Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ABC Wednesday *** " R" is for....running


Last Sunday we participated in an annual race.
I participated in 5km-race three times and 10km-race twice including this year’s race.
After school we don’t have sports festivals usually, so we don’t have chances to join games for sports seriously. So it’s fun to join sports festivals once in a while.
Before the race we are kind of nervous and excited. If the result is good, I would be pleased And if the result is bad, I would feel bad.
When I run the race, I always think I don’t wanna run the race next year anymore.
But I forget it in the following year and I participate in the race again.
My result was not better than my last result. Because I didn’t jog more than last year.
And my mother ran faster than me despite over 60.
My mother beat me before the point of 5km.
I said “ Oh, you beat me. If I beat you right away, you would be comfortable and we would crack up and lose our strength.” to myself while seeing her thin legs.
Thinking of that, but I couldn’t catch up her a little by bit.
And I ended up not beating her…..
My mother got medal the same as last year.
I can’t beat her.
It’s bitter she beat me and I will beat her by a wide margin.
But I’m also pleased mother who is over 60 beat me.
Many athletes in college who run in Hakone race participate in various races around this season.
They run like cheetahs and it’s fun just to see them.
Starting with their full power is really strong.
I gotta jog a lot this winter and I’ll run faster and beat my mother with a long margin.

Happy ABC Wednesday


Pietro said...

Yes, for the race it's important to keep in practice. I like to run... with the car! It's more comfortable!... I am joking, of course! :-)
Very nice post, Ayamlin!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love your new header. the cherry blossoms are beautiful! when i was in japan a few years ago, i was amazed at how much more beautiful in person they were.

you keep up that running...and good for your mom for keeping on too!

Webradio said...

Hello Ayamlin !

It's good to run a race...
My mother is 86y old, but she doesn't run now... But she walk every day...

See You later !

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Ahhh---why do we run?
Great post.

photowannabe said...

Yay to the over 60's crowd. Its good you both ran the race.
Come on, you can do it...don't quit now...

Leslie: said...

I've always dreamed of being able to run but I have not been gifted in that area. Good for you for running even if your mother beat you! :D

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! Your mother beat you at running! Your most must be really good at it! But that is awesome to be able to run in a race I never get to do it!


Liz said...

Thta's a lovely photo! Well done on running the race and congratulations to your mother too!

AphotoAday said...

Very pleasing shot...

marina said...

Your mom must be in a great fit! I wish I could run like you but I don't have much time! The only running in my life is...my family!!!

Marie Reed said...

A race! That is just marvelous!

antigoni said...

Great post!Good race!

Bear Naked said...

If you were to race me, you would have NO problem beating me.
Happy Running to you.

Bear((( )))

niar said...

hi, nice blog here...
I like to read every posting you write and see your pict..
good work,
keep writing

ayamlin said...

* Pietro
Hi Pietro!
Yes, yes!! race is good for keeping motivation.
Oh, you like running? ahaha! you like driving a car more!
I'm imagining how comfortable you jog in your beautiful country!

* mommaof4wife2r
Hello mommaof4wife2r!
I'm sorry I haven't gone to your blog!
I've been thinking how you have been?
Thank you so much liking my new header!
Marie made it for me:) I relly like it:)
If you come to Japan again, I'll show you around Tokyo!
Yes, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they 're soooooo beautiful.
I enjoy seeing them every year.
We see them while eating and drinking:)

ayamlin said...

* Webradio
Hi Webradio!
Thank you for your comment:)
Oh, your mother still walks even though she is 86 years old.
it's good for you:)
you mother must be healthy:)

* ChrisC and JonJ
Hello ChrisC and JonJ!
Why I run is losing weight:)
Thank you for your comment:)

* photowannabe
Hello photowannabe!
Thank you for your comment:)
yes, I never quit running:)
I gotta train hard and I'll win next year:)

ayamlin said...

* Leslie:
Hello Leslie!
Thank you for your comment:)
ahaha yes, I'm happy I can run and have mother
who can run faster than me:)

* earthlingorgeous
Hello earthlingorgeous!
Thank you for your comment:)
actually I started to run 5 years ago.
I gotta jog tonight, too:)

* Liz
Hello Liz!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased you said so:)
I'll tell my mother Liz said " congratulations. ":)

* AphotoAday
hello AphotoAday!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm pleased to read your comment:)

ayamlin said...

* marina
Thank you for your comment:)
Oh, yes we run on the road named life:)
Time flies everyday even if we don't run:)

* Marie Reed
Hi Marie!
Thank you for your comment:)
Actually I just learned the word " marvelous" last Thursday!!

* antigoni
Hi antigoni!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm more than delighted you said so:)

* Bear Naked
Hello Bear Naked!
Thank you for your comment:)
Ahaha! I'm happy you said so!

ayamlin said...

* niar
Hello niar!
Thank you for your comment:)
I'm really happy to read your comment:)
I wanna save your comment when I feel down:)
Because I must be happy to read your comment even if I feel down:)

niar said...

hi again Ayamlin...
thank you for stopping by...
hope one day you can visit my country, and I hope the same to go to Japan. Cause you know that I will be follow the fellowship to Japan for next year...Hope I can achieve it...
btw, may i add you in my link, I am really glad If I can to always read and see your new posting..'
thank you

Maria said...

I admire your mother! I want to be so healthy and strong when I'm over 60, too. Have a nice weekend!

ayamlin said...

* niar
Hello niar.
thank you for your pleasant comment:)
Yes. of course!!
please put the link to my blog:)

Hi Maria
I often think about you.
I'm sorry not to email you!
I'm going to Kyoto today.
I'll send you a postcard there:)