wien.
Last February Belgian old male friend passed away. I’m more than delighted to have a friend in Europe again. I have the pleasure of getting something from Europe and sending something to Europe.
In life relationships are difficult but relationships are fun!.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I jog for liking myself


Last weekend it was a comfortable sunny day. So I went jogging in the afternoon in holiday after a long time.
There was a little bit dark place and the air was cool and wet in the park.
It felt really good more than I imgined and an hour passed quickly.
Jogging in the afernoon is good but jogging in the evening is incredible, too.
On weekdays I go jogging at 10 at night.
The cool air feels good and the air makes me get fresh. Because the cool air is different from summer’s.
My ears hurt because of the cold air but when 30 minutes passs, I sweat.
Sometimes going jogging at the late night is a hassle. But even if I’m exhausted or I don’t have time, I can get fine.after jogging.
After jogging I can like myself. Because I make efforts and I can have confidence.
I jog for liking myself.
This thing is not that.
By the way I took this picture in Chichibu last weekend.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sky Watch Friday **** a comfy holiday


Last Sunday I went to Chichibu, countryside near Tokyo, with my sister’s family and my parents. Eating good Soba and Tempra is one of fun things.
The Soba restaurant is the restaurant where my sister’s mother-in-law often goes to.
Recently it’s one of familiar restaurants for us without knowing.
When one person joined our family, our world became big a little by a bit.
And it ended up becoming our world. I like it like that very much.
After being satisfied with Soba and Tempra we went to the familiar large park.
We enjoyed playing badminton, Frisbee and catch while seeing the beautiful changing leaves.
After playing it I lied on the plastic seat and took some pictures of everyone playing it.
There were beautiful changing leaves and the beautiful sky above our heads. How beautiful and clear the sky in autumn is!
After a while my sister took bubble soap out from her bag.
I didn’t imagine my husband and my sister’s husband absorbed doing it.
The evening comes fast in autumn. It was getting dark and cold.
We stopped by an Italian restaurant on our way home. And we ate Quattro Formaggio and vongole. We cleaned it and went to parents’ house being relaxed.
When we were relaxed, I got upset at a small thing and I got angry at my sister.
My sister got pissed off at me. Everyone tried to calm our anger. But we didn’t feel better. When it was silent, I heard my husband weird voice.
He played like T-back in an American drama “ Prison Break”. My sister7s husband started doing it, too.
My sister and I cracked up and our anger flied away.
Thanks to guys of my family.

Happy Sky Watch Friday

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ABC Wednesday P is for….


P is for PEOPLE!
You know sometimes it’s difficult to get along with somebody.
We have various relationships among women at work.
Some people always complain and some people often bitch behind somebody’s back.
I sometime feel that is a hassle being with them.
But relationships among women are fun.
Communicating with PEOPLE is difficult and sometimes a hassle.
But communicating with PEOPLE is fun.
I wanna get along with various People!

Happy ABC Wednesday

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Today's flower - flowers in the entrance


This flower is flowers that my father-in-law grew.
The flowers make the entrance of my house bright.